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Steelscapes06 Date: 3 rd March06 – 19 th March 06 presents.

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1 steelscapes06 Date: 3 rd March06 – 19 th March 06 presents


3 INAUGURATION The exhibition steelscapes06 was held at knowledge centre steeljunction. A tribute was given to Sri. Jamshedji Tata, the founding father of Indias steel industry on his birth anniversary which was on 3 rd of March06. Steelscapes continued till 19 th of March06. The exhibition was inaugurated by an eminent architect Mr. Prabir Mitra.

4 AGENDA Inauguration by Mr. P. Mitra. Welcome speech by Mr. Sumit Ray (chief retail initiative, TATA steel). Introduction of the exhibitors. Felicitation. Description of displayed items by exhibitors. Vote of thanks.

5 EXHIBITORS The hands that give shape SCULPTOR: GAUTAM DAS BURO He passed from Government Art College. Has worked for exhibitions and won awards. Has been granted the Junior Research Fellowship, Lalit Kala Research Grant, Nehru Trust Research Grant from Albert Museum, London. Making shapes click PHOTOGRAPHER: GOPAL ROY He worked extensively in Bangladesh and India on advertising assignment. He has done exhibitions and won quite a few awards like: Fiap, the diploma award of Switzerland, Japan Okomoto, Thailand Portfolio, etc… Bending shapes with words WRITER: SUJOY SEN He did his graduation from Presidency College, Kolkata, post graduation from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, N. Delhi and Kolkata. Currently finishing a non fiction book and will be off to search for a publisher soon. Shapes, a canvas PAINTER: NABA KUMAR CHAKRABARTY I passed B.Fine from Rabindra Bharati University. He has done a painting exhibition recently at The Academy of Fine Arts. He is professionally involved as an art director in a Kolkata based advertising agency.

6 NameComments and Suggestions 1 Mr. P. Roy A great success! Will continue to grow from strength to strength. All the best for the team. 2 Mr. Prabir Mitra It is an unexpected surprise and wonderful to again relive the versatility of steel. 3 Sudip Bose A fine mix of cold steel blended aesthetically into frames that reach out to you in a live manner. 4 P. Dastidar A charismatic effect of sculpture, colours and photography that creates an illusion as well as create an aesthetic joy that reveals the excellent throught withen. 5 Gouranga Chattapadhyay This type of teamwork is rather unique. Also, it reminds one of not just the utilisation side of steel and its place in one's life, but also its beauty which one doesnot normally associate with steel. 6 Viswanath Combination of both brain and heart. 7 Saikat Biswas The idea of putting steel into art and highlighting the same was outstanding. 8 Aparna Sen Very innovative, very attractive! 9 Subrata Bhattacharya Use of a day to day material made into a media. Excellent Masters at work. Best of Luck. 10 Bhaskar Chaudhuri Difficult to believe that how 'art' can be displayed in such a good manner with the help of steel!! Wish you all the best 11 Partha Ranjan Das There should be a permanent gallery of steel sculptures. SUGGESTIONS

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