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Phenomenal Women by: Maya Angelou Naquesha Y. Gibbs English 9(1B)

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1 Phenomenal Women by: Maya Angelou Naquesha Y. Gibbs English 9(1B)

2 Introduction This poem is better than the others I have read because Maya Angelou uses different types of figurative languages. She also explains how she is or someone else a phenomenal women. Social, Religious, or Moral Factors affect my judgment because Maya Angelou is giving everyone courage about how to be proud of who you are The main difference between liking it and thinking its good is liking something you think it has potential but if its good it has potential and it has meaning This poem is similar to a song I like because it rhymes and has a meaning, most songs I listen to have meaning.

3 Authors Biography Born: April 4,1928(Age 85) St. Louis, MO She attend George Washington High School She was raped by her mothers boyfriend at age 7 Her brother Bailey gave her the name Maya Once Maya's uncles found out she was raped by the mothers boyfriend they beat him to death. Maya felt as if it was her fault that he was beaten to death because she spoke of his name she refused to speak The first poem she wrote was Caged Birds Sings explaining her childhood Maya Angelou had many different careers including begin the first female black director and working for as a civil activist for Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

4 More Facts Born Marguerite Johnson but changed her name after marrying Tosh Angelou(sailor) to make her singing name more appealing Has a son named Guy While living in Africa she learned Fanti(West African language), French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic She had been invited by 3 past presidents to be served as a board member

5 History Angelou had many different career as singer, dancer, actress, composer, & Hollywood's first female black director but shes most famous for writing, editor, essayist, playwright, and poetry Age 7 she was raped by her mothers boyfriend, so her uncles killed him, she took a vow of silence and fell in love with poetry then her teacher got her to talk again

6 Culture Angelou is also prolific and widely read poet, through her poetry has often been lauded more for its context praising black beauty, strength of women, and the human sprit criticizing the Vietnam war, demanding social justice for all than for its poetic virtue

7 Social I Know why Caged Birds Sings is the first of Angelous 6 autobiographies. Its widely taught in schools which faced controversy over its portrayal of race, sexual abuse, and violence

8 Conclusion Therefore thats why the moral of Mayas Angelous Phenomenal Women poem is that beauty is not everything. When she said Its the fire in my eyes, Men themselves have wondered what they see in me, and The grace of my style she is describing her body features. In our eyes as people mainly we see beauty on the outside but it only counts for whats in the inside. So we shouldnt judge because everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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