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The Amazing Erie Canal 

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1 The Amazing Erie Canal 
By: Mia and Danny

2 The Erie Canal Beginning …
A canal is a man-made waterway. A canal also connects waterways together. The Erie Canal was President Thomas Jefferson’s idea. It was also DeWitt Clinton’s idea. Others thought that it would never work. They thought wrong. It made a big change in helping people with transportation. Later, DeWitt Clinton became governor. The canal was started on July It was built for easier travel. Before built, people had to ride wagons on dangerous paths and they even had to go over water. We would hate to do something so dangerous! We are glad they built the canal. We feel so bad for those who suffered by drowning. Before the canal was built, it took a month for shipping items. After built, it took a week to ship. That’s a big difference!  The Erie Canal was built by men and horses. These men were immigrants.

3 Geography  The Erie Canal connects the Hudson River and Lake Erie.
It would take a week to travel when the canal was built. But before built, it would take a month to travel. The cities that were along the Erie Canal were, Troy, Albany, Oswego, Syracuse, Rochester, Utica, Lockport, Brockport and Buffalo.

4 How the Erie Canal is/was used 
In 1817 the canal was built and used for easier travel. We think that was a great idea! Before they had to use complicated waterways and roads. Today, the Erie Canal is used for hiking, running, biking and any exercise. The Erie Canal was used for easier travel and to connect waterways together. It was a big help. The Erie Canal made a big and great impact. It made transportation way faster and easier. We are glad that the courageous men risked their lives to dig it. All of them are heroes. The Erie Canal is still being used today, but not for transportation. It is used for biking, hiking and just for any exercise. Many people canoe. It is also for beauty.

5 Interesting Facts  The Erie Canal cost 7 million dollars to build.
The Erie Canal was 338 miles long. It was 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep. That’s long! A lock is a gate that raises and lowers water. This is useful because it allows boats to go uphill and downhill. It also slows down boats that go downhill. For the boats that go uphill, the water is raised. The water is raised by a little gate that opens in order for water to flow in. The boats that traveled on the Erie Canal were packet boats and passenger vessels. There were also Bum-Boats to deliver food and all sorts of stuff.

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7 About The Authors   Mia Stauffer  I am 10 years old.
I am Cuban, Venezuelan, Irish, Polish, English, French, German, American and much more. I have brown eyes and hair. I was born in NY at Crouse Hospital at 3:49 pm, January 15, 2001. I have a hamster. Danny Sullivan  I am also10 years old. I am moving to Massachusetts. I am half Irish and half American. I have brown eyes and hair. I was born in Virginia, and then moved to NY and then Texas and then back to NY.

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