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Class-V Book-English For Today Coral Island island.

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2 Class-V Book-English For Today

3 Coral Island island


5 Objectives By the end of this lesson the students will be able to- 1.Enrich their listening skill. 2.Enrich their vocabulary and read the lesson with correct pronunciation 3.Write a composition on St. Martins 4.Speak in English with correct pronunciation.


7 Teknaf

8 How far is St. Martins? 264 km 156km 26nm 420 km and 26nm

9 Transport Dhaka to Chittagong

10 Transport Chittagong to Teknaf

11 Teknaf to St. Martins Teknaf By boat By Ship St. Martins Transport

12 Tourist spot An interesting place to visit. There are many tourist spots in our country. Coral A hard thing made of sea creature. Bangladesh has a coral island. New Words with sentence CruiseSailing on sea for pleasure. We had a cruise last winter. Trip A journey to a place. He went to a trip last summer. Nautical Measurement of distance in the sea. St. Martins is 26 nautical mile from Teknaf. 26 nm

13 Interested things to see Nest of Tortoise Hatching eggs Baby tortoise is coming out of egg. Baby tortoises are coming out from nest.

14 Shells Snails Underwater sea fishes Sea Eagle

15 Different Types of Coral

16 Natural beauty and interesting places Sunset Coconut garden Fish Market Coral Beach

17 Coral How can we go to St. Martins? Coconut What are the beautiful places we should visit in St. Martins? Eagle What are the interesting things we can see in St. Martins?

18 Match the picture with their correct meanings or definitions given on the right.



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