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S OUNDS OF O NENESS By Marco Missinato & Pamela Jo McQuade Open your heart…Awaken your soul…Ignite your passion.

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1 S OUNDS OF O NENESS By Marco Missinato & Pamela Jo McQuade Open your heart…Awaken your soul…Ignite your passion

2 S OUNDS OF O NENESS blends together a magnificent healing dynamic that incorporates musical harmonics, words and sacred geometry to assist in the awakening process of each individuals unique and beautiful Divine blueprint. This support is needed at this time as the world moves more deeply into the Golden Age. Imagine an extraordinary journey into the heart and soul, where you will become One with the dimensions of light, thus transcending your life into a brilliant symphony of love, joy and passion. World renowned composer, Marco Missinato joins together with International Award Winning Author, Pamela Jo McQuade to create a transcendent journey of Oneness that will...Open your heart…Awaken your soul…Ignite your passion.

3 At the beginning of the nineties, Marco left Italy for Los Angeles to dedicate himself to his passion. In 1992 he graduated as a vocalist from the nationally acclaimed Hollywood Musicians Institute. One year later he recorded his first instrumental album Nostalgia, which he entirely self-financed by singing Italian and International hits in restaurants and clubs. Shortly after the release of Nostalgia, Marco met Oscar nominated actress Sally Kirkland (Hanna) who engaged him as a composer and singer- musician in the theatrical show Nonnie Bruce and the Power of Love. In 1994 he founded Music M his music production company. In the same year he made his singing debut in his next album Marco Missinato. His vast popularity and support from his fans motivated him to record two albums Amore Italiano Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, a collection of Italian hits widely successful with the general public. Since hes been in the States, his music has been featured in numerous theatrical productions, as well as in the television series Melrose Place and Port Charles. Recently, Marco finished the production of two new albums. Naked Soul features his original solo piano works and is performed by pianist Lilia. Music to Make Love is a collection of original instrumental and vocal pieces. Strongly evocative, Missinatos romantic melodies inspire listeners to open up to their highest and truest selves. His goal is to reach for the inner depths of the soul to let people feel and experience the powerful sound of music. M EET M ARCO M ISSINATO Contact Marco: ( 323)656-1211

4 International Award Winning Author~Inspirational Speaker Pamela quit her long held corporate career and spent half a decade following the call of her heart and soul. This mystical journey transformed her life into the Spiritually Rich & Sexy woman she is today. Pamela is a Reiki Master, a student of A Course in Light, extensively trained in Holographic Healing techniques and a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought after expert in helping others raise their consciousness, cleanse and heal their body and fill their heart with love. Her passion for sharing with the mainstream her experience that spirituality is the key that unlocks the door to living life aligned with beauty and richness is what drives her spirit coaching practice, speaking engagements, workshops and writings. Pamela wrote Spiritually Rich and Sexy: A Womans Guide to Becoming Infinitely Attractive, endorsed by John Gray Ph.D., Bestselling Author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus and Lorre White, The Luxury Guru which won Award-Winner 2012 International Book Awards New Age, Award-Winning Finalist New Age 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Award-Winning Finalist in New Age: Non Fiction of USA Best Books 2011 Awards. Contact Pamela: (214)336-1385 M EET P AMELA J O M C Q UADE

5 Book production costs, written by Ms. McQuade. Musical production costs, including a full scale symphony orchestra of Mr. Missinatos band Earth Angels. Music composed by Mr. Missinato, Lyrics composed by Ms. McQuade; Estimated 12 total songs. Documentary and video production for marketing purposes. 1 yr. full International media coverage for launch of book and music. Website, E Book, Mp3 fulfillment. We are asking for an Angel Gift of $1,500,000.00 US dollars to finance Phase One production costs including:

6 We extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for your time and consideration of our Sounds of Oneness project. Your generous support will give our project the wings to fly. We believe that music awakens the beat of the heart, stirs the truth of the soul and lights the fire of passion to the infinite beauty that resides within us all. A great poet is the most precious jewel of a nation ~Ludwig van Beethoven~ ~Love and Light~ Marco Missinato & Pamela Jo McQuade

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