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MaxGel Dressing Novel and Unique Sterile Hydrogel

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1 MaxGel Dressing Novel and Unique Sterile Hydrogel
Product Introduction

2 Maxford Medical - Corporate Info
Maxford Medical Technology Co.Ltd. is a pioneer hydrogel dressing manufacturer in Hong Kong specialized in advanced wound care and skin care products wholly subsidiary to Chung Nam Group (Founded in 1935) with over 7000 employees. Located in Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology, our state-of-the-art production technology with advanced equipment and laboratory produces quality products recognized by the CE mark and registered in US FDA. We conform to ISO 13485:2003 quality management system that recognizes as well as a qualified medical device provider.

3 MaxGel Dressing Hydrogel Structure Hydrogel are formed by natural and synthetic polymers cross-linked in solid state or solution by radiation. The spaces between Hydrogel chains are accessible for diffusion of solutes, therefore, Hydrogel absorb fluid in the amount up to thousand times of their dry weight, but do not dissolve. Hydrogel structure Hydrogel absorbing water

4 MaxGel Dressing Moisture Exchange Therapy The dressing releases moisture to the wound and at the same time it absorb wound discharge; These fluids exchange movements clear the wound and create a humid environment where the epidermis growth and epithelization / granulation is favorable. Absorbing exudates from wound Sustained hydration

5 Product Profile Based on four Clinical Researches MaxGel has received:
Israel ministry of health approval No

6 MaxGel - Product Profile
Aqueous composition consist of natural (Agar) and synthetic polymers (Povidone & Polyethylene Glycol) with over 90% water. Fully transparent (allows clear wound monitoring), elastic and yet mechanically strong. Does not include any drug (free from drugs interaction) Manufactured in varies sizes for the therapist convenience. Stored in room temperature or refrigerated for increased Cooling Effect.

7 MaxGel Dressing - Medical characteristics Features Benefits
A unique advantage of Cooling and Soothing effect Relieve the discomfort and localized pain Provides a moist wound environment Promotes wounds healing Absorbs a mild and moderate amount of exudates (wound fluid) and bacterial toxins Facilitates the healing of suppurating wound Fully transparent Easy for wound monitoring Non – adhesive Painless removal

8 MaxGel Dressing - Medical characteristics
Form a barrier against contamination Provides gas exchange environment and give access of oxygen to the wound Prevent excessive loss of body fluids Protect newly granular tissue during replacement Reduce scars formation Sterile, non-antigenic and non-allergic

9 Water release comparison
Testing Method 1) Weight the sheet hydrogel 2) Put it into a container and release at room temperature 3) Weight the sheet hydrogel at 12, 24 and 48 hour Conditions: 25°C, 49%, 10x10cm hydrogel

10 Water absorption comparison
Testing Method 1) Weight the sheet hydrogel 2) Dipping it in 200ml water 3) Weight the sheet hydrogel at 12, 24 and 48 hour Conditions: 25°C, 49%, 10x10cm hydrogel

11 PVP Hydrogel vs. PVA Hydrogel

12 Clinical Test

13 Clinical Test

14 Clinical Test

15 Clinical Test

16 Indications A) Wounds Burns (first and second degree burn)
Radiation skin Ulcers Donor site Surgical Cuts Bedsores MAXGEL is available in varies sizes (cm): 2.5x6, 6x6, 6x12, 10x10 and 24x30cm

17 Indications After Plastic Surgeries (mini-invasive incision)
B) Plastic Surgeries and Beauty Treatments After Plastic Surgeries (mini-invasive incision) After Beauty Treatments - peeling, laser treatment, injections. For this indications MaxGel is available in convenient shapes: Cheek patch Eye patch Nose patch Forehead patch Nipple patch Breast patch


19 אופן הטיפול התאמת החבישה לגודל הפצע וסוג הפצע.
יש להניח את חבישת מקסג'ל כאשר הצד המונח על הפצע הוא הצד המסומן בקווי חיתוך מוטבעים. סגירת החבישה לעור בעזרת חבישה משנית (המצורפת לאריזה) או כל חבישה משנית אחרת. פרק זמן השארת החבישה הינו מ-12 שעות ועד שלושה ימים (בהתאם למצב והפרשת הפצע והתקדמות הריפוי). במידה והחבישה מתחילה להתייבש יש להחליפה. יש לשים לב: אין להסיר את החבישה כאשר היא יבשה לגמרי. כדי למנוע כאבים או הדבקות בזמן ההסרה, יש להרטיב את החבישה עם מים או Saline לפני ההסרה.

20 Cost Effective – Reduces Treatment Cost
MaxGel dressing has the advantages of a Breathing Dressing together with a Hydrogel Dressing Transparency – Saves unnecessary dressing change MaxGel dressing is packed together with a secondary dressing (to close the wound) and hence saves additional costs. Varies dressing sizes utilize precise wound coverage. Dressing cutting is available for exact wound match. (MaxGel dressing can be stored for later use) Convenient price

21 MaxGel Advantages Dressings’ comparison
Features Films Hydrocolloids Hydrogels Keeping the skin hydration No YES Non-Adhesive Do not strip away newly formed epidermis during removal Transparent Yes Non-Penetrable for micro-organisms Water permeability Evacuate superfluous fluid Low HIGH Stable to acid and alkaline

22 Thank You

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