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“Children’s Poems and Stories to the Earth”

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1 “Children’s Poems and Stories to the Earth”

2 Earth ~Composed by, Quentin
The amazing glittering water, The gentle wind across the land, The blue, red, green of a rainbow, The beautiful blue mother Earth, How, are the sky’s made? How, do we smell, look, and see? How, does the Earth do it? ~Composed by, Quentin

3 Earth ~Composed by, Martine
Everyday I live on you and breath your nature, Really I love you and I hope others do, Thank you for being our planet of water, Hear our voices sing, Our choir with thank yous for helping us humans, Us plants, Us animals. ~Composed by, Martine

4 Our Planet ~Composed by, Martine
Every mountain gives us light, Every wave gives us speech, Every time we hear a bird’s song our hearts burst in love, Every time we see our world we know we are Pangea, Every day you give us time to do something great, Every person makes you live, Every drop of water heals you. ~Composed by, Martine

5 Earth, why have we betrayed you? Polluting your body for our needs,
Earth Spoke Earth, why have we betrayed you? Polluting your body for our needs, Now we are crying that we will not receive the consequences we earned for ourselves, Now the humans born from you are trying to make things better, They are trying to make things better, They are trying to protect you. ~Composed by, Luke

6 Flowers bloom early in April,
Earth’s Beauty Flowers bloom early in April, Earth is the land that all colours join together, The earth is all countries, On earth every country was and still is one, Earth’s beauty is the colours of heaven, The sun rises and sets together with us. ~Composed by, Luke

7 Mother Earth ~Composed by, Nicole
The pollution we create turns Earth into waste, This world deserves better, Its beauty touches us all, From mountains, to prairies, to the ocean, Mother earth provides great beauty, We should treasure it. ~Composed by, Nicole

8 Beautiful Earth ~Composed by, Nicole
The Earth is a beauty, The sounds, the smell and the scenery, We can keep this world if we live sustainablly, But if we don’t, We die. ~Composed by, Nicole

9 Earth, Earth we all love the Earth, But we don’t take care of you,
When I litter I feel like a fool, We need to sustain ourselves, Or Mother Earth will not be healthy, I feel so bad for what I have done. It truly isn’t so fun, So this Earth Day lets clean up our land, Or else we will need four more earths to sustain ourselves again! ~Composed by, Ryan.C

10 Life on the World ~Composed by, Max
The world is nice, It’s given us gold, copper and zinc, It gives us trees too. If it didn’t we would be dead right now. ~Composed by, Max

11 People’s Thoughts ~Composed by, Max
The wind on the earth is cold as ice on your cheeks, But the Chinook is warm as steam locked in a bottle. The people are yelling, “we love you Earth”. ~Composed by, Max

12 Stop the Evil Pollution is evil, The Earth is good, We humans pollute, But we shall stop. ~Composed by, Chris.Y

13 People Healing the Earth The blazing sun shines upon the earth,
No littering on the ground, Just peace and quiet, People healing the earth and caring for it; it is making a huge difference. The beautiful earth depends on the people, No pollution in the air, The earth gives us air. The earth is powerful. If you heal the earth it makes a huge difference. ~ Composed by, Ryan.K

14 It’s leathery wings brushed my hand, Warmth filled me,
Life A butterfly fly’s down, It’s leathery wings brushed my hand, Warmth filled me, Now I’ve landed in a different land, The soil is so rich and smooth, No pollution in the air, This place is clean, Lovely and fair, We can make a difference, If we try, If we don’t, The earth will die. ~Composed by, Sarah

15 Shimmering, shinning moon,
Moonlight Shimmering, shinning moon, Beams falling, Dew on the grass, Moon calling, The earth is asleep, Still and dark, Quiet forever, Swift as a lark. ~Composed by, Sarah

16 Morning Walk I hear the wind blow on my face as I walk through the crispy snow I saw the sun go over the horizon, it was almost morning, I could hear the howling of the wolfs as they came to rest after there long night of hunting, the tree curved over me and blocked my sight as the sun disappeared in the waving clouds over the mountains. ~Composed by, Meigan

17 Nature at Night “Swish”, “swish”. The fall leaves fall to the ground, its almost night the sun is going down, the shadow goes over the trees, when I look a the sky its pitch black and I only see one star the bush moves behind me as I start walking home I turn around to watch a pair of green eyes run into the forest, “Nature Sure Is Beautiful”. ~Composed by, Meigan

18 Earth should be like before,
No pollution in the air, Leave more forestry, More natural areas, Earth may live happily, Polluting must stop! Trees should stay up, Polluting is not good. ~Composed by, Alyson

19 The Giving Earth ~Composed by, Cameron
The Earth, you keep our air in, You gave us the room to play, You gave us our life, The water that you made so we can drink, So do the animals. ~Composed by, Cameron

20 Our Homeland ~Composed by, Brennan
The Earth is our homeland, Polluting affects us all, Mother Earth is dying, Cities building up, Factories producing, Land and landscape disappearing, Everything slowly leaves us, Everything is…gone. ~Composed by, Brennan

21 Mother Earth the sounds of wind make this a windy place,
Taste of the Earth Mother Earth the sounds of wind make this a windy place, The smells of your flowers open my heart, I feel your grass and it makes me move. ~Composed by, Maha

22 Mother Earth ~Composed by, Maha
Mother Earth the grass will grow in your heart, The water will flow around you, The homes live in you Earth, You are my life and we are your people. ~Composed by, Maha

23 Sounds of the Earth ~Composed by, Stephen
I can hear the breeze, The wind that is blowing in the trees, The sound that makes us at ease, The hills rolling. ~Composed by, Stephen

24 Dear Earth, I’m sorry that the community is polluting you. They should be recycling instead of making garbage sites and making global warming rise. I’m sorry for all of this. Can you forgive us? ~ From Max

25 Dear Earth, I’m disappointed that so many people treat you bad by destroying what you have. Littering and polluting must stop or else you soon will be gone. We could make the future more ecologically friendly by producing less high-tech objects like cars and buildings, video games and computers and focus on solar and hydro electricity using wind and sea turbines. There are many more things to make communities more environmentally friendly. We should not waste your beauty for we belong to you. ~Sincerely, Brennan

26 Dear Earth, Sorry for polluting you! We underestimated you and we are very sorry about that. We will heal you by picking up the garbage and not polluting. I hear the shining water. I smell the love for the earth. I see the beautiful earth. We will heal you everyday and will love you. ~Love Ryan.K

27 Dear Earth, You know all the answers to all the questions. You care for every living creature on you. Though, no matter how hard we try there will always be pollution. We at least know we can stop most of it. Most of us don’t even pray or even think about you. You’re very unique there are different places, cultures, sports and way more. You may be very busy caring for creatures. You give us food and water, its almost impossible. ~Quentin

28 Dear Earth, We are very sorry that we are starting to break you down. The people’s wisdom is coming back. We are changing our homes and transportation systems. We are evolving. We will improve by next year. Hopefully there will be no more fuel running cars and buses. We will stop war; no more battlefields. Our next goal is to be one again. Like the next “Mass Pangea”. We are one world. ~From Cameron

29 Dear Earth, I will help by recycling more things. I will reuse whatever I can. Buying things with less packaging will help. I will help preserve the earth. ~Sincerely, Alyson

30 Dear Our Only Planet of Water,
Polluting is an enemy of mine and I hope others think that too or I hope they are sorry. We hope to heal you when you are sick. I don’t know why they call you earth, you should be called the water planet. Your children live, but some think you are for polluting and they think it’s just their home, but their wrong, we should help them by allowing them to learn about you. ~Martine

31 Dear Earth, The humans on your land betrayed you. But now we are trying to fix it. We are sorry that we pollute a lot. But your beauty has stopped us. How did you become so beautiful? We can change our ways to preserve your beauty. ~Luke

32 Dear Earth, I am really disappointed in other people because they pollute and litter on you. I don’t litter in you. I would only with ecological items. I really am sorry for the disasters that are happening. When you get angry I get scared of your mighty power, you create the hurricanes, earthquakes and thunderstorms, we are scared of that mighty power. Your beauty is as deep as the sea. You blue sea is deep. Thank you for the oxygen. ~Sincerely, Chris.Y

33 Dear Mother Earth, I’m sorry for polluting the earth. If you have anything for us to do to help, you can count on me. Some times we can’t do anything to help. But we are very sorry that we are harming you. From now on I will Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I love the way you smell and also the way you look. I also think that your rainbows are great. You are so beautiful but we destroy you. All I would like to say is you are a Great Earth. ~Sincerely, Sierra

34 Dear Mother Earth, All of us are sorry that we are harming you. I want you to be happy until you die. When you become too hot for us to live upon you, you will burn up. We need to start to live for sustainability and stop polluting so much. I promise that I will reduce, reuse and recycle and try not to recycle paper that has only been used a little. You are beautiful and we are destroying your beauty. We need to make an Ecological Sustainable World so that we don’t destroy you. I feel as though you’re a person that is right beside me while I am writing this letter. ~Sincerely, Sarah

35 Dear Earth, I hope you will live forever and no one will harm you. I promise I will work as hard as I can to keep you safe. I promise I will ride by bike and try to stop people from driving their car. I will take care of this earth and I will respect it! ~Meigan

36 Dear Earth, Thank you so much for all you’ve provided us with. I am so sorry for all the terrible things that have happened to you, especially the pollution that us humans are creating. There are many ways we make a difference, like taking the bus or riding our bikes instead of using cars. There are many other ways to work towards a sustainable living. The smells and sounds you have are beautiful which compliments your beautiful scenery. You do so much for us like let us breath, its cruel how some people underestimate your power. ~Yours truly, Nicole

37 Dear Earth, I will stop polluting because my teacher says the earth is hurting, because we are taking too much. I will use less stuff. I told my mom to buy me a bike instead of her driving me to where I want to go so she won’t pollute too much. Every time I go outside I smell clean air. Every time I go outside I see beautiful trees, plants, animals. Every time I go outside I hear beautiful birds singing, air rushing, water flowing. ~Hamza

38 Dear Earth, We can change the earth by not polluting the air, water and land. We can stop polluting by less buildings and more prairie. I like Mother Earth. ~Jarryd

39 Dear Earth, I’m sorry that the community is polluting you. They should be recycling instead of making garbage sites and making global warming rise. I’m sorry for all of this. Can you forgive us? ~ From Max

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