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Present ed by Atanas Bosakov For Photogr aphy 120, Online Class at Napa Valley College.

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1 Present ed by Atanas Bosakov For Photogr aphy 120, Online Class at Napa Valley College

2 BORN February 17, 1939; New York, New York Raised in Wanaque, New Jersey. EDUCATION BFA. Syracuse University, School of Art, 1961 MA. Syracuse University, School of Communications, 1968 TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1968 – 85 School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology. Resigned as full Professor to pursue photographic career. 1983-4 Visiting Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. 1986 – Present Adjunct Professor, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

3 John Pfahl is an American photographer mostly known for his Landscape work. His style is directly related to nature and the environment. Pfahls work is an unique combination of classical landscapes (reveling the beauty of the nature) and discreet remainder of the human intervention in nature. His unique style masterly provokes. I want to make photographs whose very ambiguity provokes thought, rather than cuts it off prematurely. I want to make pictures that work on a more mysterious level, that approach the truth by a more circuitous route. John Pfahl


5 This landscape image from the Power Places series is a great example of the photography style of John Pfahl. The author of the image doesnt emphasizes directly on the power place. Instead, he places the chimneys using the rule of third to achieve his message of indirect alert. The result is a provocative combination of pure nature and human intervention. Great choice of cloudy condition and defuse, soft light for the image.

6 This photograph, named Fat Man Atomic Bomb(that was the name of the bomb detonated over Nagasaki), is from the Missile/Glyphs series. The image is absolutely outstanding and it speaks in a such a deep way. The photograph is designed on the diptych technique. I really like how John Pfahl masterly uses color, light, and shadows to create this composition. The image is very urgent and loaded with tension, and reminds us about the danger of the nuclear weapons. The bomb placed above the images of humans is a great way to express the destructive power. The motives of culture, technology, and environment are present in this masterpiece of photography.

7 The Watermelon Ruts is an beautiful directorial, still life image. Complementary Color Contrast (green and red) and unique combination of texture is what catches my attention. I admire the idea of using remains in a way that shows some beauty. The layout of the elements is very dynamic. I get the idea of transparency and hidden meaning of ongoing purpose. The decaying organic matter will eventually be completely dead, but it will provide nutrients for the soil. The image conveys the purpose of harmony and balance.

8 John Pfahls photographs are very influential for not only photographers, but for environmental activists and political agendas as well. I learned from Mr. Pfahls work that photography is more than simply taking pictures. Its a way of expression, its passion, its a tool for sending a message. I also learned that beauty appears in different forms. His indirect way of conveying a meaning is what I like the most about his photographs.

9 f f hl_john.php ( The Museum of Contemporary Photography Website) hl_john.php ohn-pfahl-early-work.html (The Environmental Art Blog) ohn-pfahl-early-work.html ( Mr. John Pfahls Website) Altered Landscapes, book by John Pfahl, June 1, 1981 Picture Windows, book by John Pfahl, October 1, 1987

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