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All India Meet 3. PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 2 Introduction – Jump To The ~Pankhudi AIM is a moment of confluence, where volunteers from across India gather.

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1 All India Meet 3

2 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 2 Introduction – Jump To The ~Pankhudi AIM is a moment of confluence, where volunteers from across India gather and bring together fun and enthusiasm, and share the best times, efforts, progresses and ideas for a better tomorrow. It is an instance, to rechristen ~Pankhudis developments in the various realms of activities and sketch out future plans, thus helping the less fortunate children to bring out the best in them. With the AIM 3 held at Bangalore, ~Pankudi celebrates and recollects, yet another years efforts and success, as we foray into the future. Day 1 Ice Breaking Chapter Presentations Official Handover Day 2 Training by Ms. Richa Agrawal Our Values, Our Philosophy Volunteer StrategyOur Values, Our Philosophy Volunteer Strategy Day 3 Training by Mrs. Antoinette Lopez & Mr. Srijith NairTraining by Mrs. Antoinette Lopez & Mr. Srijith Nair ~Pankhudi Structure Session PR, Web and Design Cells Finance Cell Presentation Streamlining Goals Day 4 Trip to Nandhi Hills! Closing Comments and Vote of ThanksClosing Comments and Vote of Thanks Our hearty thanks to

3 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 3 Ice Breaking Session Day 1 of AIM started with the introduction of the members of various chapters to each other. Members were divided into groups according to their region of birth viz. North, South, East or West. Members of each group had to perform some humorous act in a given time. It was a good opportunity for the members of different chapters to gel with members of other zones too. The West zone presented first. They sang the song Aika Dajiba, while Amol danced. The North zone enacted an incident that happened in AIM 2 with the names of the persons changed, to inject humour. The South zone enacted a skit. Conceptualized by Sainagakishore, it brought Akbar and Birbal to present day and made them solve problems that exist today. The East zone presented a play in which Lalu Prasad Yadav attends a class in a Business Management institute. He is bombarded with questions from the media and students to which he gives preposterous answers. DAY 1 Jump To

4 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 4 Chapter Presentations Mumbai Rashi Vidyasagar, the finance representative of Mumbai presented their work that took place over the past one year. Achievements A permanent classroom for kids. Increase in the number of volunteers Problems Volunteer crunch at times. Dependency on foreign volunteers. Volunteer attrition. Delhi Naval Choudhary, the Chapter Representative and Reema Govil, the Finance Representative of Delhi, presented their work in unison. Achievements Streamlining activities over the period of time Increase in the number of volunteers compared to last year. DAY 1 - Chapter Presentations Jump To

5 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 5 Problems No permanent classroom. Lack of support from the village authorities. Location of the slum, being on the outskirts, is a big setback. Bangalore Yatin Sethi presented the activities of the Bangalore chapter. Achievements Sustained activities. Started new activities. No monetary issues. Problems Activities limited to the weekends. DAY 1 - Chapter Presentations Jump To

6 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 6 Hyderabad Tanvi Rao and Jyoti Singh, from the Hyderabad chapter presented their work. Achievements Expertise in health camps. Success in donation collection drives. Sustainability of all activities. Increase in the number of volunteers. No financial issues. Problems Lack of effective communication. Irregular schedule of volunteers. Pune Amol Nilekar, the outgoing Chapter Representative presented the work of the Pune chapter. Achievements Started new activities for HIV positive kids. Developed new and stronger bonds with other NGOs. Problems Volunteer crunch at times. DAY 1 - Chapter Presentations Jump To

7 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 7 Official Handover The New reps viz. Chapter, Finance, PR and Content for each chapter were officially crowned. Pune Chapter DAY 1 - Official Handover New RepOutgoing Rep Chapter RepresentativeNivedita GhongeAmol Nilekar Finance RepresentativeShrikant IyerKrunal Desai Content RepresentativeRasika Randad, Swati Yedekar__ PR RepresentativeSainagakishore Srikantham, Unnat Gupta__ Hyderabad Chapter New RepOutgoing Rep Chapter RepresentativeSidhartha PooboniSurya C. Adavi Finance RepresentativeSunil AagiruKranthi Karumanchi Content RepresentativeTanvi Rao,__ PR RepresentativeMadhura Walvekar, Ramesh Kolluri__ Jump To

8 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 8 DAY 1 - Official Handover Delhi Chapter New RepOutgoing Rep Chapter RepresentativeNitin SharmaNaval Chaudhary Finance RepresentativeNaval ChaudaryReema Govil Content RepresentativeNamita Dalmia__ PR RepresentativeReema Govil__ Mumbai and Bangalore teams are yet to hold elections and elect the New Representatives. Jump To

9 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 9 Training session by Ms. Richa Agrawal ~Pankhudi…Looking ahead was the theme of discussion. The discussion started with SWOT analysis. Every chapter was asked to list down their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for a SWOT analysis. She spoke about the problems ~Pankhudi is facing and might face in the future, and ways to overcome those. Advised ~Pankhudi to Stream-line its primary goals. Final outcome of her discussion, Better do one thing with perfection rather than doing hundred things without efficiency. She conducted a team-building exercise, as a part of which 5 teams were formed. Groups of size 5/6 were formed. Every group was given the following material A piece of chart paper Twelve drinking straws Adhesive tape Adhesive A pair of scissors A pen 6 cola cups Every group was asked to build a bridge, covering a distance of four floor feet with the above material. Day 2 Jump To

10 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 10 Rules of the exercise: The bridge should be completed within 30 minutes. The bridge should look aesthetically pleasing. These bridges prepared by all the teams were analyzed. The bridge that caught the eye of the judges was prepared by the following team: Surya Adavi Aditi Kulkarni Preetam Emani Jyoti Singh Sainagakishore Srikantham Senthu Richa later elaborated about the importance of working in a team. She spoke about how many Is make a WE. Moral – People can achieve more in a Team. Richa was presented with the ~Pankhudi Memento and a souvenir mug. Day 2 - Training session by Ms. Richa Agrawal Jump To

11 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 11 Day 2 - Our Values, Our Philosophy Volunteer Strategy Our Values, Our Philosophy Volunteer Strategy All the members of the Parivaar together had a brainstorming session on the following topics Induction of new volunteers Activities to be undertaken Fund raising methodologies Curbing volunteering attrition Streamlining the Jump To

12 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 12 Day 3 Training by Mrs. Antoinette Lopez and Mr. Srijith Nair Mrs. Antoinette Lopez (Anna) and Mr. Srijith have been working in the social sector for more than a decade, and we were glad they accepted to conduct a session for our volunteers. The duo had given a presentation about Volunteer management and Fund raising issues. The session went on as a very informal and high spirited interaction, with the volunteers bombarding them with different queries. Many asked doubts related to the legal hassles in our activities. Mr. Nair presented a skeleton plan which helps in going about for any new activity that we take up. Both of the speakers were so generous that they extended their help for issues regarding any Administrative hassles. Both Srijith and Anna were presented the ~Pankhudi mementos, the Mugs and ~Pankhudi T-shirts. Jump To

13 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 13 Day 3 - ~Pankhudi Structure Session ~Pankhudi Structure Session The session started with the ~Pankhudi theme song being played. Namita briefed the parivaar regarding the activities of AIM2. A briefing regarding the cells and the current ~Pankhudi structure was presented. Structure decided during AIM2 Strategy Cell »President »Co-Convener »Treasurer »Chapter Reps »Finance Reps Finance Cell »Finance Head »Finance Reps »Treasurer Publicity Cell »PR Cell »Design Cell »Web Cell Jump To

14 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 14 Day 3 - ~Pankhudi Structure Session Srinath explained the responsibilities of the Chapter Representatives and Finance Representatives. Namita read out the All Cell Meet MOM and briefed everyone about the action plans chalked out during the meet. Plans about forming New Cells were discussed. It was suggested that a Content cell can help co-ordinate and link the Teaching material and other content within all the chapters. New ideas regarding the formation of Core Group were tabled. The functions of the Core group were also discussed. It was commonly agreed upon that Legal advice be sought in the formation of the trustee board. It was decided that a Core group with 7 members would be formed, each member with a term of 3 years. The existing core group will decide on the new members. Jump To

15 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 15 Day 3 - PR, Web and Design Cells PR, Web and Design Cells PR Cell Presentation Surya Adavi presented the various activities of the PR cell. They were grouped as: Volunteer Management Newsletter Publication Donor Coordination Internship Programs Inter NGO relations External Visibility for ~Pankhudi The floor was made open for discussion and the suggestions and ideas were noted down for further scrutiny. Web Cell Presentation Preetam Emani presented the Web cell activities They were grouped as: Website Management New Volunteer Induction Process Database Management Jump To

16 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 16 Day 3 - PR, Web and Design Cells Some members had suggested that the dormant members be removed from the Groups, otherwise it would make the Database handling complex. More number of volunteers had come forward to work on the website, and had assured to get their tech-savvy friends to join this cause. Virtual volunteering concept was discussed, wherein people who are not able to contribute time for the Ground activities might lend their time to work online. Design Cell Presentation Madhukar presented the Design cell ideas The points were grouped as: Website Design and Maintenance Design of Publicity material Innovative design concepts for Souvenirs and Mementos Emphasis on the renovation of the website design, and its outlook were highlighted. Suggestions for using plug-ins for the website were considered a good option, than working on complex code. Design of ~Pankhudi publicity material such as the Brochures, Posters and other print material would be handled by the Design team. Jump To

17 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 17 Day 3 - Finance Cell Presentation Finance Cell Presentation Aditi Kulkarni briefed about the financial status of ~Pankhudi. The topics were grouped as: Finance handling for Regular activities Fund Raising Effective Implementation of the Funds Short-term, Mid-term and Long-term goals for finance cell. It was reiterated that 70% of the Donation amount would be with the Chapter, while 30% of it would be transferred to the Central account. The Resolution Passed in the ACM1 was re-iterated, that Chapters can borrow money from other Chapter without any interest, and would need to pay back the amount in a stipulated time period. Jump To

18 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 18 Day 3 - Streamlining Goals Streamlining Goals The Parivaar sat down to debate hard about the primary goal ~Pankhudi should work towards achieving. Many doubts / queries were raised regarding continuing the current activities happening in different chapters. Finally after much deliberation and thought, the team decided upon the following goal. Imparting primary education to slum children using innovative means. It was decided that all the teams are going to lay focus on Primary Education for kids in Slums. The teams carrying other activities other than primary education will slowly phase out and work towards the Primary aim of Imparting primary education. This primary education will be in tandem with the prescribed syllabus. Jump To

19 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 19 Day 4 Trip to Nandhi Hills! The whole of ~Pankhudi Parivaar went for an excursion to Nandi Hills, situated 60 km away from Bangalore. We started at 3.00 AM in a bus, making the maximum noise the Bangalore city would have ever witnessed at 03 00 hrs in the morning, and reached the place by 5.15 AM. We witnessed an amazing sunrise from atop the hills and were amazed by the beauty and power of the Sun. All the volunteers were so excited and amazed with the splendor of the nature around them, that the Camera lens didnt find a single second to flex themselves. After the 3 days brain storming sessions, this trip was the closing note of the All India Meet 3. Jump To

20 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 20 Day 4 - Closing Comments and Vote of thanks Closing Comments and Vote of thanks The Bangalore had team presented everyone with a memento (a coffee mug). Yatin Sethi, from the host team expressed his gratitude to all the participants of the AIM3, with a tinge of his regular masti. Mohana Murali, the Outgoing Chapter Representative of the Host team, thanked everyone for coming down to Bangalore and making AIM a big success. Shahzad Wakeel, Our Beloved President, expressed his gratitude to everyone and addressed with a few words of encouragement to continue the good work. Jump To

21 PANKHUDIFOUNDATION.ORG 21 Our hearty thanks to Bangalore Chapter Vivek Rajashekar Manu Gupta Mohan Murali Pallavi K Magesh S Madhukar Sowmya H Sethuraman Ramkumar Koppu Chennai Divya Sethu Delhi Chapter Nitin Sharma Reema Govil Naval Chaudhary Namita Hyderabad Chapter Surya Adavi Aparna Kappagantu Jyoti Singh Ramesh K Sunil Kumar Preetam Emani Madhura Walvekar Tanvi J Nishant Agarwal Karthik D Mumbai Chapter Dilkash Wakeel Bhupali Gursale Rashi Vidyasagar Pune Chapter Amol Nilekar Sainagakishore Srikantham Krunal Desai Srikanth Iyer Veni Singh Central Shahzad Wakeel Aditi Kulkarni Srinath Jump To


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