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Think of some other good uses for GPS.. Think of some situations in which it would be nice to be invisible.

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1 Think of some other good uses for GPS.

2 Think of some situations in which it would be nice to be invisible.

3 To what extent is this true?

4 Do men and women shop differently? Discuss.

5 What can we learn from this pic?

6 Are you an animal lover?

7 What are the benefits of biking?

8 Name some other free fun things to do.

9 What are some of the most beautiful sports to watch?

10 What can you do for traffic safety?

11 Whats the monkey thinking?

12 Whats the lesson we can learn from this picture?

13 What type of food do you like to eat when you go out?

14 Find some good uses for teleportation.

15 In which ways can gaming be good for you?

16 Tell your partner about a strange dream that youve had.

17 What has the electricity box just learned?

18 Tell your partner about the book youre reading.

19 Whats the point the guy is making here?

20 Where would you like visit in America?

21 When was the last time you blew bubbles?

22 Can you have it all?

23 What happens when YOU get up on the wrong side of the bed?

24 Some people consider this a waste of food. What do you think?

25 The English language supposedly doesnt have a word for schadenfreude (vahingonilo). Do Finns enjoy the misfortunes of others?

26 Whats your idea of happiness?

27 Make a prediction about future inventions.

28 Aah! Dont we all just love pizza! Discuss.

29 Discuss.

30 How do YOU get rid of telemarketers?

31 Our rhino can paint. Continue this sentence in five ways: I can …

32 Do you think theres life out there?

33 Whats your view on Internet piracy?

34 Yes, thats Bill Gates alright. Name things youd like computers to be able to do in the future.

35 Youve got a driving license now. How about going to Shanghai?

36 It looks like English but is it English?

37 Enjoy another effort at producing English. Can you make it better?

38 What should one do if one cant fall to sleep?

39 Have you bent any rules lately?

40 Name a few annoying habits that some people have.

41 Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur?

42 Tell your partnert about the place and circumstances to justify this sign.

43 Do you have a sweet tooth? Discuss sweet shings with your partner.

44 Is it really OK to use just any kind of English?

45 OMG! What do these people actually KNOW? Discuss cheating in exams.

46 Whats the most effective way of making people obey traffic rules?

47 Whats going on in this picture?

48 Will there ever be PEACE in the world? Discuss.

49 How do you define ART?

50 Should beauty contests be banned?

51 Name some benefits and drawbacks of living in a big city.

52 Do you think doping should be allowed in international sports?

53 Which games that arent computer games do people still play?

54 Do you see yourself as being fashion conscious? Talk about fashion.

55 Whats a shotgun wedding?

56 Tell your partner a joke.

57 Fill in the missing part.

58 Explain this picture.

59 Think of some ways to raise money fast.

60 Talk about the pros and cons of fast food.

61 Whats the speed limit? (Answer in the next slide)

62 Whats the speed limit? 45

63 Explain this picture.

64 What will be the best ways of producing energy in the future?

65 Do you agree?

66 How can we decrease pollution in the long run?

67 Retell the main points of your favourite fairy tale to your partner.

68 Tell your partner the first things that spring to your mind when you think about Paris and French people.

69 Discuss.

70 What are the three things YOU want to do in the future?

71 Discuss street art, busking etc. Do you ever stop to listen to buskers or give money to street artists?

72 Talk about the importance of being punctual.

73 Do you always make sure you dont leave any trash behind?

74 What do YOU listen to when you really feel you need some music in your life?

75 Whats YOUR work ethic like?

76 Think of situations in which age matters.

77 Prove that you belong to the remaining 21%.

78 What are YOUR excuses?

79 What would YOU refuse this intensely to do?

80 How would you describe a perfect day?

81 Talk about the importance of money in a young persons life.

82 Which group do you belong to? Give grounds.

83 Which radio stations do you listen to?

84 Discuss.

85 Done!

86 What kinds of messages can you send with your choice of hairdo?

87 What would you say to this guy?

88 Discuss.

89 Discuss the role of Harry Potter in your life.

90 Why should people still subscribe to newspapers?

91 Name some examples of the ways in which our country has become more tolerant of minorities.

92 What is important when you decide to buy your next mobile phone?

93 What is going on here?

94 Do you think about what you put in your mouth?

95 Which way does your toilet paper roll go?

96 If we come back as something, what would you like to come back as?

97 Name some music styles that youre just about willing to listen to not counting your favourite ones.

98 Oh my! Has it come down to this? Discuss.

99 Can you answer that question?

100 Should we have strict dress and hair codes in our schools?

101 How would you describe this kind of lifestyle?

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