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The Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation The Banff Centre.

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1 The Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation The Banff Centre

2 The world needs creative, inspired people to lead every sector of society and for 75 years, The Banff Centre has produced those leaders. Look closely at those who create art, build businesses, and lead institutions in your community and you will see the impact of the Banff experience. Created in Banff


4 The Banff Centre Revitalization project is building an environment for creativity, innovation, and leadership. It will inspire exceptional artists and thinkers; fostering the leaders Canada needs for vital sustainable communities. Created in Banff


6 At the heart of the Centres plans for revitalization is the creation of a major new learning facility. At the physical centre of our 43-acre property, the Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation will re-define the flow of vibrant activity and provide convenient access to spaces and services most needed by conference planners and participants. Created in Banff


8 The new facility will be capable of some of the most intensive and innovative learning opportunities available to North American conference participants. Created in Banff


10 The west side of the Kinnear Centre faces the Bourgeau Range, and will feature the new Shaw Communications Inc. Outdoor Amphitheatre, specially designed for performances and outdoor learning activities. With formal seating for up to 500, the amphitheatre will be oriented to maximize views of the surrounding mountain ranges and sky. Created in Banff


12 Designed specifically to meet diverse needs, the Kinnear Centre will feature new flexible learning and meeting spaces and enhanced audio-visual equipment, innovative multi-function spaces for special events, and informal gallery areas to showcase the results of the Centres creative programs. Natural beauty


14 The architecture is designed to bring the beauty of our surroundings into the space, with expansive windows that embrace the mountains around us, bringing natural beauty inside. The building is set amidst the awe-inspiring expanse of the Bow Valley, including the Rundle and Bourgeau mountain ranges. Natural beauty


16 With over 21,000 square feet of meeting space, the Kinnear Centre will offer convenience and flexibility for your meeting or conference. Natural beauty

17 A variety of multi-disciplinary meeting spaces will meet every need for small group break-out rooms, large group plenary sessions, and exhibit booths. Equipped with leading edge communications and presentation technology, the building will include both wired and wireless options throughout. Natural beauty

18 Spacious hallways, high quality room furnishings and finishings, climate-controlled environments, dimmable lighting, and acoustically superb sound systems complete the picture. Natural beauty

19 Adaptable function rooms will serve guests for banquets and special events, and service areas are conveniently located. Natural beauty

20 The Maclab Café will also be located in the Kinnear Centre, as well as the new home of the Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives, showcasing the Centres rich history and improving access to the librarys learning resources. Natural beauty

21 Ground floor

22 Second floor

23 Third floor


25 Environmental leadership Located in Canadas first national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our beautiful mountain location is fundamental to your Banff Centre experience.

26 Environmental leadership To respect our place in the park, and to demonstrate environmental leadership, the building will seek LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System certification, an international benchmark for design, construction, and operation of high environmental performance buildings.

27 Projects with LEED ® certification must meet prerequisites in six categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and innovation in design. Environmental leadership

28 The number of points the project earns in each of these categories determines the level of certification. The Kinnear Centre will seek Silver status. Plans are for the Kinnear Centre to open in the fall of 2010.

29 Conferences at The Banff Centre Toll Free: 1.877.760.4595 Email:

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