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Part II. Boasting Now watch me hit a target that no man has hit before. The beggar (Odysseus) is bragging about how he is going to shoot Antinous (the.

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1 Part II

2 Boasting Now watch me hit a target that no man has hit before. The beggar (Odysseus) is bragging about how he is going to shoot Antinous (the target)

3 Authority and Determination You yellow dogs, you thought Id never make it / home from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder, / twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared / bid for my wife while I was still alive. / Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide / heaven, / contempt for what men say of you hereafter. / Your last hour has come. You die in blood. Odysseus tells the suitors they will pay for invading his home, taking advantage of his wife, and plotting to kill his son.

4 Hospitality Code I find / the two of you, alone among my people, / longed for my coming. Prayers I never heard / except your own that I might come again. / So now what is in store for you Ill tell you: / If Zeus brings down the suitors by my hand / I promise marriages to both, and cattle, / and houses built near mine. And you shall be / brothers-in-arms of my Telemachus. If Eumaeus and Philoeteus help bring down the suitors, Odysseus will reward them with ladies, cattle, and homesnot too shabby!

5 Loyalty and Determination Now from his breast into his eyes the ache / of longing mounted, and he wept at last, / his dear wife, clear and faithful in his arms. Odysseus loyalty and determination lead him back to the arms of Penelope.

6 Loyalty, Cleverness, and Determination Both men looked, and knew / and threw their arms around the old soldier, weeping, / kissing his head and shoulders. He as well / took each mans head and hands to kiss, then said -- / to cut it short, else they might weep till dark -- / Break off, no more of this. / Anyone at the door could see and tell them. / Drift back in, but separately at intervals / after me. The herders demonstrate loyalty to Odysseus by welcoming him home. Odysseus displays cleverness and determination by telling them to cut the celebration short to keep his identity a secret

7 Exaggeration/Battle Skills Now flashed / arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle / through every socket ring, / and grazed not one, / to thud with heavy brazen head beyond. Odysseus makes the impossible shot (an arrow through 12 axe- rings in a line)

8 Loyalty Peace: let your mother test me at her leisure. / Before long she will see and know me best. / These tatters, dirtall that Im caked with now-- / make her look hard at me and doubt me still. Odysseus trusts Penelope and will let her test him to be certain he is her husband.

9 Divine Intervention Athena / lent him beauty, head to foot, She made him / taller, and massive, too, with crisping hair in curls like petals of wild hyacinth / but all red- golden. Athena transforms the beggar back into handsome Odysseus to be reunited with Penelope

10 Loyalty Now Penelope / sank down, holding the weapon on her knees, / and drew her husbands great bow out, and sobbed / and bit her lip and let the tears flow. Penelope, still in love with Odysseus, is moved to tears at the sight of his hunting bow and at the thought of choosing a new husband

11 Authority, Cleverness, and Determination Not for the whole treasure of your fathers, / all you enjoy, lands, flocks, or any gold / put up by others, would I hold my hand. / There will be killing till the score is paid, / You forced yourselves upon this house. / Fight your way out, / or run for it, if you think youll escape death. Odysseus is clever enough to see through Eurymachus bribe. He is determined to make the suitors pay and demonstrates authority by punishing them with death

12 Divine Intervention... She tipped her golden wand upon the man, / making his cloak pure white, and the knit tunic / fresh around him. Lithe and young she made him, / ruddy with the sun, his jawline clean, the beard / no longer gray upon his chin. Athena transforms the beggar back into Odysseus to be reunited with Telemachus

13 Boasting The stranger / you welcomed in your hall has not disgraced you. / I did not miss, neither did I take all day / stringing the bow. My hand and eye are sound, / not so contemptible as the young men say. Odysseus brags that it didnt take him forever to string the bow and hit the target.

14 Determination and Boasting I am home, for I am he. / I bore adversities, but in the twentieth year / I am ashore in my own land. Odysseus has overcome many obstacles to return to Ithaca and never gave up, even though it took him 20 years

15 Exaggeration/Battle Skills He draws between his thumb and forefinger / a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly / Odysseus in one motion strung the bow. Odysseus can string the bow in one try, yet the suitors could barely even bend it.

16 Loyalty, Determination, and Cleverness But when he knew he heard / Odysseus voice nearby, he did his best / to wag his tail, nose down, with flattened ears, / having no strength to move nearer his master. / And the man looked away, / wiping a salt tear from his cheek; but he / hid this from Eumaeus. Argos demonstrates loyalty to Odysseus through his determination to stay alive until his master returns. Odysseus shows cleverness by trying to keep his identity a secret; he is determined to hide his feelings until the right time.

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