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Chapel Hill A Walkable Community! November, 2011.

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1 Chapel Hill A Walkable Community! November, 2011

2 Active Living Walkable Community Process 1. Created Community Partnership Town Advisory Committee 2. Developed the Mission Statement: To offer greater opportunity to citizens for active lifestyle through both physical design and programming. 3. The Vision - Active Neighborhoods – Current Development and Retrofit - Active Schools – Safe Routes to School - Active Businesses – Special Use Permit, Transportation Management Plan (400+ businesses) 4. Evaluation and Measurement - Annual Benchmarks & Strategies 5. Funding - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - State and Federal Transportation Grants - Community Development Block Grant - Local Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Funding

3 Active Neighborhoods Gardening Clubs Pedestrian Friendly Development Mobility Assessments

4 New Development

5 Southern Village


7 Retrofit Assessments

8 Active Schools Parent Volunteers Safe Route Programming Walking Together Buses Green Safety Workshops for Students

9 Pedestrian Assessment


11 Volunteers Role Important in Community Assessments Northside Volunteers - Go Chapel Hill Town Advisory Committee - Community Center Staff - Neighborhood Watch Volunteers - Empowerment Committee

12 Sidewalks Key in Northside Revitalization

13 Community Planning Committees & Forums Key for New Ideas and Usage

14 Walking Maps and Signage Resulted in Group Tours State Conference Groups University Groups Municipal Government Groups National Conference Groups Business Groups, School Groups Wedding Parties, Receptions and the list continues to grow daily…

15 Downtown Walking Map a Success! Map development based on: Audience Walkability Fitness Factor Safety Points of local interest

16 Walking Loops Excellent for Individual Usage

17 Connecting Paths Important in Retrofit Efforts 2004 2006 2008

18 Mobility Plan Instrumental in New School for the Northside Community

19 New Elementary School 2010 Northside

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