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Update: Apr 25, 2012. GOAL To enhance the existing building so it can better serve the needs of residents and staff.

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1 Update: Apr 25, 2012

2 GOAL To enhance the existing building so it can better serve the needs of residents and staff

3 Infrastructure: Existing Building Completed: Prioritized list with input from residents, staff & Board Memory Garden door (drapes & wind break) Replaced asphalt walking paths, backyard fence, front entrance sidewalks & concrete Beauty Parlor Room & Equipment Resident room privacy curtains (two wings)

4 Infrastructure: Existing Building Completed (continued): Laundry room shelves & new sinks Staff lunch room (water dispenser/microwave) Energy efficient lighting installed Attic ventilation upgraded Blanket warmer purchased and installed New resident/visitor sitting area (removed old resident smoking room)

5 Infrastructure: Existing Building Completed (continued): Air conditioning upgraded for laundry room & Heritage Room

6 Infrastructure: Existing Building In progress: Resident bathroom door vents Improvements to two Resident Lounges Improvements to tub rooms (staff initiative) Replace stairs to basement

7 Infrastructure: Existing Building Focus for next quarter: Update prioritized project list through resident, family & staff brainstorming sessions Complete in progress projects Install backflow prevention valves as per PNB specifications

8 GOAL To build an extension and carry out major renovations to the existing building

9 Infrastructure: Major Addition Completed: Meeting with MLA Bruce Northrup to outline priorities and concerns Meeting with NHS May 25, 2011 On-site visit by Minister of Social Development Sue Stultz Oct 20, 2011 30 BED EXPANSION ANNOUNCED BY PNB ON MARCH 15, 2012

10 Infrastructure: Major Addition Focus for next quarter: Work with NHS officials to ensure our priorities are included in expansion project Staff, resident & family brainstorming session re expansion project Prepare plan to address any priority items that will not be funded by PNB – ie. how to include them in the design, how to get project estimates, how to raise funds

11 GOAL To improve the effective use of computer technology in the workplace

12 Technology Completed: RIM software now used for resident records Individual training for all computer users Updated computer use policies Inventory listing of computer equipment currently in use

13 Technology In progress (and focus for next quarter): Finalize plan for replacement and/or upgrade of current computer software and hardware Investigate costs/infrastructure requirements for wireless internet

14 GOAL To create a workplace environment that is supportive and team- oriented, and where each staff member has clearly defined responsibilities, accountabilities, and performance measurement standards

15 Staff Recruitment & Retention Completed: Updated written position descriptions Education Coordinator named Appreciation gifts/meals for Nurses Week, Support Services Week & Administrative Assistant Day Annual Staff Appreciation event in August Lawtons Employee Discount cards for all staff Nov 2011

16 Staff Recruitment & Retention In progress / Ongoing: Improved communication (Upcoming Events, lead hand email, etc.) Performance reviews WorkSafe NB programs Regular bi-weekly on-site in-services Back in Form training Employee Wellness Challenge (Feb-Apr 12) – healthy eating, exercise, mental health, living smoke free

17 Staff Recruitment & Retention Focus for next quarter: Increase focus on Joint Health & Safety Committee – training and committee led in- services for all staff

18 GOAL To maintain and improve a supportive, compassionate and home-like environment in which each resident can enjoy the best quality of life possible and receive the highest standard of personal care

19 Resident Focused Programs Tasks related to this goal will begin in Fall 2012: Identify & prioritize resident programs & services Develop strategies for improvement Review & update resident care protocols

20 GOAL To develop an effective communication strategy to enhance communication with, and among, all Kiwanis Nursing Home stakeholders

21 Communication Completed: Mission/Vision/Values Statements added to website, admission booklet, front entrance, etc. Admission booklet was updated in December 2010 Family meetings April & Nov, 2011

22 Communication In progress: On-going initiatives – Management attendance at monthly Resident Council meetings Upcoming Events poster posted weekly Pictures/articles sent to local media Quarterly newsletter/email sent to all families Staff updates being sent by email

23 Communication In progress: On-going initiatives (continued) – Regular informal updates by Administrator to MLA

24 Communication Focus for next quarter: Continue on-going initiatives (previous slide) Maximize awareness of website Family meeting (focus on expansion) in May/June 2012

25 GOAL To maintain and enhance existing partnerships, and develop new ones, in order to supplement resources to improve services and facilities for our residents and staff

26 Partnerships Completed/In progress: Participation at regional/provincial workshops & meetings (on going) Sussex Middle School (Adopt-a-Grandparent) SHC Auxiliary (Beauty Parlor project) Garden Tour (community support) Focus for Next Quarter: Develop strategy for volunteer/community partnership programs

27 GOAL To develop a strategic plan for the assets and operations of Bryant Drive Holdings Inc.

28 BDH - Strategic Plan Completed: Review of Bryant Drive Holdings Inc. assets & operations complete - strategic planning exercise in February 2012 Next Steps document reviewed by Board in March 2012

29 BDH - Strategic Plan In progress & focus for next quarter: Work on Next Steps action items for Bryant Drive Holdings – rent analysis, land agreement, survey of other NH Foundations

30 GOAL To maximize the fundraising opportunities for Kiwanis Nursing Home

31 BDH – Maximize Fundraising In progress: Ongoing review of available grants Focus for Next Quarter: Develop fundraising strategy for Expansion Project (priorities, costing, $ target, identify Champion)

32 Questions? Comments?

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