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DNA Repair The Ultimate Antiaging Tool By: LifeSpan International, Inc.

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1 DNA Repair The Ultimate Antiaging Tool By: LifeSpan International, Inc.

2 DNA IN THE NEWS On The Pill: Inner and Outer Beauty Products; NY Post – March 6, 2005 The Science of Staying Young, Why We Age; Scientific American, Vol.14 # 3 CSI TV Program Making DNA Info Relevant Diet & Genes, The New Science of Nutrition and Aging; Newsweek – February 7, 2005

3 DNA IN THE NEWS DNA IN THE NEWS Clean Living…Dietary Supplements... the Future of Health Care: Forbes - November 29, 2004 How To Live To Be 100 (And Not Regret It); Time – August 30, 2004 A Four Year Study Measured Significant DNA Damage in Human and Animal Cells from Mobile Phone use; EU 2004 The Today Show, NBC National; Stress Study December 1, 2004 ( Dr. Sheldon Cohen /Elissa Epel) - University of California at San Francisco

4 NIH: DNA Damage Causes Aging Mutations Replication errors Persistent DNA damage Genomic instability National Institutes of Health

5 Human Genome Project Molecular Medicine Antiaging Medicine

6 What is Aging?... the accumulation of random damage to the building blocks of life - especially to DNA, certain proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (fats) – that begins early in life and eventually exceeds the bodys self repair capabilities Leonard Hayflick, PhD., UCSF S. Jay Olshanky, PhD., UIC Bruce Carnes, PhD., UIC Scientific American, June 2002; 286(6):92-95

7 Why Do We Age? Oxidative Stress Damage to DNA (nucleus & mitochondria) Poor DNA Repair Aging and Aging Conditions

8 DNA Damage – Health Consequences DNA DAMAGE Mutagenic Diseases e.g. cancer Mutagenic Diseases e.g. cancer Toxic Disease e.g. Inflammation Toxic Disease e.g. Inflammation Two possible health consequences The major cause of human disease has been identified as DNA damage by reactive oxygen species. This has been reviewed as a contributing factor for the origin and progression of a number of conditions including aging, autoimmunity, HIV infection and cancer.

9 Cellular Control of DNA Repair DNA repair of damage No disease Mutagenic and toxic disease Incomplete Complete Gene Deficiency Biochemical Inhibition Review of the cellular control of DNA damage

10 Results of Poor DNA Repair DNA (gene) chemistry Double stranded helical polymer DNA damage caused by toxins, diet, environment, radiation Repair enzymes / Protein Processes PARP, endonuclease, exonuclease, polymerase, ligase GOOD repair BAD repair GOOD No disease BAD BAD REPAIR CASUES ALTERED GENE EXPRESSION, LEADS TO CHRONIC DISEASES Cancer, autoimmune, aging cardiovascular, inflammatory


12 7 STEPS IN AGING YOUR ENVIRONMENT (Poor diet, stress, pollution, smoking, exercise, sun exposure generate free radicals) OXIDATIVE STRESS GOOD GENE REPAIR equals Antiaging GENE DAMAGE equals Aging ALTERED GENE EXPRESSION Hobbled Proteins (Glycation) Wrong soup mix (Mitochonria function) Misfiring genetic switches (Methylation and acetylation) Immune glitches (Inflammation) Faulty cell communication (Hormone imbalance)

13 Mitochondrial DNA A single ATP molecule must be recycled within a mitochondrion approximately 1,000 times per day for the body to maintain its energy supply

14 Quenching Reactive Oxygen Species in the Mitochondrion About 10% of the air we breathe is converted into free radicals in the mitochondria of our cells to produce the energy of life (ATP). Hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical, superoxide, lipid peroxide and singlet oxygen are metabolic mistakes of ATP production. Mitochondria -Primary source of free radical production in cells.

15 AC-11® Water soluble extract of Uncaria tomentosa; 8% CAEs *, less than 0.05% oxindole alkaloids * Carboxy alkyl esters

16 AC-11® primary bioactive ingredient has been identified Found in Shayman natural extractions of Uncaria Quinic acid/Quinic acid lactones are significantly more bioactive when purified from AC-11®

17 Aging Effects of Oxidative Stress Oxidative stress Reduces apoptosis Increases cell survival Increases TNF alpha Inflammation anti-infection NF-kB Tumor toxicity Decreases cell survivalal Increases apoptosis Decreases TNF alpha Anti-inflammation Enhances immune cells Increases differentiation/function Anti-oxidation Increases DNA repair Decreases DNA damage Enhances immune cells Pro-oxidant Increases DNA damage Inhibits immune cells Activation Inhibition AC-11

18 Enhance DNA Repair STEP 1.. DNA damage detected. Enzymes uncoil and unzip DNA. (NFk-B inhibition works here also by stopping free radicals that damage DNA) STEP 2.. Uncoiled structure gives access to repair enzymes. STEP 3.. Damaged or misplaced nucleotides are cut out by enzymes. (Active genes are repaired first, then less active genes) STEP 4. New segments are moved into place and the seams are sealed by other enzymes. #4 #1 # #2 #3

19 NF-kB / DNA repair-- control DNA damage and your health Second primary source of free radicals is inflammation NF-kB inhibition reduces this source Regardless the source, DNA repair removes DNA damage These processes are controlled by dietary factors

20 About AC-11® Patented extract from the bark of Uncaria tomentosa vine Patented extraction method that isolates the potent Carboxy Alkyl Esters which comprise the active ingredients in the bark No high molecular weight alkaloids associated with adverse reactions Sustainable Growth Project which is controlled by the Brazilian Environmental Institute (IBAMA) Work projects are conducted under the Floravida Institutes guidance

21 Unique Formulation AC-11® OTHER UT FORMULATIONS Patented for DNA Repair and Immune Enhancement Patented Aqueous Extraction Process Inner Bark Uncaria tomentosa Water Soluble Carboxy Alkyl Esters Alkaloid Free Ethical Harvesting Produced under Pharma GMPs Proven Safety / Efficacy Hydroalcoholic Tinctures, Decoctions and Solvent Extracts Bark, Leaves &/or Root Uncaria guianensis Water Insoluble Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids Petracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids Environmentally Threatening Questionable Safety

22 Stability and Safety Stability data > 5 years LD50 > 8000 mg/kg –Our current recommended oral dosage is 350mg per day –Topical study doses range from 0.5% to 5.0% in solution No known toxicity Stability in activity & color as an ingredient in cosmetics Passes cosmetic micro-efficacy studies under USP challenge test method DSHEA registered Prop 65 Compliant

23 AC-11® – DSHEA Allowed Claims AC-11® helps enhance natural immunity AC-11® helps enhance natural DNA repair process

24 AC-11® research validates its use to treat DNA damage via NF-kB inhibition and DNA repair enhancement Induction of apoptosis and tumor inhibition; Anticancer Res., 18:1998 Enhanced DNA repair, immune function; J. Ethnopharm., 69:2000 Enhanced antibody response to vaccination; Phytomed., 8:2001 Human DNA repair enhancement; Phytomed., 8:2001 DNA repair enhanced by combination with niacin, carotenoids and zinc; Can. Detect Prev., 22:1998

25 AC-11® Research, contd. Serum thiols to estimate DNA repair; J. Antiaging Med., 3:2000 WBC elevation with no pathology or loss of immune function – proof of concept in mouse; Phytomed., 2002 DNA repair as a primary molecular target for antiaging therapies; Antiaging Med., 2002 Anti-aging nutritional supplement with and without AC-11; Anti-aging Med., 2002 Uncaria extract (AC-11) prolongs leukocyte survival ; PhytMed., 2003 Uncaria Extract (AC-11) inhibits cell division and NF- kB activity; Interntl. Immunopharmacology, 2003

26 Strong IP Protection AC-11® provides DNA repair from sun damage, lightens and blends skin tones Patent issued for the extraction process of the rain forest botanical Uncaria tomentosa –This process results in a proprietary, standardized extract. Patent filed for a compound and method of use for AC-11®

27 Strong IP Protection, continued Patent issued for Thiol blood test to measure repair status of DNA Patent issued for compound and method of use for Nicoplex, a formulation with AC-11®, niacinamide and zinc. This synergistic combination has been proven to significantly improve DNA Repair. AC-11® has demonstrated its positive benefits in both Inner and Outer Beauty products.

28 Synergistic To Nutrients AC-11® Niacin (niacinamide): a substrate for DNA repair enzymes Zinc: attaches to DNA repair enzymes, activating them Carotenoids: scavenge oxy-radicals and enhance immune response Edible mushroom extracts

29 Combination Products w/ AC-11® i.e. Nicomed & Nicoplex Synergistic Blends that Combine AC-11® with Nutrients / Antioxidants Patented Products -------------------------------------------------------- Age Manager – Multi-Vitamin Type with AC-11® AGE Erasers

30 Scientific Validation Clinical Study using orally administered AC-11® * DNA DAMAGE 2 FREE RADICAL DAMAGE 1 DNA REPAIR ENZYMES 3 DOWN 40% UP 12 % DOWN 51%

31 Summary 5 Categories of AC-11® Activity DNA Repair Anti-inflammatory Tumor Inhibition Immune Enhancement Antioxidant

32 OPPORTUNITIES Food Beverage / Water Dietary Supplements Cosmetics / Topical Skin Care Sports Nutrition Age Management / DNA Health Care --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home Based Business Network Sales Affiliate Partnerships

33 DNA Repair The Ultimate Antiaging Tool by: LifeSpan International, Inc.

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