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Silence of the Soul Neale Donald Walsch Click to continue

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2 Silence of the Soul Neale Donald Walsch Click to continue

3 Remember, silence maintains secrets. Therefore, the sweetest sound is the sound of silence.

4 Thats the song of the soul, some listen to silence in prayer, others sing its song while working. Some look for the secrets in quiet comtemplation.

5 When mastery is achieved or experienced, the sounds of the world can be turned off, the distractions quieted. All of life becomes a meditation.

6 Everything in life is a meditation, in which you contemplate the Devine and experience in this manner, everything as a blessing. Struggle and pain and worry disappear. Only experience remains.

7 Smell every flower, fly with every bird, Find beauty and wisdom Since wisdom is found wherever there is beauty. Beauty is found everywhere, you dont have to search for it, rather it will come to you.

8 When you act in this manner, you change everything you do into a meditation and thus into a gift, an offering of yourself to your soul and your soul to the Almighty.

9 While washing the dishes, enjoy the warmth of the water which caresses your hands. While preparing dinner, feel the love of the universe which brings you this food. And as your gift, while preparing this food, pour all the love of your being into it.

10 While breathing, breathe long and deep, breathe slowly and softly, Breathe the soft and sweet little things of life, so full of energy, So full of love. Its the love of God that you are breathing.

11 ….Breathe deeply and you will feel it. Breathe very, very deeply and love will make you cry ……. with joy. Because you know your God and your God presented you with your soul.

12 Use your life as a meditation and all the events in it. Walk in vigilance, not in drowsiness.

13 Move with perfection, not without it; and dont hold back in doubt or fear, nor in guilt or self recrimination. Reside in permanent splendor with the assurance that you are well loved.

14 Always be One with God. Always feel at home,

15 Because your home is my heart and mine is yours.

16 We are all that is, all that was And all there will be.

17 Texts: Neale Donald Walsh Author of the book Conversations with God Inspired on EdnAs montage, with acknowledgement Photographs: Tom Phillips, credits manteined Music: Chopin, Les Silfides,new age version Original mounting (in Spanish) by courtesy of Carlos Rangel Santiago de Querétaro, Mex. Oct.2008 English Translation by Paul Cushman E n d

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