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Gatekeeper Trust Booklets

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1 Gatekeeper Trust Booklets
Temple Science Publications by Peter Dawkins A Pilgrims Handbook GKT Publications Cost £5.00 Explains the principles behind Gatekeeper work. Contains information on the Grail Temple of Europe, the Solar and Lunar Festivals and also includes a selection of prayers, atonement's, on Sacred Journeys The Glastonbury Zodiac A book by Mary Caine Cost £ £2.85 p&p Key to the mysteries of Britain The Zoence Training Course Prospectus Free Explanation of, and outline of workshops constituting the Zoence (Science of Life) Training Course offered by Peter Dawkins. Gatekeeper Chants A professionally recorded cassette tape Cost £6.00 Professionally recorded in 1991 by a group of eleven Gatekeepers plus a few very tuneful black-birds. Contains a selection of songs and chants from Taize, Native American and European traditions, which are used on Gatekeeper Sacred Journeys. Zoence, Science of Life (English version. Book) Cost £ p p&p An introduction to the basic principles and practice of Zoence: a philosophy and science of living in harmony with ourselves and our environment, uniting heaven and earth. Explains chakras and life-giving energy systems in time and space, covering natural seasons, human chakras, landscape temples and how to work with Facilitators Handbook GKT Publications Cost £1.50 Guidelines for the setting up and running of local groups and the staging of pilgrimages Ireland By Peter Dawkins Cost £3.00 Landscape Temple of Ireland Sir George Trevelyan - A Profile (Video) Cost £10.00 An exploration into living ideas. Produced by David Furlong and Lorna St.Aubyn. Sir George was well known and loved as a herald of the New Age. He was a founder member of the Gatekeeper Trust. Copenhagen By Peter Dawkins Cost £3.00 Landscape of the city of Copenhagen (Denmark) Zoence, Science of Life (Published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. USA) Cost £10.00 An introduction to the basic principles and practice of Zoence: a philosophy and science of living in harmony with ourselves and our environment, uniting heaven and earth. Explains chakras and life-giving energy systems in time and space, covering natural seasons, human chakras, landscape temples and how to work with them. St Michael - Apollo 'Axis' By Lucien Richer Translated by Francesca Greene Cost £5.00 A discussion of the alignments of various sacred places within Europe, from Skillig Michael in Ireland to Mount Carmel in the Holy Land. The Royal Andes By Peter Dawkins Cost £3.00 Landscape of the Royal Andes (Peru)

2 Issue No. 23, 2006 Price £3.00 Issue No. 22, 2005 Price £3.00
Orientation within the Map of Time The Jewelled Light Body The Great Ages: Orion, the Long Man and a message for the Future Landscape Mysteries and Healing Gaia: A précis of Spiritual Geomancy Guardian of the Otherworld Astrology and the Year of Serpent Wisdom Message from the Gnomes In Memory of Lorna St Aubyn Help Save a Sacred Site Local Contact Reports Issue No. 22, Price £3.00 Ages of Ancient Britain The Light in Britain DNA: ‘the antennae to God’ Royston Cave, the Templars and the Connaissance School of Numerology Birds use herbs to protect their nests The Changing Cosmos – Understanding Earth and Celestial Harmonics Encircling the Land in Sacred Dance Sacred Chertsey & the real meaning of Cockcrow Exploring the chakras of Colchester Bury St Edmunds – Oak Lane Labyrinth Warwickshire – Heart of Britain Pilgrimage Bran Bendigaid and the Welsh landscape temple Zoence Weekend in Wales Ireland: Warriors, Gods and Kings Issue No. 21, Price £3.00 Wellesley Tudor Pole – The Blended Ray The Power of Pilgrimage (Part II) The Arthurian Mysteries (The Holy Grail) Grail Journey through Wales Astrology and the year of Angels Myth in the Landscape – Wessex Landscape Temple Computers – Elemental Kingdoms and Pilgrimaging in Inner Landscapes Earth Domes Local Contact Reports

3 Issue No. 20, 2003 Price £3.00 Issue No. 19, 2002 Price £2.50
The Power of Pilgrimage The Coming Footsteps Culbone Church, Exmoor The Significance of the Chalice Astrology and the Year of Transformation A Vision of the New Age The Resonance of Heart and Mind in our Environment Inner and Outer Technologies Sun and Pyramid Symbols link two Great Masters and their Cultures Loving Europa Encircling the Land in Sacred Dance A Kingston Zodiac The Wessex Landscape Temple Wales – An Autumn Meditation Wales – The Discovery of a Welsh Chakra System Ireland 2002 – An Odyssey Issue No. 19, Price £2.50 Mystery of the Rose Rila Mountains Spirit of the Land - Crop Circles Landscape Temple of Europe Blue Bowl of Avalon Grail Conference (Grail, Arcadia and the Stars) Vezelay Pilgrimage - Stars of the Dove Local Contact Reports Chartres Cathedral - Solar or Lunar Temple ? Issue No. 18, Price £2.50 Return to the Kogi Land of the Seed Bourges - Centre of Light Sacred Geometry, a Brief Word Michael/Apollo Line - a line of Vision and Light The Celestial Special Operations Executive Pilgrims Weekend - Llangollen Soul Evolution - St. George and the Dragon Earth Mother Local Contact Reports Celebration of the Grail

4 Issue No. 17, 2000 Price £2.50 Issue No. 16, 1999 Price £2.50
Lost Magic of our Ancestors Uluru - The Crystal Matrix Awakening Pilgrimage to the Isle of Man The Ankerwyke Yew Myths of the Sacred Tree Discovery of the Earth’s Etheric Form Sounding the Circle - ‘Voyager’ Connection Friends in the Plant Kingdom Encircling the Land in Sacred Dance Local Contac Reports Masculine and Feminine in the Landscape Issue No. 16, Price £2.50 Angels and the Tree of Life of Iona Grail Pilgrimage : The Auvergne, Black Madonna and the Wild Man Journey to the Sacred Marriage Maia for the Millennium Kingston Zodiac Pilgrimage to the Isle of Man Great Pilgrimage Routes : Hampton Court Weekend Rescue Work Pilgrims Weekend : Holy Wells and their Restoration The Spiral of Tranquillity Local contact reports : Ireland’s Mythic Landscape In Memoriam : A Tribute to Francesca Greene Issue No. 15, Price £2.50 How Does Pilgrimage Help the Earth? St Cuthbert’s Way GRAIL PILGRIMAGE TO CHARTRES 1997 A Millennium Pilgrimage Begins St Columba Hotel Project, Iona The Wells & Springs of the Glastonbury Zodiac Walking in Beauty, Pilgrimage in Slovenia The Tuscany Pilgrimage & Milan The Heart Line of the Bull Sicily: Honouring the Hoof of the Bull Dancing in the Zodiac A Pilgrim’s Progress through the Seasons in Ireland

5 Issue No. 14, 1997 Price £2.00 Issue No. 13, 1996 Price £2.00
The Song and Dance of the Dragon – Derbyshire Peak District Brow Blessed – the Lancashire Chakra A Reluctant Traveller Celebrating the Summer Solstice on The Isle of Man The Landscape temple of the Marlborough Downs The Road to St. James – The Mediaeval Pilgrimage to Compostella More Santiago Auriga / Arachne A Khali Gandaki Landscape Temple in Nepal Time amongst the Xavante Aspects of Pilgrimage News from other Lightworkers Local Contact Reports Issue No. 13, Price £2.00 Family pilgrimage in Derbyshire Peak District 1995 Edinburgh: Grail pilgrimage / Rosslyn / St. Bernards Well The Tempest on IONA Celtic Connections Pilgrimage: Brittany, Normandy & Mont St. Michel / Holding the link from Britain / Mont St. Michel to St. Michael’s mount Pennant Melangell, healing valley of pilgrimage New Standing Stone in Cumbria Pageantry at St. Anne’s Well at Egham Fife and Perthshire Gatekeepers report The Picts – a Celtic dark Age Nation Ascent of Ben More Assynt Rainbow journey – on the ‘Grail Trail’ ( a pilgrimage along the whole Grail landscape temple of Europe) Pilgrimages to Chartres Pilgrimage on the River Elbe Issue No. 12, Price £2.00 Sheila Erdal – a tribute by Kevin Redpath North York Moors: The Rose of the Moors pilgrimage, May 1994 Wharfedale: Yorkshire Grail Pilgrimage – by Peter Dawkins Lleyn peninsula & Bardsey Island Pilgrim’s Weekend 1994 Whatever happened to Twyford Down Derbyshire Peak District Isle of man Assynt, Scotland – Crown of the Grail Temple Arts in the landscape

6 Issue No. 11, 1994 Price £1.50 Issue No. 10, 1993 Price £1.50
Warwickshire: Unfolding the Rose River Thames Grail Pilgrimage The Pilgrims’ way – Winchester to Canterbury River Rhine Pilgrimage Rocamadour, Black Madonna St. Michael’s Mount Michaelmas Pilgrimage Ritual in the Aquarian Age Initiatives for and in the former Yugoslavia Just as I am Fife and Perthshire local report Hampton Court: Spinning the Wheel North York Moors : Discovering sacred sites King Arthur’s return What Gatekeeping is about London landscape temple: Discovering the Crown Issue No. 10, Price £1.50 Tree of Life Externsteine Hermetic Tour of Egypt Greetings from Dublin London Pilgrimages Mother Thames Auriga/Arachne Silver Wheel Greening of the Magdalene Paneurhtyhmy in the Lake District Balancing Act Local Contact Network and Reports Decade of Pilgrimage The Story of Three Men in a Caravanette North Yorkshire Issue No. 9, Price £1.50 Angels on Iona Monimail and the Garden of Eden Mystical Landscape Temple of London Toning and creating beautiful forms in Light Developing a healing/creative relationship with the landscape - how this affects our lives - a personal experience. On horseback to Santiago de Compostella Externsteine by Graham Hayes Heart of South America Trek

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