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Brookfield Civic Association Celebrating Our Community May 27, 2010 7:30 pm, Brookfield Elementary School 1.

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1 Brookfield Civic Association Celebrating Our Community May 27, 2010 7:30 pm, Brookfield Elementary School 1

2 + Agenda About BCA & Welcome Minutes, Old Business & Committee Reports Recent Accomplishments & Photos Public Safety & Commercial Parking Updates Volunteers Needed: Adopt-a-Highway / Clean-Up Neighborhood Reps Questions & Answers 2

3 + Event Schedule 04/18, 1pm – 4pm: Frog Branch Bike & Hike TBDNext Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup (Includes Rt. 50 from Galesbury to Stringfellow) 05/27, 7:30 pm - General Meeting, Brookfield Elementary School cafeteria TBD – Next general meeting (Sep 2010) 3 Check Web site for news, crime prevention tips, for local events, government news & meetings.

4 + Brookfield Civic Association Mission Statement The purpose of The Brookfield Civic Association is to bring together an inclusive group of residents who share the common goal of promoting a safe and healthy community that is a great place to live. May we reach out our hands in service and be blessed with enough foolishness to believe that we can make enough difference in this world to go out and do what others claim cannot be done!" 4

5 + Current BCA Board of Directors (Core Group) Margie Wheedleton Steve Russick Jim Rollins John Moore Shelley Leeds Larry Leeds Terrie Koustenis Sami Besalel 5

6 + Neighborhood Reps Sami Besalel Terrie Koustenis Shelley Leeds 6 John Moore Steve Russick Margie Wheedleton Additional reps needed. See us after the meeting or email

7 + 7 Web hosting bySite created and maintained by

8 + Contacting BCA Postal Address: The Brookfield Civic Association P.O. Box 222852 Chantilly, Virginia 20153-2582 Email: Web: 8

9 + Recent Accomplishments Brookfield Bike & Hike Commercial Parking District (CPD) Child Fingerprinting & Property Engraving program Connector bus re-route incoming to Brookfield from Route 50 9

10 + Recent Accomplishments Adopt-A-Highway Program – cleanup activities at Rt. 50 Traffic Light at Poplar Tree and Lees Corner Road Neighborhood Watch signs / program 10 New bridge across stream New Brookfield entrance wall Street sweeping & ice removal

11 + Bike & Hike Over 50 people attended our Bike & Hike on April 18 Events included: 2 bike hikes along Frog Branch Creek 2 walking tour/hikes along the Frog Branch Creek path Free face painting Hula Hoop Jamboree / contest Free grilled food, drinks and snacks Thanks to: Bonni Epstein, organizer Fairfax County Police safety officers for Leadership & attendance Free water bottles and free bike helmets Boy Scouts for leading the walk BCA volunteers Brookfield Swim Club 11

12 12

13 + The good folks living at this home took the initiative to beautify their neighborhood by mowing the strip of grass along the Brookfield wall. 13 Join us in thanking them. They are the first to receive the honorary Brookfield Initiative Award.

14 + Fingerprint America Child Identification Program 100 children were fingerprinted and/or photographed by our volunteers and Sully District Police on November 21, 2009, at the Chantilly Regional Library. Photos & fingerprint cards went home with the parents to keep, as an immediate aid to authorities in case of tragedy. BCA sponsored nearly free photos to accompany. This will be a continuing project of your Brookfield Civic Association. 14

15 + The Program in Action 15

16 + Some of the Volunteers 16

17 + 17

18 + Anyone get the number of that truck? 18

19 19

20 + Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup 20 Brookfield Civic Association has adopted the south side portion and median of Route 50 (Lee Jackson Hwy) Spans from Stringfellow Road west to Galesbury Lane

21 + Next Adopt-a-Highway Neighborhood Cleanup Next Cleanup Date To Be Announced. Will perform at least 3x per year. TO VOLUNTEER, please contact Margie Wheedleton PHONE: (703) 378-8267 EMAIL: THANKS IN ADVANCE! 21

22 + Bridge over Frog Creek 22

23 + Still Missing: One Bridge 23 Start here on Lees Corner and follow the path down…

24 + Natural Beauty in Brookfield 24

25 + New Crime Prevention Officer Our primary police liaison, Crime Prevention Officer MPO W. M. Brock, left this position in November 2009 due to budget cuts. A tip of the hat to Officer Brock for great work and dedication. Officer Peter B. (Brett) Katinsky took over as BCA liaison and crime prevention officer. His first newsletter is posted on our Web site. See our new Crime Prevention page. 25

26 + How Can You Help Improve the Neighborhood? Brookfield Civic Association wants to help its residents keep the neighborhood safe, clean, lawful, and pleasant. When you see a problem, you are encouraged to act. Here are a few ways to fix some common problems: 26

27 + Parking Issues – Illegally Parked Commercial Vehicles Fairfax County has new commercial parking regulations that affect the whole county, including our neighborhood. Community Parking District (CPD) info, video and explanation. For safety or parking concerns, call the Fairfax Police Non-Emergency Number: (703) 691-2131 27

28 + Reporting Zoning Violations If someone in the neighborhood is running a boarding house, or if several unrelated renters are in one home, file a zoning violation. Go online to report zoning issues. Go to: Click File a Complaint 28

29 + Uncut Grass Complaints If the grass in a home is over 12 inches high, you can complain to Fairfax County Land Development. The owner is warned and is given a time period to fix. If not, the county will have the lawn mowed and charge the owner $400 29

30 + Breaking News County board of supervisors has approved a large area CPD (community parking district) for Armfield Farms (Lees Corner Road). 30

31 + Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch program running. Volunteer patrol teams patrol the neighborhood at least 2 days a week. New signs posted along Lees Corner Road. Thanks to Lloyd Pierce and for the active trained volunteers for their time. More volunteers needed. TRAINING IS REQUIRED (FREE). 31

32 + Neighborhood Watch Training To volunteer, you must take a free 2-hour training class. To volunteer or for more information, contact Lloyd Pierce Training dates & locations will be posted on our web site – click on Neighborhood Watch link. 32

33 Volunteers Needed 33 Neighborhood Cleanup Neighborhood Reps Foreign Language Consultants

34 + Please Patronize Our Sponsors 34 Java Dave's Coffee House 13924 Metrotech Drive Chantilly, VA 20151 703-263-2503

35 + Sponsoring BCA Your ad or business card can be seen by 965 homes in Brookfield. Advertising on our web site is available for a nominal fee. 35

36 Questions & Answers 36 ? !

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