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The Art of Holography And Photography July 2013. One of the most spectacular things in Holography, the third dimension, cannot be visible in a photograph;

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1 The Art of Holography And Photography July 2013

2 One of the most spectacular things in Holography, the third dimension, cannot be visible in a photograph; therefore, in this presentation, you are invited to engage your imagination and dive deep into the photo. S.H. Shimon Hameiri +972-54-4535-082

3 Star of David Hanukiah - Vitrage Holography

4 About Shimon Hameiri : From the early age of 13, Shimon has found growing interest and curiosity in photography. While acquiring his higher education in the fields of physics, optometry and art, he has developed his interest in holography combining this unique field with arts. The first years of his exposure to the theory of holography were devoted mainly to research at laboratories in the United Kingdom. During the 80s, Shimon has started his own independent creation of holograms which, till today, leads his way of life. He is active in various laboratories around the world researching the field, working on holograms within the domains of art, industry and advertisement. Shimon Hameiri is a part of a group of holographers which has harnessed the field of holography to the creation of art.

5 Welcome Self Portrait Moving Hologram Colored Holography

6 Ten Commandments Colored Holography Moving Hologram

7 Still Life – Moving Hologram

8 Yellow Patch Colored Holography Moving Hologram

9 Shimon Hameiris wide range of activities includes: Exhibitions – for the last 25 years, his works of art have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in which he uncovers a bit of the fascination hidden within the art of holography. Teaching and lecturing - sessions are composed according to the audience, considering its specific characteristics. This is why these sessions are appealing and appropriate for each and any kind of audience, ranging from professionals and experts to young children, from lectures at universities to those given at social meetings. Creating holograms – as an artist, Shimon Hameiri brings forth his ideas and aspirations as can be seen in his works. He applies the cutting edge technological developments in the process of creating holograms. He can create holograms on specific subjects by special order. Shimon also combines deferent aspects of art, creating mixed works of media.

10 Golden Wheat Mixed Media Hologram Chips on Painting

11 Jerusalem Dates – Holography and Photography

12 Moving flowers – Holography and Photography

13 One Frame – Still Holography

14 The Scientist - Moving Holography

15 Dialog As curator and director of the for Man and Living World Museum in Ramat Gan, I have followed Shimon Hameiri's oeuvre in its process for two decades, and see in his works the process of technology becoming a means of artistic expression. Shimon's first works were interesting experimentations that examined the range of holography capability, mainly in the realm of third dimensional expression. In the passage of time, Shimon began to choose the objects for photography in such a way that the end result from using holography would be an artistic statement from his standpoint as an artist. The transition to colored holography and combination of computerized work broadened possibilities; and Shimon could increasingly focus on art, with holography serving him like a brush and color in the hands of a painter. Dorit Volenitz

16 Dialog between 2-D and 3-D Images – Illusion or Reality "So what is life? Is it all false imagination, illusion, passing shadow, unfounded make-believe? Every achievement is nothing but a dream since all of life is a dream; and what are dreams but dreams." ("Life is a Dream", Pedro Kalderon de la Barca). A hologram is like magic. It creates an illusion. On a 2 dimensional surface the object appears in its 3 dimensions up to the point where it is almost possible to touch it like a realistic, concrete object. For many years the artist Shimon Hameiri has been engaged in photography. "As one who began to photograph at the age of thirteen, the hologram constituted a means to actualize ideas in different dimensions. As a brush in the hand of the painter, I make use of the laser and lenses in the laboratory and feel fortunate to be able to realize the dream, create and walk on an illuminated path. At present Shimon is counted among a very small group of artists that have harnessed the science of holography for artistic oeuvre. The area of his endeavor is broad and includes execution of works on request, exhibitions, advertisement and lectures. Sol Lenzini

17 Guy Olami – the curator of A Different Look Photography exhibition describes: …The exhibition A Different Look presents Shimons Photography to the wide public. His view of the world is reflected through the eye of the camera and his imagination which accompanies him wherever he goes. Shimon paints with his camera creating unexpected and surprising realities… He captures moments of tranquility and romance. The water dances and skies are singing a symphony of notes, vineyards float and flowers shine in the early morning sun. A close look raises questions such as: Is this a reflection? What is inside and what is out? Is it a gloomy sunset or maybe moments before sunrise? Is this reality or just an illusion? His camera stimulates the imagination… 2010

18 Window Romance Photography

19 Water Dance - Photography

20 Symphony in the Sky - Photography

21 Grape Harvest 2009 - Photography

22 Winter in Tel Aviv - Photography

23 Tel AvivThe Israeli Gallery of Holograms1985 - 1989 AshdodArt Museum1992 GivataimMunicipality Gallery1992 Petach TikvaArt and Science Museum1993 Emek HeferSharon Art and Agriculture Museum1994 ; 1997 Beit ShenGan Hashlosha Museum1995 HolonArt and Science Museum1998 HazoreaWilfrid Israel Museum2003 - 4 ; 1998 – 9 ; RehovotWiseman Institute2000 Kiriat GatScience Museum2001 YeruhamScience Centre2002 HaifaNational Science Museum1990 ; 2005 - 2006 RaananaMunicipality Gallery1990 ; 2007 Ramat GanMan and the Living World Museum1993 ; 1995-6 ; 2006 - 10 Ramat GanWohl Centre Gallery2009 TiberiusPrima Gallery2010 BaraamBar David Museum of art and Judaica2011 Ein HarodBeit Sturman Museum2012 RehovotWiseman Institute2013 Shimon Hameiri – Solo Exhibitions

24 LondonLight Fantastic Gallery1988 Pretoria, S. AfricaPretoria University1990 Tel AvivRed - Tasha Gallery2005 SefadJerusalem for Generation - Igaal Alon House2006 Old JaffaGreen - Horas Richter Gallery2007 Tel AvivStar of David - Kaplan Gallery2008 Rosh PinaSeven Species - Professor Mers House2008 - 2009 SefadColours – Mitzpe Hayamim Gallery2009 Old JaffaShe and He – Municipality Gallery2009 Old JaffaExpose to Light – Jaffa Museum of Antique2009 Paris 4 Elements – Alternetiv Gallery2009 JerusalemYefe Nof – Maale Hamisha Gallery2010 Old JaffaHot Summer in Tel Aviv - Artura Gallery2010 Tel AvivRotchild Project -3 Gallery2011 Tel AvivWhite night -3 Gallery2012 SefadCelebration of art2013 Shimon Hameiri - Group Exhibitions

25 Blue and White Reflection - Photography

26 Blooming Spring - Photography

27 Rendez-Vous - Photography

28 Palm Abstract - Photography

29 Abstract - Photography

30 Dialog Lately Shimon is working on a unique exhibition where he plans to create a dialog, an international first, between holography and photography. The exhibition is planned for December 2010 at the Bar David art Museum in Kibbutz Baraam, Israel. Generation - Still Holography Generation - Photography

31 Olive Tree - Holography Olive Field – Photography Dialog

32 You are invited to visit my websites: Contact : Mobile : +972-54-4535082 Shimon Hameiri Thank you for your time.

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