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Careers in Organic Chemistry Dr

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1 Careers in Organic Chemistry Dr
Careers in Organic Chemistry Dr. Laurie Starkey Chemistry Department Cal Poly Pomona

2 The Periodic Table Organic Chemistry!

3 What Can I Do with a Chemistry Degree?
B.S. Chemistry Medical School Pharmacy School Vet School Law School Job in Industry Graduate School (M.S. or Ph.D.)

4 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Shelter Paint and coatings Plastics Synthetic carpeting

5 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Transportation Rubber tires Plastic components Antifreeze Superior lubricants High-performance and clean-burning gasolines

6 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Recreation High-strength, advanced materials tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs, golf balls, rollerblades, bicycles CD’s and DVD’s

7 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Apparel Synthetic fibers Cleaning aids Dyes

8 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Health and Beauty Soaps & Detergents Pharmaceuticals Vitamins Cosmetics and fragrances

9 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Food Fertilizers Plant protection Preservatives Packaging Refrigeration media

10 Organic Chemistry's Biggest Hits
Waste Waste minimization Recycling Sewage treatment Water treatment chemicals

11 Understanding Line Drawings

12 Variety of Organic Compounds

13 Flavors & Fragrances

14 Color Chemistry

15 Organic Polymers

16 Taxol: Application of Organic Synthesis

17 Synthesis of Taxol

18 Career Choices vs. Academic Degree

19 Note: you get paid to get your Ph.D. degree!!
About me… School Graduated High School Univ. of Connecticut (B.S. - Chemistry) 1991 UCLA (Ph.D. - Organic Chemistry) 1996 Chemistry-Related Work (while in school) Chesebrough-Pond’s (Summer Internship) 1989 Bristol-Myers Squibb (Summer Internship) 1990 Bristol-Myers Squibb (Summer Internship) 1991 UCLA Teaching Assistant (TA) UCLA Research Assistant (RA) Note: you get paid to get your Ph.D. degree!! Work after Ph.D. Cal Poly Pomona (Assistant Professor) 1996 CPP Tenure + Associate Professor Kids born: 2002 and 2004 CPP Full Professor

20 Preparation to be a Chemist
Skills Needed: Self-motivated, time management Good math skills Good with your hands In College: Good grades (and GRE) Take/audit advanced classes Get to know your professors Undergraduate research* Summer internships/REU * Volunteer work (service) Join clubs In High School: Good grades (and SAT) AP, honors courses Get to know your teachers Summer & part-time jobs Volunteer work (service) Extra-curricular activities All this will build a strong resume and help you get into the job or graduate school of your choice.

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