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Sister Maria of the Divine Heart

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1 Sister Maria of the Divine Heart
Droste zu Vischering 1863 – 1899 Good Shepherd Sister

2 A daughter of the Münsterland
Burg Vischering near Lüdinghausen

3 Darfeld Hall - the Droste zu Vischering country home
Embedded in the parkland scenery of Münsterland

4 Her birthplace - Erbdrostenhof in Münster on 8 Sept. 1863
Room in which Maria was born Rebuilt after1945

5 Baptised in St. Servatius Church
Baptised by her mother‘s brother, Maximilian von Galen, on 9. September He was the Prefect of the Priests‘ Seminary in Mainz “So the Lord wanted to deliver me from evil and take possession of me from the moment I entered the world“. (From her autobiography)

6 Childhood at Darfeld Maria ca. 1867: a perfectly normal,
very lively but strong-minded child.

7 Inseparable twins Maria and Max, the inseparable pair.
Maria felt responsible for Max for a long time, and continued to worry about him until she was sure he was safely married

8 Riedenburg, Sacré Coeur, formative years for the young Maria
Education of a lady Riedenburg, Sacré Coeur, formative years for the young Maria

9 A young girl like any other
Hearken, O daughter and incline thy ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father‘s house; the King greatly desires thy beauty. (Psalm 45) Maria realises that this means her. She prays for clarity and discernment.

10 A 19th century family A big, happy family whose life is rather like that of a religious community

11 Her parents´ example He has always been a perfect gentleman to me
(Helene von Galen talking about her husband, Erbdroste Clemens Graf Droste zu Vischering)

12 Maria´s place in the girls´ sitting room at Darfeld Hall
Between the two windows is Anna´s desk, Maria´s is the one by the door, and the writing desk next to Maria‘s is Auguste‘s.

13 Bride of my heart, come to my heart
My love for you is everlasting and I have taken you to my heart full of mercy (Vespers for the Feast of the Sacred Heart) A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stone heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you. (Ez 36,26-27)

14 Years of inner conflict
Maria ca.1886 Times of deep mystic experience – accompanied by many misunderstandings I did everything I could to prevent anyone learning of what was happening inside me (Autobiography)

15 The king´s secret It is hard to explain things that are totally heavenly with a human tongue. The Lord made Himself my teacher, He taught and consoled me. (Autobiography)

16 Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with all thy heart
Oh, if only Darfeld parish church could tell what happened between myself and HIM. I was no longer myself but was immersed in HIM, one with HIM. (Autobiography)

17 TheWhite Sisters´ convent
Good Shepherd Convent in Münster ca1885

18 Mother M. Lamberta Bouchy, Provincial Superior
Standing on the right is the woman who guided Maria through her early years of religious life and understood her. Together with Mother Theresia von Rump (left), she founded the convent in Münster

19 He drew me to Him Maria´s parents gave her a miniature of the Darfeld Sacred Heart statue when she entered the convent in Münster. This miniature now stands in the convent church in Maria Droste House in Hofheim am Taunus

20 I left everything behind
Maria´s spartan convent cell was destroyed in the Second World War This old photograph shows what it was like originally

21 Maria of the Divine Heart
She was overjoyed when she received this name at her investiture. Sister Maria of the Divine Heart It was the fulfilment of a secret wish

22 Saint John Eudes Never ending thanks to the sun of eternity, that is Jesus, whom we adore. (Johannes Eudes) The novice Maria Droste zu Vischering follows the same road to the sun, a way of quiet joy and painful experience, a way of inner peace and fulfilment in yearning It is the way of deep love.

23 I have chosen you Profession of vows on 29 January 1891
Mother Lamberta Bouchy died soon afterwards. Maria is made mistress of education for the children, On 22 January 1894, Maria learned that she was to go to Portugal .

24 The jouney from Münster to Oporto
Maria travelled with her parents via Cologne and Paris to the Motherhouse in Angers, then via Perpignan and Oporto to Lisbon. The Motherhouse in Angers after renovation. A recent photograph

25 You are to save a convent in Oporto
The first window on the ground floor: This was the Superior‘s office. Later, it was the room where Maria Droste zu Vischering died.

26 In the alleyways of Oporto
This is what it might have looked like in Maria‘s day

27 Superior in Oporto Port city with 200 000 inhabitants
Vila Nova de Gaija with urban proletariat Illiteracy Decadent nobility Liberalistiic bourgeoisie Attacks on priests and religious Moral depravity

28 Maria probably knew this view.
View of Oporto 2007 Cathedral in the background, not yet surrounded by buildings in Maria´s day. Maria probably knew this view.

29 A guide on perilous paths
Abbot Ildefons Schober OSB Her friend and advisor Her spiritual director Custodian of writings by Maria Droste zu Vischering. He ensured that her writings were archived in Beuron, and he was her first biographer.

30 On an initiative by Maria of the Divine Heart and inspiration from the Lord, he consecrated the World to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the start of the Jubilee Year 1900. In October 1899, he personally set the process in motion to gather the first documents for beatification.

31 Don`t you dare bring me to Germany,...
It was Maria‘s express wish to be buried in Oporto in a pauper‘s grave like others there.. This is a recent photograph of the funeral chapel as is now looks after her beatification in 1975.

32 What would Maria say to this?
`Maria was buried in a glass coffin according to southern European tradition. Her tomb is in the new Sacred Heart Church in Ermesinde near Oporto.

33 What remains Statue of Maria Droste in the courtyard of Good Shepherd Convent in Oporto There are Maria Droste Centres around the world, where women like Maria try to help other women in need and bring them into God‘s horizon. Lord, thy kingdom come!

34 A great daughter of St. Euphrasia Pelletier
German Province of the Good Shepherd Sisters, Würzburg March 2007 – Author. Sr. Gudula Busch RGS, Frankfurt am Main Good Shepherd Sisters: an international religious congregation, NGO with advisory status at the UN in New York

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