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We have the essentials you need to create the perfect outdoor experience.

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1 We have the essentials you need to create the perfect outdoor experience.

2 13998 VINE GAZEBO BIRDFEEDER Gorgeous two tone finish lends cheerful color to this handsome birdfeeder, turning a sweet shelter into an eye- catching outdoor decoration. An attractive way to invite plenty of winged visitors to share in the beauty of your garden! Weight 2 lbs. Iron with glass. 6 1/2" square x 10 1/2" high. $17.95

3 39448 VERDIGRIS LEAF BIRDBATH Balanced at the edge of a broad green leaf, a sparrow lifts his voice in a joyous springtime song. Distressed finish gives this handsome metalwork birdbath the appearance of a well- weathered antique. An enchanting garden decoration that serves as a welcome watering stop for thirsty birds! Cast iron and wrought iron. 14 3/4" x 12 1/4" x 27 1/2" high. $39.95

4 12515 TEMPLe harmony windchime A magical melody floats through the air as a cascade of temple bells creates a haunting song. A Zen-style enchantment that instantly casts an aura of calm. Weight 1.2 lbs. Metal and wood. 6" x 6" x 30" high. $29.95

5 30209 white gazebo birdfeeder Gazebo bird feeder is tastefully trimmed with gingerbread mouldings and greenery. A lovely spot for birds to dine! Wood and plastic. 8 1/2" diameter x 10 1/2" high. $24.95

6 39617 verdigris birdbath Enjoy the sight and sounds of your feathered friends as they dip into the crystal waters of this graceful sculpted birdbath! This handsome focal piece is an ideal centerpiece for any garden! Enjoy the sight and sounds of your feathered friends as they dip into the crystal waters of this graceful sculpted birdbath! Classic styling resembles a weathered copper antique, updated with a modern twist; this handsome focal piece is actually cast of safe and sturdy outdoor plastic. An ideal centerpiece for any garden! Plastic. 19" diameter x 33" high. Some Assembly Required. $49.95

7 33024 two- person hammock Relax together on this sturdy cotton hammock built comfortably for two. A delightful retreat! Pillow not included. Max. Wt.: 440 lbs. Weight 7 lbs. Recycled cotton rope on a wood frame, metal loops for hanging. 54" x 140" long. $69.95

8 33631 playful cherubs fountain Water cascades over playful cherubs in this enchanting home or garden fountain. Classically styled with flowing lines and faux granite finish. UL Recognized. Alabastrite. May require additional freight charge. 19 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 42" high. $210.63

9 12788 woodland squirrel tree decor Two-piece decoration creates the illusion of a mischievous squirrel poking out from a tree trunk; a merry accent indeed! Lifelike furry fellow will have visitors guessing and grinning for years. Weight 1 lb. Polyresin. Top: 4"x 4 1/2" x 6" high; bottom: 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 10" high. Set. $19.95

10 34302 cotton padded swing chair A relaxing way to retreat from the day! Soft cotton padding and gentle rocking motion cradle you in exceptional comfort. Great for use indoors or out. Max Wt.: 200 lbs. Seat: 10 1/2" wide. Recycled cotton. Chair is 38" x 17 3/4" x 52" high. $59.95

11 35107 garden chair swing Rustic garden swing is perfect for porch or patio; comfy bench is roomy enough for two! Oil-and- lacquer finished for lasting beauty outdoors. A restful way to dream away the day! Russian pine. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 67 1/3" x 33 1/2" x 65" high. $318.90

12 35201 cherub tealight lantern Childlike cherub casts a warm glow and a welcoming light indoors or out! Uses tealights (not included). Stone-finish alabastrite and metal. 10" x 10 1/2" x 25" high. $99.95

13 14739 solar butterfly wind spinner Whether its dawn or dusk, this bejeweled butterfly brightens your outdoor space! By day, copper spirals and crystal figures twinkle; after dark, solar lights bathe this beautiful display in a hauntingly lovely glow. On/off switch at bottom of the solar panel. Weight 0.4 lb. 4½" diameter x 15" high. Iron, plastic and acrylic. One solar powered battery included. $17.95

14 12967 verdigris garden centerpiece Fantastic three-in-one decoration adds liveliness to any garden! Lightweight yet sturdy enough for years of enjoyment, this faux-metal treasure brings together a generous birdbath, a solar night light, and a place for four of your favorite plants. Weight 5.8 lbs. Plastic. Plants not included. One AA battery included. Some Assembly Required. 17" diameter x 36 1/2" high; each planter is 4 3/4" diameter x 3 3/4" high. $69.95

15 35330 hammock chair Perfect to hang on porch or branch. This comfy cradle chair will quickly become your favorite place to relax! Max. Wt.: 200 lbs. Recycled cotton. 39 1/4" x 46" high. $49.95

16 37276 designer fountain with stand Classic and modern come together to create a truly stunning water sculpture! Atop a stately column, clear cascades of water sparkle from the faux-stone ball, cradled by a stylized abstract shape. An irresistibly unique piece of garden art! Fiberglass/resin. Water capacity: 7 liters. UL recognized. 19 1/2" diameter x 44" high. $249.95

17 38432 light-up hummingbird windchime A bevy of colorful hummingbirds bobs against a springtime sky, sunlight sparkling from every crystalline facet. The battery- powered base sets the color changing shimmering light in motion on even the calmest day. Acrylic with metal chimes. Uses three AAA batteries (not included) 4" x 3 1/2" x 26 1/4" long. $12.95

18 13842 wagon wheel double- tiered planter Add a fresh touch of the country, complete with greenery, and enjoy your garden in a whole new way! Double-level planter features a quaint wagon wheel theme and rustic finish, with plenty of room to proudly show off your favorite blooms. Weight 11 lbs. Fir wood. Plants not included. Some Assembly Required. May Require Additional Freight Charge. 21 1/8" x 13" x 22" high; each planter: 19" x 8" x 8" high. $102.95

19 38433 light-up celestial windchime Star light, star bright; this windchime is a stargazer's delight day and night! A color-changing LED light in the base sets these crystalline ornaments ablaze with a rainbow parade of color, letting you enjoy this chime's shimmering show and magical song even after dark! Acrylic with metal chimes. 3 5/8" diameter x 34 1/4" long. $12.95

20 38624 statue | lion guardian With his mighty paw placed atop a crested shield, a regal lion surveys all who approach the door to your "castle". Inspired by the centuries-old stone carvings found in castles and cathedrals throughout Europe, this impressive statue makes a bold historical statement and lends distinction to your entryway or garden! Fiber resin. 12 1/4" x 14 1/8" x 25" high. May require additional freight charge. $92.95

21 38676 verdigris gazebo birdfeeder The classic look of weathered copper is perfectly captured in this amazing lightweight standing bird feeder! You'll delight at the luxurious appearance of this glorious garden accessory, from the fluted rooftop to the intricately detailed base. The elegant look of sculpted metal at a fraction of the weight and price! Plastic. 14 1/2" diameter x 39 3/4" high. $39.95

22 14653 rustic wagon Old-time buckboard styling and a weathered finish give this cart the instant appeal of a cherished antique! Real rolling wheels add a charming touch and allow easy access to move things around your garden. Weight 28.7 lbs. Fir wood. 64"" x 37 1/2"" x 26 1/2"" high. May Require Additional Freight Charge. Some Assembly Required. $158.01

23 14201 geometric fire pit Gather round this fantastic fire pit and instantly set the scene for fun! The perfect way to add the wonderful warmth of a real campfire anywhere you please, be it a backyard or campsite; just fill with firewood and bask in the festive glow. Mesh top and cutout shapes in the sides allow plenty of light and heat to reach you, yet keep sparks and embers safely contained. Burns up to 33 lbs. of wood. Safe to use Charcoal. Weight 21 lbs. Iron. May Require Additional Freight Charge. Some Assembly Required. 28 1/4" diameter x 19 1/2" high; fire pit: 23" diameter x 8" deep; mesh lid: 24" diameter x 5" high. Item not available to ship to Canada. $165.12

24 33037 picnic backpack Have a gourmet picnic anywhere, with this convenient backpack set that includes everything except the food - but leaves enough space for it! Place setting for four; 30 pieces. Bag: 15" x 6 1/2" x 17" high. $79.95

25 14807 barbecue corn grill No cookout is complete without fresh flame-grilled corn on the cob! Special holder lets you grill four ears at a time, without the mess and hassle of traditional methods. So easy and delicious, youll enjoy this healthy treat all year round. Weight 1.4 lbs. 20" x 7" x 2½" high. Metal with wood handle. Hand wash only. $12.95

26 12357 deluxe barbecue tools set A full set of durable barbecue tools turns any backyard amateur into a pro. All packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case. Set includes: basting brush, grill brush, blade, spatula, fork, tongs, 8 corn holders, and 4 skewers. Stainless steel with wood handle. Hand wash only. 17" x 12" x 3" high (closed). Set. $39.95

27 14478 10-piece barbecue set Delight any aspiring outdoor chef with this professional quality set of grilling tools! Heavy duty carry bag contains every necessity for gourmet barbecued treats whenever and wherever you please. Weight 1.6 lbs. Set includes: spatula, tong, fork, basting brush, two skewers, four corn cob holders and a carrying bag. Hand wash only. Stainless steel and wood. Set: 17 1/2" x 3" x 5" high. opened: 17 1/2" x 12 1/2" wide. $29.95

28 14466 BBq kebab set Delicious grilled kebabs are as easy as 1-2-3! Just fill the special baskets with your favorite foods, place on the grill and enjoy a fabulous feast. Ingenious design cooks food evenly with no dangerous skewers needed. Weight 1.2 lbs. Bonus basting brush included. Hand wash only. Stainless steel and wood. Each is 18 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 2" high. Set. $14.95

29 14231 deluxe picnic trolley Whether its a romantic meal for two or a family feast, this rolling kit is a must-have for any mobile gourmet! Front pocket contains a full service for four, while two insulated center pockets keep your favorite hot or cold goodies ready for enjoyment. The ultimate companion for outdoor fun! Set includes: four 9" plates, four spoons, four knives, four forks, four wine glasses, four napkins, cheese cutter, bottle opener, cork screw, mini knife, cutting board, salt and pepper shakers. Weight 8.6 lbs. Plastic, stainless steel, wood, cotton, and polyester. Hand wash only. 16 1/2" x 12 3/4" x 24" high; handle extends to 38 3/4" high; top insulated space: 12" x 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" high; large insulated space: 13" x 8" x 13" high. Set. $119.95

30 39686 outdoor gourmet bbq set Great grilling is a breeze with specialty barbecue fork, tongs and spatula; heavy-duty apron doubles as handy carrying case. A favorite for any aspiring outdoor chef! Professional-style set is perfect for backyard get-togethers, camping, and tailgating. Fork: 2" x 1" x 16 1/2" long; Tongs: 2" x 2 3/4" x 18 1/8" long; 3" x 1" x 17" long; Apron: 19" x 1 1/2" x 23" long. Metal and nylon fabric. Dishwasher safe. Longest tool: 18 1/2" long Apron: 19" x 1 1/2" x 23" long. Set. $29.95

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