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Unit Twelve Congratulations and Best Wishes Part I Culture Background Part II Functional Language Part III Sample Dialogues Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Part.

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1 Unit Twelve Congratulations and Best Wishes Part I Culture Background Part II Functional Language Part III Sample Dialogues Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Part IV Reproduction Part V Words, phrases and Sentences Part VI Listening Activities Activity 1 Activity 2 Part VII Speaking Practice Making a Dialogue Speaking English Through Picture Related Words and Phrases Translation

2 Part I Culture Background When a westerner undergoes some happy event, like a birthday, getting a new book published, etc. He is likely to hold a party. When you are invited to attend the party, it is advisable to bring a small gift with you when you go there. After you say "Congratulations, you present your gift, and the receiver will open it before you and say" Thank you" to show his appreciation of your present.

3 Part II Functional Language Expressing Congratulations Let me congratulate you (on)…. May I congratulate you (on)…? It was great to hear about your promotion. May I congratulate you on your promotion. Well done! Good job! Nice going! Allow me to express my heartiest as a manager. Allow me to offer my warmest congratulations on the success.

4 Responses Thanks. Thank you, but its really not all that good. Oh, I'm flattered. Oh, you flatter me. Oh, you're exaggerating. You're very kind, but really anyone else could do it. I owe it all to my friends who helped me so much.

5 Dialogue 1 (While browsing the internet in the apartment, Preston learned the news that Henry Brown, one of his clients and friends, had been advanced from the D.C.M. company website. So he dialed the IDD to contact his friend.) Preston: Hello, may I speak to Henry Brown, please? Henry: This is Henry speaking. Preston: How are you, Henry? This is Preston calling. Henry: Hi, Preston. I'm fine, thanks and how about your travel?

6 Preston: Just fine. Ive heard the news that you've become the General Manager of D. C. M. Company. I am calling to congratulate you on your promotion. With the position second to the Chairman, I'm sure you'll make a greater contribution to your company. I sincerely wish you great success at your new post. Henry: Thank you, Preston. As a long time main supplier, D. C. M. will render better service to your company. I personally continue to count on your help in the future. Preston: Sure, sure, I need your help too. The best of luck in your new position. Good-bye Henry: Thanks for calling. Good-bye.

7 Dialogue 2 (Alice recently got the news that Lucy was enrolled by the Harvard University. She decided to give the congratulations to her.) Lucy: Good morning. May I ask who's calling? Alice: Lucy, this is Alice. Lucy: Alice, I was just about to phone you. I've got a piece of news for you. I've... Alice: You've been accepted by the English Department of Harvard University. Lucy: How did you know that? Alice: Last night I met your mother on the way home. She told me the great news. I called you several times, but you hadn't come back yet. And now I'm calling to offer you my heartiest congratulations.

8 Lucy: Thank you. I think it won't be long before you receive a letter of acceptance. Alice: Who knows? If only I can be admitted to Yale University, but it is too competitive for me. Lucy: Be self-confident. I believe you'll make it. Alice: Thank you. I hope to see you this weekend. Is it convenient for you? Lucy: Any time will do. I'll be expecting you

9 Part IV Reproductions Try to reproduce the sample dialogues. Now you know the sample dialogues quite well. Why don't you try to make something like them. 1. Act out the dialogue in pairs. Don't look at the book and read. Put the book away and speak from memory. It doesn't matter if you make a few mistakes. When you forget a point, say something else that means almost the same thing. Or just leave the point alone and go on. 2. The following is an example of how you can talk about what happen between Preston and Henry in their talking.

10 Preston was calling Henry for congratulating his promotion in D.C.M. Company. Henry was pleased to hear Prestons voice and asked about his trip in Beijing. Preston responded that everything was fine. He said he was sure that Henry would contribute more to his company on the second position of their company; and then gave the best wishes for Henrys further success. Henry also showed the warm and prosperous expectation to their future cooperation with Prestons firm. Preston finally wished Henry the best of luck in his new position.

11 Activity 1 Directions: Listen to the five short conversations, and choose the best answer for each of the questions you hear. It will be read once. 1. Whats the possible occasion of the conversation? A At the birthday party B At the boarding meeting C At the opening ceremony 2. When will the party start? A 6:40 B 6:20 C 7:00

12 3. Whats the place that the man chooses for the anniversary? A Holiday Inn B Park Plaza C Holiday Plaza 4. Whats the possible position of the man in his company? A department manager B general manger C president 5. Why doesnt the woman send the wishes to the man at the airport? A Shes tired B She s busy C Shes late

13 Activity 2 Directions: Listen to the following short passage and fill in the blanks with what you get from the tape. It will be read twice. The traditional Chinese wedding 1 is usually not simple. When a new couple is engaged, their parents or they themselves would choose the date of their marriage. Most people would favor a holiday or a special Chinese 2 because those dates are usually, more convenient for their 3 and friends. Quite a few others, however, especially those in the 4, would probably ask a fortune-teller to choose a lucky special 5 date. They say that if the wedding takes places on that day the marriage would have Double Happiness.

14 On the day of the wedding, when the bride arrives at her 6 are set off and colourful ribbons and small 7 paper are thrown all over the bride and bridegroom. At the wedding, an elderly and prestigious figure from either the 8 or the 9 side would preside over the wedding ceremony. And the new couple would stand side by side, making three bows. The wedding ceremony very often ends with a big 10. The people there would wish the couple long life, ever-lasting love, happiness and early birth of a healthy baby and so on.

15 Making a Dialogue You and your partner are supposed to make dialogues according to the situation. 1. Your sister has just given birth to baby, and you pay a visit to her. 2. Your colleague has just bought a new apartment, and moved in last weekend. You pay a visit to her/his new apartment.





20 Related Words and Phrases Allow me to express my heartiest congratulations on your success. offer I'd like to be the first to congratulate you. on your excellent research. I must congratulate you on your marriage with Jane. your appointment as a manager. Please accept my sincere congratulations. my warmest congratulations on your marriage. my hearty congratulations!

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