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Evelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina

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1 Evelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina
Vocabulary Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Stretching exercises help increase the ______ of your body. flexibility migrant thrived timid

3 Vocabulary 2. Glenn stopped playing basketball after school so that he could ______ more time to training his dog. timid thrived migrant devote

4 Vocabulary 3. Johnny worked as an ______ to a silversmith so that he could learn to work with silver. apprentice adaptable education adornment

5 Vocabulary 4. Our crops ______ in the warm sun and rich soil, so we soon had plenty to eat. devoted thrived frightened concocted

6 Vocabulary 5. My sister is hoping her grades will help her get a _______ to attend college. flexibility migrant scholarship trainee

7 Vocabulary 6. When the other children teased Mattie about her clothes, she grew more and more ______. thrived timid flourished flexibility

8 Vocabulary 7. The ______ farm workers move from place to place to work as the various crops become ripe. devote thrived migrant piercing

9 Evelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina
Comprehension Test

10 Comprehension 1. Who is Evelyn Cisneros? a princess a sleeping beauty
a musician a prima ballerina

11 Comprehension 2. Why was Evelyn shy as a child?
Children teased her about her looks. Her parents were often angry with her. Her family moved to a new town. Her younger brother was constantly teasing her.

12 Comprehension 3. What made Evelyn’s first ballet class unpleasant for her? She had to do stretching exercises. She was awkward. She had to practice with other people watching her. She had to work hard.

13 Comprehension 4. Evelyn’s left foot turned inward slightly. Why did she work to change that? so her teacher wouldn’t complain about it so she would become a better dancer so she would stand out from her friends so turns and jumps would be easier to do

14 Comprehension 5. What did Evelyn do to straighten her rounded shoulders? exercised to increase her flexibility wore a brace on her back slept only on her back stopped tap dancing

15 Comprehension 6. “Evelyn taught tap dancing and demonstrated ballet positions for younger students.” In this selection, positions refers to ______. dances for ballet opinions about something the space occupied by something particular stances in ballet

16 Comprehension 7. Why did the San Francisco Ballet School offer Evelyn a summer scholarship? Her teachers recommended her. She danced at the Pacific ballet Theater. She would teach tap dancing there. Teachers at the ballet school thought she had talent.

17 Comprehension 8. Which word best describes how Evelyn felt about her dancing after her experience at the San Francisco Ballet School? confident displeased unsure discouraged

18 Comprehension 9. Why did Evelyn accept a scholarship to the summer session of the American Ballet School in New York City? to get away from dancing to dance at another top school to be with a favorite teacher to become an apprentice

19 Comprehension 10. Which event first made Evelyn famous?
dancing in A Song for Dead Warriors being on television appearing at the White House replacing an injured ballerina

20 Comprehension 11. This selection is a biography because it ______.
expresses a newspaper editor’s opinion gives instructions for making something tells the true story of a person’s life lists other works by the same author

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