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Networking Through Social Media. Module #1: Basis of Networking.

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1 Networking Through Social Media

2 Module #1: Basis of Networking

3 Theres No U in Network

4 Networking = Car Insurance



7 Module #2: Networking Online

8 Friends of Friends are Great Connections

9 Social Media + Networking

10 Sharing Jobs and Industry-Related Articles

11 Show Off Your Smarts

12 #Jobs on Twitter

13 Networking Offline and Online

14 Reaching Out to Potential Connections Hi Joshua, I noticed we are both connected to M. F. – how do you know M.? I first met her at J.P., and she actually photographed my wedding. Small world. I wanted to touch base with you because I saw an open position at J.R. I thought would be a great fit for me. Im located in Portland now, and do social media strategy for a digital marketing agency here in town. Its a fun role, but you know how agencies are – fingers in a lot of different businesses, but no ability to truly own a marketing program. It looks like I would be able to do that with the Marketing Communications Manager role that is posted. Would you mind if I called you some time this week to hear about your experience at J.R. and your perspective on the marketing organization there? Id really appreciate it.

15 Module # 3: Dos and Donts

16 DO: Customize Your Message

17 DONT: Spam Your Contacts

18 DO: Be Selective

19 DONT: Add Everyone Online

20 DO: Engage in Organic Conversations

21 DONT: Leave Anything Out

22 DO: Stick To Sites That Make Sense For You

23 DONT: Veer Off Topic

24 Conclusion: Pay It Foward

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