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Dicks colleagues and students. Paul Jarvis Sune Linder Sleeping Beauties (an RHW lecture perhaps?) photos from Sune Linder.

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1 Dicks colleagues and students

2 Paul Jarvis Sune Linder Sleeping Beauties (an RHW lecture perhaps?) photos from Sune Linder

3 When I was a young postdoc. in Scotland, Dick taught me many things and contributed enormously to molding me for a career in research. In exchange, I acted as translator so that Dick and Doris could understand what the locals were saying ! But, the most important lesson Dick taught me was 'Before you start the work, think out your hypothesis clearly, draw the (straight !) line you expect on the Figure for publication, then go out and get the measurements to support the line you have drawn. Don't waste time collecting measurements you're never going to use'. David Whitehead


5 Sam Goward: the man who taught Dick everything he knows (and a lot he doesnt know) about remote sensing

6 Please, Richard, help me conjure up another hypothesis to make sense of remote sensing Steve Franklin

7 Dick Waring inspires students and colleagues to focus on science, especially that based on hypothesis testing leading to the development of general principles. These provide the basis for understanding how the "world works", and he has shown us that doing so leads to the solution of the most vexing problems in the management of natural resources. Logan Norris

8 You accomplished a lot of amazing things in your career, Dick, but you still havent earned your name on the ping pong trophy. But you can still come to the retreat every year to keep trying. Tom Adams

9 Its been a real pleasure and a gift to be your junior colleague. I have especially appreciated your demands for rigor, academic quality, and independence from excessive corporate influence that you expressed so often during our retreats, faculty meetings, and P & T debates. If we do not have top people who can think and publicize their ideas and findings freely, we have nothing. Please stay involved with us in the College and enjoy the lower stress that retirement must, I pray, bring. Steve Strauss


11 the way progress is made in science and forestry is through retirements and funerals! Steve Radosevich (mines bigger than yours)

12 It's been a pleasure working with you over these last 32 years. Come visit: get your hands dirty with some dry-site reforestation and your feet wet on the coral reefs. Phil Sollins

13 Colleague Mike Newton is all wet much of the time, but his crew sure understands the brush..

14 Thanks for helping me get and eat my Richardson cake! Sorry about having to "expose" myself to do it! Mark Harmon (in disguise without beard)

15 Dick, Thanks for your imparting your insight into how Science is to be conducted properly. (Look mom, no pants) Rick Meilan

16 Kate Lajtha

17 Dick, when Barb asked me to write about how you have influenced my thinking and career, it made me realize something: hey! I never was your student! I never even was in the same department as you! We've never published a paper together! So, why do I feel like a former student, and why do I feel as if you have had a great deal of influence on my thinking and my career? Perhaps this is because you have simply taken on the role of mentor, sometime when I wasn't looking, and long before most senior scientists would bother to take time for someone else's graduate student. Since my early graduate days you've argued nutrients with me, sat me down to explain the inner workings of NASA (with a Waring filter on the view, of course), and asked me to explain what my own hypotheses are in my research, and then asked me to explain them again and again when the logic was fuzzy or flawed. You've let me bounce a lot of ideas off you and have thrown a lot my way as well. What can I say? Thanks for all of it, and don't think for a second that we're going to really let you retire! Kate Lajtha

18 And heres what Kate really thinks about Dick …..

19 What stands out most in my memory of Dick was his willingness to give me a chance. I was unproven. I had no glowing natural resource academic credentials. I was from Illinois, near Dicks home town, and I think he was willing to take me on for that reason. Bob Logan, M.S. 1973 Currently: Forestry Specialist, Montana State University


21 Steve is colorful even in B&W

22 thank you for helping me get around (Ram Oren with a rusty bike in Sweden)

23 thank you for teaching me how to find my north (pointing at the Arctic circle)

24 thank you for showing me how to live (5th drink in my 4th wedding to a 3rd wife)

25 but, most importantly, thank you for encouraging me to stand upright

26 Waldo Lake Tough place to do dissertation research. Pam Matson

27 The infamous road-cut. Dick saved me from early-dissertation disaster by suggesting I acquire my mountain hemlock seedlings from a road-cut rather than taking 10 years or so required to grow them from seed. Pam Matson

28 Pam @ Waldo Notice, no hard hat

29 Dick has been a great and stimulating source of ideas, new information, and pure enthusiasm for understanding how forests grow. Dan Binkley

30 Favorite Waring quote: The reason that I make all you guys take P-chem is so that you all develop a real appreciation of the foundation of science. P- Chem starts with the three laws of thermodynamics and then builds from there to supply the basis for all of science, including ecosystem science. It can be a bit painful, but its worth it. Hank Margolis

31 Dick was right...shooting down branches is a lot easier – Mike Ryan.

32 Retire? Dick Waring? No way. Ill bet he just wants to have a party. OK, Im ready. Barbara Bond

33 Oh fair! These trees shall be my books.... Shakespeare, As You Like It Thanks for opening the way to bring science into the forest. Katy Kavanagh

34 Dick taught me that the timing of predawns was in the eye of the bomb operator (just kidding, Dick). Other former Waring students offer alternatives: bar-room estimates and modeling – Bev Law.

35 Dicks ancient (but accurate) 12-gauge shotgun is still in use for foliage sampling, but Godzilla was in the wrong place at the wrong time – Peter Anthoni

36 Whew! Last one over the finish line! Jeanne Panek

37 Look, no trees, And Im having fun anyway

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