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Enterprise Support Service Client Survey 2012 Small Business Startups in South Kerry 2008-2010.

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1 Enterprise Support Service Client Survey 2012 Small Business Startups in South Kerry 2008-2010

2 Background South Kerry Development Partnership Limited Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 Goal 3: Develop and sustain strategies to increase local self employment prospects Enterprise Support Service Business Advice Business Planning BTWEA Enterprise Training Mentoring Support Networking Partnership

3 Aim of Survey How are the small businesses that were set up in 2008, 2009 and 2010 doing in the current market place How useful / relevant was the Enterprise Support Service provided by South Kerry Development Partnership What can we learn from the experiences of these small businesses – current market place role of South Kerry Development Partnership

4 Methodology Telephone Survey 254 enterprises contacted in total 159 completed surveys Response rate = 63% Non-respondents Non-contactable: Each enterprise called 3 times before being declared non-respondent Declined to participate

5 Gender

6 Year Back to Work Enterprise Allowance received?

7 Short-term Allowance or Long Term Allowance?

8 Are you still trading?

9 Business Sectors Arts Mechanics Construction / Trades Environmental Services Professional Services Food & Catering Hair & Beauty Healthcare Manufacturing Retail Transport Alternative Therapies Alternative Energies Equine Fish Farming Entertainment Tourism

10 In last year of trading, was your annual turnover…

11 Staff Employed?

12 Number of Staff Employed? 11 businesses employ 1 staff member each 4 businesses employ 2 staff members each 1 business employs 19 staff members Mixtures of part-time and full time staff

13 How is your business doing today?

14 Perception of business sector?

15 Critical factors for a successful business FactorRanking Accessing finance for day to day activities1 Having relevant knowledge about the sector2 Having prior experience3 Having sufficient sales/income to cover costs4 Having relevant enterprise training5 Cost of supplies/materials6 Finding time to develop a strategy for our enterprise7 Sourcing good suppliers8 Accessing finance for capital expenditure9 Recruiting the right employees10 Dealing with bureaucracy/paperwork11

16 Do you plan to expand your business in the next two years? N=124

17 Reasons for planning to expand? Believe business is working Demand for business Optimise growth and income opportunities Reasons why not? Not enough demand Lack of investment income

18 Have you received support in these areas?

19 Rating of how useful support was?

20 Are there other areas you would have liked to have received support in?

21 Areas for further support mentioned As business is being set up – More grants (accessing finance) – More 1-2-1 support – Regular mentoring support – Advertising and insurance help

22 Areas of support required now?

23 Supports required now mentioned (those still in business) Accessing finance and grants Advertising support Mentoring Help with Accounts, tax etc Extension of scheme

24 Businesses no longer in Operation

25 Approximately how many months were you trading?

26 Reasons for no longer trading No demand Economic downturn Personal reasons High operating costs

27 Are there any supports that you feel would have helped your business to succeed if youd been able to access them?

28 Current employment status

29 Would you consider self-employment again?

30 Concluding Points Findings are positive Over three-quaters still in business – Despite recession Knowing your sector is critical to the success of the business

31 Access to finance for day-to-day activities is critical Reasons for no longer trading – no demand or economic downturn 77% would go back into self employment

32 Majority of respondents found support from South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd to be extremely useful Further/ongoing support in relation to accessing finance/managing accounts and liaising with enterprise officer and mentor identified as important

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