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Dr. A S A Safras MD Psychosocial Advisor National Reconciliation Unit Sri Lanka.

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1 Dr. A S A Safras MD Psychosocial Advisor National Reconciliation Unit Sri Lanka

2 Health as Bridge for Peace 1. Medical Rehabilitation 2. Psychosocial Rehabilitation

3 Medical Rehabilitation From treating a common cold up to providing an artificial limb to an amputee well as health education. 3

4 Healthcare Services 1.Curative 2.Preventive

5 What is health? Physical MentalSocial

6 Civilians Soldier Ex-combatants Artificial Limb Fitting Camp

7 Psychosocial Rehabilitation

8 Training of Center Administrators in identifying the psychosocial needs of beneficiaries

9 Pre Reinsertion and Reintegration Mentorship Program Training of Traininers (TOT) program for the counselors on pre-reintegration mentorship program on following topics: 1. Diversity and Harmonious Living 2. Peace Building 3. Role of Man and Woman in Society 4. Interpersonal Relationship and Empowerment

10 Mentorship Program

11 Emotional Intelligence & Strength of Life Skills – toleration, moderation and co- existence Strengthening your personal coping style Being in your body Knowing your feelings Controlling your emotions with your mind Dealing with your fears Dealing with anger and rage Coping with grief and loss Building your social shield Boosting your self-esteem Turning crisis into an opportunity Seeking a better future

12 Emotional Intelligence & Strength of Life Skills


14 Psychosocial Rehabilitation is… Interventions which help you to manage behaviours, perceptions & reactions to your condition which may hold back the process of recovery or maintenance of your wellbeing.

15 How change of attitude occur… Input Output

16 Its all about Changing Hearts and Minds How do you change an attitude? Help them with; Thinking/Cognitive Action/Behavior Community/Social approach

17 What one will expect from, his/her life? Family ? Society?

18 Therefore its important in addressing such expectations as… A sense /meaning to life Belonging Acceptance Purpose Value Being special Having power Dignity and Respect

19 Family Visiting- Value to life

20 20 Wedding- Belonging and acceptance

21 21 Religious and Spiritual - Purpose of life

22 Scholarships - Acceptance & Special

23 23 Livelihood – Dignity and Respect

24 Sports and Recreational activities- Having power 24

25 Recognition and Acceptance

26 Community Engagement - Acceptance Unity

27 Acceptance


29 Psycho-social Mind person Society

30 Awareness Raising Programs

31 REHAB Spiritual Religious Cultural Educational Social Community Family Sports Extra Curricular Psychological Therapies Vocational Livelihood 6 + 1 MODEL Awareness Programmes for Community 31


33 Peace Building Strategy USAID Bureau for Africa, Complex Emergency Response and Transition Initiative (CERTI)

34 Art Exhibition Reflections of Transformation through Art







41 Creativity



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