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Jamaica Tourist Board USA Marketing Plan Winter 2008/2009.

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1 Jamaica Tourist Board USA Marketing Plan Winter 2008/2009

2 Overview The key strategy to be implemented in the upcoming fall/spring calendar (2008/2009) to motivate increased interest in the destination will be to create a more effective and efficient methodology designed to generate and motivate consumer interest in the destination. The strategy will apply more aggressive sales campaigns, ramped- up public relations activities and a more targeted advertising approach that will reach consumers with the ability and motivation to travel. With this in mind, the attached documents will detail sales, promotional and advertising activities for the upcoming six-month period ending March 31, 2009. The documents include innovative new approaches that will sustain and generate attention particularly as it relates to direct interaction with consumers. For example, we see a campaign directed to the popular Costco outlets consumers (a total of 51 stores) across the United States which began on September 19 and will end on October 18, 2008. At these in-store outlets, a Jamaica Tourist Board representative will staff a booth alongside an in-house Costco travel agent to present the public with the many existing and new attractions and facilities that the destination offers. (The series began in Yorba Linda, California and will end in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.)

3 Overview contd. We recognize the many challenges in todays marketplace not the least of which is the reality of the present-day economic conditions and the reality of weathering the present conditions given the environment of hysterical media houses anxious to predict a gloom and doom scenario which triggers and sustains panic conditions. (Examples, Travel Weeklys prediction that, Hotel occupancy and revenue expected to fall in 09, as well as many of The Wall Street Journal articles predicting layoffs in the travel industry as well as private enterprises - see article on Hewlett-Packard to Lay Off 24,600, and an article predicting Airlines Plan Big Job Cuts After Holiday. Nonetheless, we believe that Jamaica is in the best position possible to maintain interest among the travelling public given the favorable positioning in the United States which includes geographical location, its well-known developed and attractive hospitality industry, and high profile standing in the marketplace. Competitive destinations have also stepped-up their activities as well as supplementing their budgets to meet the challenges – Hawaii has recently added a $12 million advertising supplement to their present budget as was recently reported in Travel Weekly.

4 Overview contd. One of the more positive indications for Jamaica is the announcement that American Airlines, beginning December 18, 2008, will increase its frequency from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to MBJ, offering daily flights on a Boeing 738 aircraft. In addition, American Airlines will inaugurate non-stop seasonal air service from Chicagos OHare Airport to Montego Bay beginning January 31, 2009. The flight will depart at 8.30 a.m. CST and will arrive MBJ at 1.25 p.m. EST. The service will operate daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday using a B- 757 aircraft (188 seats including 20-first class seats). As requested, attached is our Activity Plan for Fall 2008/Spring 2009 as follows: Sales Activities Fall 2008/Spring 2009 Promotional Programs Fall 2008/Spring 2009 Winter Co-op Advertising 2008/09

5 Fall Product Launch Series Northeast Date City/StateEst. Attendance November 10, 2008Boston, MA (Seminar)90 agents November 11, 2008Long Island, NY 110 agents November 12, 2008N. New Jersey 100 agents November 13, 2008Baltimore, MD 120 agents November 14, 2008Philadelphia, PA 100 agents

6 Fall Product Launch Series South Date City/StateEst. Attendance October 6, 2008Charlotte, NC (Seminar)50 agents October 7, 2008Greenville, NC 50 agents October 8, 2008Atlanta, GA 60 agents October 13, 2008Naples, FL 40 agents October 14, 2008Sarasota, FL 30 agents October 15, 2008Tampa, FL 70 agents October 16, 2008Orlando, FL 75 agents October 28, 2008New Orleans, LA 60 agents October 29, 2008Baton Rouge, LA 50 agents

7 Fall Product Launch Series Midwest Date City/StateEst. Attendance October 6 - 10, 2008Missouri (Sales Calls Blitz)270 agencies October 9, 2008St. Louis, MO (Seminar)100 agents October 13 - 17, 2008Pittsburgh, PA (Sales Calls Blitz)270 agencies October 16, 2008Pittsburgh, PA (Seminar)90 agents October 20, 2008Wausau, WI 25 agents October 20 - 24, 2008Wisconsin (Sales Calls Blitz)270 agencies October 23, 2008Milwaukee, WI (Seminar)70 agents October 29, 2008Toledo, OH 38 agents October 30, 2008Saginaw, MI 20 agents

8 Fall Product Launch Series Midwest contd. Date City/StateEst. Attendance November 17, 2008St. Cloud, MN (Seminar)20 agents November 18, 2008Indianapolis, IN 40 agents November 19, 2008Appleton, WI 30 agents November 20, 2008Kenosha, WI 30 agents January 28, 2009Oak Lawn, IL 50 agents January 29, 2009Northbrook, IL 60 agents March 24, 2009Ft. Wayne, IN60 agents

9 Familiarization Tours Date Gateway (S)# Agents Targeted October 2 – 6, 2008Philadelphia/New York5 (actual) October 3-8, 2008Los Angeles15 October 9-13, 2008Philadelphia15 October 22-26, 2008Los Angeles10 October 23-27, 2008New York/Baltimore20 October 30 – Nov. 3, 2008Philadelphia/Baltimore/New York30 November 6-10, 2008Philadelphia/Baltimore/New York40 November 13-16, 2008Chicago15 November 13-17, 2008Various (Meet-Us-In-Montego Bay)20 December 4-7, 2008Chicago15 December 11-15, 2008Various (Meet-Us-In-Montego Bay)15

10 Regional Activities Northest Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. October 4-12, 200812 citiesCostco Road Shows40,000 cons. October 7-9, 20083 citiesGoGo Trade Shows260 agents October 14-23, 20086 citiesTravel Impressions Shows520 agents October 15-20, 20083 citiesJTB/GoGo Training40 agents. November 5, 2008Andover, MANew England Bridal Show200 cons. November 8, 2008Baltimore, MDCTO Mini Trade Show100 agents February 20, 2009Boston, MABoston Globe Tvl. Show9,150 agts./Cons. March 6, 2009Foxborough, MAAAA Travel Marketplace12,000 cons.

11 South Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. October 2, 2008Clearwater, FLJTB/Go Classy Training10 agents October 4-18, 20089 citiesCostco Road Shows36,000 cons. October 10, 2008Fayettevile, NCWright Travel Show50 agents October 11 & 22, 2008 2 citiesSandals Luxury Redefined Convention 650 agents October 21, 2008Alpharetta, GAJTB/Aladdin Tvl. Training6 agents October 21, 2008Panama Cty., Res. Agents Training 150 agents October 22, 2008Alpharetta, GAJTB/Travel Exp. Training4 agents October 25, 2008Tampa, FLReggae Jerk Jam Festival600 cons. October 25-26, 2008W. Palm Bch, FLPalm Beach Travel Expo15,000 cons. October 29 – November 1, 2008 Orlando, FLWorld Religious Travel Expo & Educational Conf. 500 buyer/sellers November 2, 2008Southport, NCCape Fear Wedding Show300 cons

12 South contd. Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. November 6, 2008Atlanta, GAS.E. ASTA Trade Show150 agents November 9, 2008Weston, FLS. Florida Jerk Festival10,000 cons November 13, 2008Miami, FLJTB/MK Tours Training20 cons November 13, 2008Atlanta, GAJTB/Delta Training1,350 agents November 18, 2008Miami, FLGoGo Appreciation Show70 agents November 21, 2008Miami, FLJamaica Update/Unique Vacations 25 agents January 12-28, 20096 citiesVacation Express Product Launch 360 agents January 15, 2009Jensen Bch., GLJensen Bch. Travel Show300 cons January 18, 2009Memphis, TNGullivers Travel Expo750 cons January 23-25, 2009Atlanta, GAAtlanta Travel Show5,000 cons January 24, 2009Miami, FLAfrican-American Jamaica Night 50 cons

13 South contd. Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. January 25, 2009Charlotte, NCMann Travel Show500 cons January 26-30, 2009FloridaFlorida Sales Calls Blitz 120 agencies February 3, 2009Vero Bch., FLVero Beach Travel Show300 cons February 10-19, 2009 5 citiesJTB/OSSN Luncheons120 agents February 24, 2009Atlanta, GAJTB Vac. Express Training30 agents March 10, 2009New Orleans, LATagno Jamaica Night25 agents March 17-25, 20094 citiesJTB Spring Product Update 135 agents March 26, 2009Atlanta, GAJTB/CTO Jamaica Evening 50 agents

14 Midwest Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. October 1, 2008Grand Rapids,MIGrand Rapids Trade Show600 agents October 1, 2008Detroit, MIASTA Travel Show600 agents October 4, 11 & 183 citiesCostco Road Shows14,000 cons October 6, 2008St. Paul, MNMLT University Seminar1,600 agents October 14, 2008Stillwater, MNCWT/Tubby L. Tvl. Show200 cons. October 25, 2008Minneapolis, MNMacys Travel Expo2,000 cons October 27, 2008Novi, MIPassageways/Amex Show100 agents October 30, 2008Chicago, ILSandals/Beaches Show600 agents November 12, 2008Chicago, ILJTB/Apple Vac. Training100 agents December 3, 2008Chicago, ILJTB/AA Reception130 agents December 7, 2008Duluth, MNBayfront Reggae Festival2,000 cons

15 Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. January 10, 2009Kansas City, MOKC Bridal Spectacular2,000 cons January 10, 2009Duluth, MNDestination Tvl. Bridal Show300 cons January 11, 2009Owatonna, MNTravel Headquarters Bridal200 cons January 13, 2009Bloomington, MNCarrousel Tvl. Ja. Night100 agents January 15-17, 2009Chicago/IndianaJTB Pizza Seminars75 agents January 17, 2009Sioux Falls, SDTvl.Fiesta by Travel Leaders500 cons January 21-31, 2009St. Paul, MNSt. Paul Winter Carnival300,000 cons January 23, 2009Winona, MNClassic Tvl. Wedding Show150 cons January 24, 2009Grand Rapids, MIBreton Village Con. Show700 cons January 24, 2009St. Peters, MOMajestic Travel Show250 cons January 30, 2009Kansas City, MOSt. Louis Travel Show10,000 cons Midwest

16 Midwest contd Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. January 31, 2009Chicago, ILAA Inaugural Flight & Fam20 agents February 6-8, 2009Kansas City, MOKansas City Golf Show900 cons February 20-22, 2009Minneapolis, MNTwin Cities Food & Wine Exp25,000 cons March 7-8, 2009Kansas City, MOKansas City Travel Exp.1,500 cons

17 West/Southwest Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. October 4-5, 2008Ft. Worth, TXMain Street Festival25,000 cons October 4-5, 2008Vail, COUnited Vac. Product Launch200 agents Oct. 4,5,11 & 12, 20088 citiesCostco Road Shows24,000 cons October 9, 2008Redding, CA Village Travel Consumer Show 300 cons October 25-26, 2008Reno, NVHome & Lifestyle Show10,000 cons October 29, 2008Arlington, TXJTB/AA/AAV Presentation30 trade November 4-9, 2008San Antonio, TXNew World Wine/Food Fest2,800 cons November 5-6, 2008California (2)GoGo Worldwide Shows200 agents November 19Tulsa, OKJamaica Day at AAV100 agents November 20, 2008Dallas, TXCTO Jamaica Presentation50 agents November 24, 2008Tempe, AZJTB/US Airways Vac Training70 agents

18 West/Southwest Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. January 10, 2009Las Vegas, NVPrestige Amex Travel Show3,000 cons January 10 Feb. 8TX (5 cities)AAA Cruise & Travel Show3,000 cons January 24-25, 2009Santa Clara, CABay Area Travel Show8,000 cons January 24-25, 2009Seattle, WA Seattle Travel Show 10,000 cons January 30-31, 2009Sandy, UTMorris Murdoch Travel Show7,000 cons February 8, 2009Long Beach, CALA Times Travel Show21,400 trade/cons March 28-29, 2009Houston, TXGreater Houston Tvl. Show6,300 Trade/Cons March 2009TX/CA (4 cities)Trip Tailor Product Launch600 agents March 2009TX/CA (6 cities)Apple Vac. Product Launch1,200 agents

19 Date City/StateEvent Est. Attend. National December 2-4, 2008Las Vegas, NVLuxury Travel Show/Home Based Expo 4,000 agents January 18-20, 2009St. LuciaCaribbean Marketplace1,500 delegates February 6-8, 2009New York, NYThe New York Times Show34,000 agents/cons Groups & Conventions October 5-7, 2008Palm Beach Gardens, FL HIGO (Hospitality Industry Golf Organization) 100 planners October 8-11, 2008Montego Bay HIGO Destination Update 15 planners November 11-17, 2008 Marbella, SpainIAGTM (Intl. Assoc. Golf Travel Market) 1,000 buyers December 2-4, 2008Barcelona, Spain Travel Management (EIBTM) 2,000 Incentive January 27-30, 2009Grand Rapids, MI RCMA (Religious Conference Management Assoc.) 1,200 planners

20 Press & Promotional Activities October 12 -18, 2008: Radio Remote – Magic 107. Venue: Breezes Runaway Bay. October 16 – 20, 2008: Ed Norris Morning Show. WHFS Radio (Baltimore). Live radio show with come-along. Broadcast hours – 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Venue: Gran Bahia Principe. October 19 – 25, 2008: Caracol Radio, Regreso a Casa afternoon show. Colombian/Latin Radio Station to broadcast during Rose Hall Triathlon & Wellness Festival. Broadcast hours – 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Venue: RIU Montego Bay or Rose Hall Resort. October 19 -25, 2008: XM/Sirius Radio Remote. Venue: Rose Hall Resort. Support of the Triathlon & Wellness Festival. January 4 – 11, 2009: WLDB Radio Remote and come-along (Region – Milwaukee). Venue: Sunset Jamaica Grande. March, 2009: Radio Remotes – Fun in the Son – WARH-WMVN-WIL. Region – St. Louis, MO. Venue: Iberostar Rose Hall.

21 2009 Winter Coop Advertising Airlines & Tour Operators

22 We recommend that partners share media buy on radio and print media. Partner marketing (co-op advertising) should share the cost of the marketing plan. It is this approach that is recommended at this time to cast a wide net in the US travel market, to reach all the niches served by our network of air seats. The outline that follows breaks out the partners and cost associated with this plan

23 Coop TV Split SupplierSchedule SeatsTV Tag Value Coop Advt $ Libgo Travel106,000 pax 2008$163,469.00 Travel Impressions/Amex46,000 pax 2008$163,469.00 Visit Jamaica.comGeneric Advt$272,448.60 Expedia.com80,000 pax 2008$163,469.00 Air Jamaica (AJV)292,472 seats$163,469.00 American (AAV)176,496 seats$236,122.00 Spirit (spirit vacations)129,620 seats$0.00$15,000.00 USAirways (USAV)87,307 seats$163,469.00 Delta (Delta Vacations)79,392 seats$163,469.00 Northwest (NWAWV))44,700 seats$163,469.00 Continental (COAV)14,012 seats$163,469.00 Total823,999$1,816,322.60$15,000.00

24 Charters – Apple Vacations GatewaysSeatsCoop Advertising Chicago Seats2388 St. Louis1250 Detroit1128 Milwaukee2740 Minneapolis1037 Pittsburgh2580 Total11123$60,000.00

25 Charters – Funjet Vacations FunjetSeatsCoop Advertising Detroit1260 St. Louis1680 Milwaukee2944 Minneapolis943 Total6827$30,000.00

26 MLT Vacations MLTSeatsCoop Advertising St. Louis1400 Minneapolis5865 Total7265$30,000.00

27 Tour Operators Tour OperatorCoop Advt. Apple Vacations$30,000.00 Libgo$100,000.00 Travel Impressions/Amex$50,000.00 TNT Vacations$15,000.00 Vacation Express$15,000.00 Cheap Caribbean$10,000.00 World Travel Holdings$10,000.00 Costco Travel$10,000.00 Book-it. com$10,000.00 Total$220,000.00

28 Spring Break Tour Operators Spring BreakCoop Advt. Sun Splash Tours (3,000 pax 2008)$15,000.00 Student Travel Services$15,000.00 Total$30,000.00

29 Total Advertising Budget SupplierCoop Advt. Spring Break$30,000.00 Tour Operator$220,000.00 Schedule Airlines (Spirit Vac)$15,000.00 Charters$120,000.00 TV Tag Value$1,816,322.60 Total Advertising$2,201,322.60

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