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Please pick one of these titles and write a quick poem:

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2 Please pick one of these titles and write a quick poem:

3 2007 Creative Writing Contest Winners

4 Prickling and tickling, The edged softness of the cool grass; Boundless and irresolute, The eternal sky stretching; Perfect contemplations. Massive sky-towers spiraling ever higher, Lone and statuesque beneath the streaming sunlight; Idyllic wonder-scapes for pure abandonment. Lost amidst the cool whimsy of the wind And the honeyed touch of a sunbeam; Dreams.


6 Excerpt – The reds, purples, browns, and greens How the wind blows and the spit of snow leans The chill in the air, the whispering among the trees The whistling in the wind, the rustling of the leaves It pulls on my eyes, a picture perfect scene I want to inhale the air; to taste the bitterness I see A beautiful melancholy, and a subtle, ignorant lie With a yearning deep inside myself to open up and cry Freshman/Sophomore Division (Poetry): 5th place

7 Elida High School Sponsoring Teacher: Peggie Stubbs

8 Excerpt – Jim sat down next to Janice. Crying he said, Hes with God now, hes safe. Janice never said a word. It carried on that way for several months. No talking and moping around the house. On July 17th, it all stopped. She didnt get out of bed. Jim came upstairs, and she started talking, Jim listen, I know that I havent been a good wife or mother after Joshuahs death, but I cant help it. God took my baby away from me. Ive tried to get better; Ive said so many scriptures, and read the Bible day in and day out, but look at me! I havent gotten better. Its getting worse, and you know it. Ive tried to be strong, but its just my time to go. Take good care of David and Matilda. I know you can do it, they love you to death, and so do I. I love you with all my heart, and I love our kids. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction)- 5th place

9 Elida High School Sponsoring Teacher: Peggie Stubbs Future Plans – I love working with kids and helping people. During my junior and senior years at Elida, I will attend Apollo Career Center for the health program that they offer. Then I plan to go through St. Rita's where they will help pay the cost for my last two years of college to become an RN for them. I also plan to have a side job of being a writer. Inspiration for the Work – The family side of the story came from the war now. They used to televise when a soldier died, the family was on, and the mother took the death the hardest. Well, now, some people have lost the reason why we are fighting, and it's no longer in the news. What I hoped to accomplish was that when people read my story, I hoped they would understand that a mother's pain after losing her son is greater than any woman should have to feel. That hasn't changed. I wanted people to understand that, and to understand the war is still going on. Even though it may not be affecting their life, it is affecting hundreds of others lives.

10 Excerpt – Looking out of my frosted window I see a beautiful blanket of snow That had fallen during the night Without a footprint in sight The sun shines through the cold air Creating millions of diamonds everywhere The glitter of the snow is very bright Making everything look so white Freshman/Sophomore Division (Poetry)- 4th place

11 Bath High School Sponsoring Teacher: Charlyn Ellington

12 Excerpt – As my daughter entered college and fell in love, I grew older and proud of how my baby girl was turning out. She graduated from college with a degree in psychiatry, assisting those who are alcoholics. A year after graduating college, she received a proposal form a nice, young man that she met at college. It was the day of the wedding, and I was preparing to give up my little girl. She had struggled all her life without a mother and now she was about to become a wife. As I escorted her down the aisle, in her mothers beautiful white gown, tears of joy filled my eyes. My daughter was about to start a brand-new, wonderful life with her new husband, and begin her own family. As I hugged and kissed her one last time, I recognized how much she resembled her mother and I know how proud her mother would be of her. As the ceremony ended she was no longer a little girl, but a grown woman. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction) – 4th place

13 Delphos St. Johns High School Sponsoring Teacher: Susan Knippen

14 Excerpt – Somewhere in the night a wolf cries. He cries for his world, lost in the past filled with blood and sorrow. He mourns for the ancient wilds that were once the West. What Happened? He asks. Why did this happen? Why forget the beauty of this land? Why forget the song of the wind? The Wind that once carried the beat of a million drums. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Poetry)- 3rd place

15 Lima Senior High School Sponsoring Teacher: Lori Rose

16 Excerpt – Everything had to be appropriate. Everything had to be thought through because they were so judgmental, and the thing – the one thing that I genuinely didnt get – was that it was their job. And how I had never hated anyone so much for something that could potentially make my life so much better. This is what they were getting paid to do and in three minutes our future would be in their hands. It was all so violent, it was all so traumatic. The stage was a minefield and there we were, arms spread for balance while we tripped and stumbled over ourselves and hoped that we made it out alive. We needed this. We had no where to sleep tonight. Their eyes were so intimidating, so nerve wrecking. Nerve obliterating. It was almost rude, almost volatile, the way they watched. Fingers maneuvering the ink; legs still and firm on the cement. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction)- 3rd Place

17 Lima Senior High School Sponsoring Teacher: Jeannine Jordan-Squire Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction)- 3rd Place Inspiration for the Work – My real life inspired me to write the story Where We Whisper. Music and bands are a huge inspiration to me and a lot of my friends are in rock bands. I love the vibe of live music, so it's loosely based on my friends and the lifestyles that surround me. Interests – I love photography, writing, music and art in general. I like learning about foreign cultures and current issues. Future Plans – I plan on attending college in Chicago and working as a high fashion photographer.

18 Excerpt – Why does the deep Coffee-colored skin Stop one from love, Friendship, Or vice versa? Skin too pale to be loved By the dark, too dark by the light. Does night not entwine with day? Does love not follow male and its opposite Despite color skin, Shape of eyes, Size of body? Love is blind, they say, But how can this be When we stop ourselves, Put up a wall in our minds, From becoming close With difference in appearance? Freshman/Sophomore Division (Poetry)- 2nd place

19 Bluffton High School Sponsoring Teacher: Connie Goode

20 Excerpt – On the morning of the third day, the two armies suddenly reached a standstill. Blades were sheathed, and the screams stopped. From the high hill, Abraham could see each of the immortal citadels. First the Acerbi citadel, and then the Luminari citadel began to glow, black and white in the morning sun. The huge doors were flung open, and two small figures slowly moved towards the middle of the battlefield. The sea of figures parted before the figures until they faced each other. Abraham could not make out the arms of the figures, but he knew they had drawn their weapons. The sea of immortals sunk to their knees, making it seem that the ground had sunken down a few feet. The sun glinted off the raised weapons, and flashed as the two collided. A very strong shockwave rushed up the hillside, nearly knocking Abraham onto his back. The immortals had joined battle. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction)- 2nd Place

21 Inspiration for the Work – Most inspiration stories for writing are some deep story about finding a meaning and turning it into a story, but my inspiration was a bit less deep and certainly held almost no meaning. I was sitting on my couch watching the news about the Iraq war when my mind began drifting as it normally does when it is not occupied. I began to realize that in wars the bigwigs in charge never come to the frontlines and fight, and I thought that was obviously because if an army loses a leader, then its morale is crippled. So then I began wondering how war would be different if the leaders could not be killed or were extremely difficult to kill. Bluffton High School Sponsoring Teacher: Jamie Erford Interests – reading, writing, video games, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, and making videos Future Plans – My future plans are to go to college and major in some form of writing, and find a job as a journalist and work on a novel or six (ha, ha).

22 Excerpt – The muddy river Starts to rise, then pours the water Into the forest, And onto the green tier. The storm is violent But moistures breath calms it, Life everywhere After a spring thunderstorm. Later they stand on the porch And watch the storm fade, The mind becomes still The moon comes into sight, The earth is swollen, but satisfied. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Poetry)- 1st Place

23 Bluffton High School Sponsoring Teacher: Connie Goode

24 Excerpt – Tremors ran through the ground. Tremors so violent, it was thought at that point by many slaves and soldiers that Tymerius had just brought about the Great Annihilation with the awakening of one single Colossus. The Runestones shook, and began to move. Four times the height of the tallest man present at that point, the Colossus was massive. Two great horns protruded from its head. The eye was a giant diamond, and though every person present at that point was the type who would have cut the diamond from this beast's head at any other date, did not, for the fear the Colossus presented. Six arms, three on each side, and each made of solid gold, flew wildly, threatening to hammer slave and soldier alike into the sand. From the waist down, the great beast was made of the purest black onyx. The Colossus was a living treasure. Every slave and soldier, excluding Tymerius and the incapable dwarf, knelt and bowed his or her head. Fear hung over every head like a vulture over a dying man. Then it spoke. Freshman/Sophomore Division (Fiction)- 1st Place

25 Spencerville High School Sponsoring Teacher: Redmond Wood Hobbies playing video games, reading books, and listening to music. Interests playing guitar, computers, and fantasy writing. Future Plans I am not quite sure of my future plans right now, though I either want to be an author, musician, or comedian. Inspiration for the Work – comes from the fantasy authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, who are my two favorite authors. I wrote this while reading their Death Gate Cycle books.

26 Excerpt – cut and go so deep the bubbles of crimson the red lines of perfection blades razors broken glass him cut and go so deep in the bathroom an empty copper tub a tarnished blade red cut and go so deep get rid of the feeling of your loneliness, kid and the self-starving powerlessness of yourself pain Junior/Senior Division (Poetry)-5th Place

27 Delphos St. Johns High School Sponsoring Teacher: Pamela Hanser Hobbies and Interests – writing, watching lots of movie with my friends, making my own videos for my film class, playing with my new puppy watercolor painting and chalk drawing. Future Plans – I plan of attending the University of Toldeo in the fall majoring in Film. I someday hope to become a film editor like Micheal Kahn and head my own independent production company.

28 Excerpt – His parents had not understood why he cried over the blood on his violin. Because of that, he knew that they would not understand his current mission. They would not understand the need for the violin, the overwhelming rage he felt that such a fine instrument was forgotten. A Stradivarius abandoned as simply as a badly written piece of music. The fallout wind pushed him onwards. The powerful, imminent thunderstorm spoke to him in low rumbles, reminding him of a string bass and he wished he could feel the music again. He knew he would not feel music with others again for a very long time. He rushed as quickly as he dared. People were dangerous. The Day was callous, unthinking of how it would ruin lives or improve lives. He remembered the nuclear warheads launched against the United States, the intense crescendo and decrescendo of impending nuclear weapons as they came near and passed the house. Junior/Senior Division (Fiction)- 5th Place

29 Inspiration for the Work – the plot was inspired by one of my favorite books, a Pat Frank novel called Alas, Babylon and Rowan is based somewhat after my best friend. Lima Senior High School Sponsoring Teacher: Jeannine Jordan-Squire Hobbies and Interests – writing fiction, reading anything that interests me, listening to music, Celtic mythology, and psychology. Future Plans – college, maybe graduate school, and taking what life throws at me, though my ambition right now is to be a tech writer after college

30 Excerpt – I begin my break for shore Swimming in this strange confusion Of toiling mind through muddled thought Near blasphemy this time Im dreaming To end this other one Id brought Should I rend from me this memory Or leave it here of you and me Will I find some new direction In this endless shifting sea Slipping to the rising sun This night oh so many In this sequence one Strike the switch and Knock the stone And for sake of love Pull me from the snow Junior/Senior Division (Poetry): 4th Place

31 Delphos Jefferson High School Sponsoring Teacher: Christine Siebeneck

32 Excerpt – Ive made my decision, go and get the medical team, ordered the first voice. Yes, sir! replied the second voice. Richard strained to hear at this point. The voices were dimming. You sent for me, sir? said a new voice to the mix. Yes Doctor, Ive made my decision for this case. Unfortunately, this is a soul who missed the true mission in life. He blames his misery on those around him and God, taking no responsibility himself for the choices he has made in life. His Worthiness Indicators were not good. My first instinct was to allow you to be as aggressive in his treatment as measured against his aggressiveness to be a good human being. spoke the first voice. Wait!!! screamed Richard inside his head and to no ones heed. Why is this happening? This cannot be how it is. But, continued the first voice, he is greatly loved by his family, who knew the man as a good soul at one time. Therefore my decision… Junior/Senior Division (Fiction): 4th Place

33 Lima Central Catholic High School Sponsoring Teacher: Joshua Vasquez Inspiration – I recently lost my father in March of 2006. He was a graduate of Ohio State University, and a Pharmacist. I would have to say that my parents are my biggest supporters. Their encouragement of my creative side is what inspired my work. Interests and Hobbies – track, Spanish club, SADD, and several other school activities, reading, music, sports, and friends. Future Plans – considering attending Ohio State University to study Pharmacy.

34 Excerpt – there it lies in the deep shadows of a protected heart. the horrid blasphemy, the secret sin hiding dangerously, guarding itself faithfully. our precious flaw, our embarrassing acts, the ones too gruesome to share, too ashamed to admit. when the shadows recede, and they will, our deeds bare gnarled, razor-like teeth stand at attention, to devour at any moment. with a hiss and a struggle, our torturous secret's exposed. Junior/Senior Division (Poetry) – 3rd Place

35 Inspiration for the Work – This poem was inspired during a very hard time in my life. I was dealing with the recent death of my father. After losing him, I had a HUGE fear of going to hell, and went on a "perfection" spree. As everyone does, I was struggling with the fact that I couldn't seem to shake certain sins. They always came back, and it seemed like they were literally trying to eat me and take over my life. This poem was a reflection of that battle. The battle is mainly internal because we hide that battle from others, unsure of what they will say about us. And since I was dead-set on becoming perfect, I didn't want anyone to know that I had these things in my life. I think that a lot of people deal with this issue, not just me. People hide their sins because of shame and the fear of what others will think. The thing we forget is that others can usually see right through our facade, they're just too polite to let us know they can. It's an immensely personal poem, but I think that's why it's relatable, because deep down, we're all a lot alike. Lima Senior High School Sponsoring Teacher: Kimberly McGough Interests – Soccer, cheerleading, playing the violin in the school orchestra, reading and writing.

36 Excerpt – I wasnt walking alone anymore. An eagle with human feet walked beside me, making catcalls at nothing. It was almost ten oclock, so only the crazies, stupids, or criminally inclined dared to wander, and I felt comfortable telling the phantasm to shut his trap or Id shut it for him. He looked at me and slowly dissolved into thin air. I breathed a sigh of relief, and continued walking. From the night sky, there was a whoosh of air and pain on my head as he flew from non-existence to peck at my head. I started running with my jacket pulled over my scalp, guarding myself against the beak and those talons growing from human toes. I had to leap to the side as three ninjas burst from an alley and leapt fifty feet to kick at my gut. I tripped on something and fell, running my palms over rough concrete and ripping the knee of my jeans. On instinct, I immediately curled into the fetal position with my hands over my head. Nothing happened. Junior/Senior Division (Fiction)- 3rd Place

37 Spencerville High School Sponsoring Teacher: Georgia McMichael

38 Excerpt – Her countenance is said to be quite a sight, Her gown an astounding, spotless white. She travels barefoot and wears no jewelry. Her head is crowned with beautiful long, straight, golden hair. Her eyes are the color of deep ocean blue, A unique sparkle in them. The face of this woman shows not a single impurity. The sound of her voice is compelling and inviting, Sweet and sorrowful. She sings at the base of a river, With her eyes focused up towards heaven. Some have considered her to be an angel. Junior/Senior Division (Poetry): 2nd Place

39 Bluffton High School Sponsoring Teacher: Connie Goode Hobbies and Interests- singing and dancing in school show choir, cooking, visiting with friends, reading, playing video games (especially Metroid and his favorite, The Legend of Zelda). Future Plans – would someday like to become an owner of a restaurant after culinary school. Inspiration for the work- There are several things that inspired me to write this poem. I thought of one revelation from my church that gave me some descriptions, and from the Lord of the Rings I thought of Galadriel for the description of the woman.

40 Excerpt – The neighbors had lived beside each other for several years but did not know each other well. They learned much of what they knew from observing each other through the large windows in their kitchens. Well, that is how Mrs. Springfield found out much about Mrs. Winterbourne. Mrs. Springfield kept a very neat kitchen that had all of the feminine attributes of style. Mrs. Springfield was very proud of her kitchen and all of its orderliness and beauty. She felt rather sorry for her poor neighbor Mrs. Winterbourne. Mrs. Winterbournes kitchen was rather plain and although she kept it clean and neat it did not have much warmth. The only beauty that the kitchen held was the potted plant that Mrs. Winterbourne had placed on the sill of the broken window. It was a very bold red color and it was not a species that Mrs. Springfield could identify. However, as of late the flower appeared to be wilting and had taken on a dullish brown hue. Junior/Senior Division (Fiction)- 2nd Place

41 Lima Central Catholic High School Sponsoring Teacher: Joshua Vasquez

42 Excerpt – Massive sky-towers spiraling ever higher, Lone and statuesque beneath the streaming sunlight; Idyllic wonder-scapes for pure abandonment. Lost amidst the cool whimsy of the wind And the honeyed touch of a sunbeam; Dreams. Junior/Senior Division (Poetry) – 1st Place

43 Shawnee High School Sponsoring Teacher: Mark Decker Interests – writing, playing my flute, and playing cards with my friends. Future Plans – I know for sure that I want to attend a four year college, but I don't know where I'd like to go. I'm equally unsure of my major, but I am considering English, German, or Music. Inspiration for the Work – One night, I had been lying in bed unable to fall asleep. Random thoughts were floating through my mind when I suddenly started to think of spring. From there, my mental image became a hilltop and a leisurely day sky-gazing.

44 Excerpt – Stunned by what he perceived as impossible, Cyprus ran quickly towards the house to see what was actually happening. By the time he reached the elegant verdigris framed verandah, the mid section of the Main House was beginning to smoke and the western section was already ablaze. As he ran in the back to look for help, he heard cries from numerous guests saying, Somebody, quick! M. Breaux is still in the house overseeing the records... Cyprus watched as a handful of guests tried to storm through the back entrance, only to come out in seconds gasping for air with their clothing singed. Meanwhile, as groups of slaves scattered into the fields, they met little opposition from the fleeing partygoers. As Cyprus was bolting towards the gardenia garden entrance, he heard muffled cries for help from M. Breaux. For Gods sake, someone, please help me! The fire has... but before he could finish, the western part of the house collapsed in an earsplitting roar, sending a shower of embers, glass, and smoke towards the escaping guests. Junior/Senior Division (Fiction)- 1st Place

45 Future Plans – I plan to attend Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in the fall and intend to major in pre-medicine. Lima Central Catholic High School Sponsoring Teacher- Joshua Vasquez Favorite Hobby – Writing fiction Inspiration for the Work – Because my family moved to New Orleans shortly after my birth, I still call it home. In reality, it was an oasis of Southern culture comprised of delicious food, friendly people, and good times. The move to Lima after thirteen years of living in New Orleans left me cherishing my memories of my childhood. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina (where my family's home sustained significant damage), I realized just how much I missed the South. Nonetheless, I do enjoy making it a setting for some of my local color fictions.


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