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Bellus Academy Lynelle Lynch President & Owner. Integrating Team Values with Pacific Institute Strategies for Success.

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1 Bellus Academy Lynelle Lynch President & Owner

2 Integrating Team Values with Pacific Institute Strategies for Success

3 Team Values

4 In 2012 our Academy held a retreat and reviewed our company values. By selecting our values as a team we created a culture that is focused and committed to our success. Create Your Values

5 Passionate Mentor Entrepreneurial Unified Visionary Charitable Academy Values

6 Sharing our Values Our leadership team created a Value Poster that is posted in each campus office and each classroom. By keeping our values visible to all of our academy staff we ensure our team is able to keep constantly connected to our mission and our culture of success. ENTREPRENEURIALENTREPRENEURIAL

7 How our team lives our values Admissions Classroom Activities Staff Meetings Student Huddles Student Services Career Services Engaging our Values

8 Admissions To keep our admissions team engaged we discuss our academy values during a prospects first visit and share how our educators live our values in the classroom. VISIONARY

9 Admissions continued During our tours our educators and staff speak to our values while they share our programs. CHARITABLE

10 Classroom Each day our educators select one of our academy values and present the value at the start of the class. The students are challenged to share how they lived that value the day before and how they will represent that value in class each day.

11 Classroom continued Once a week our educators ask our students if they witnessed someone in their class displaying a value. The student shares the experience and how displaying the value will add to their success. Peer-to-Peer Affirmations UNIFIED

12 Staff Meetings Before each meeting the facilitator selects a team member to share how they displayed a value to another staff member. The team discusses the value and how it contributes to their success. MENTOR

13 Student Huddles Once a week our salon teams huddle and discuss their performance with our client services. As part of their meeting an educator picks a value and the student team and staff discuss how they displayed the value and the impact of the experience for the client.

14 Student Services Our student service department meets daily to coach students in their attendance and academic performance. The daily value is displayed on their desk and before the session begins the student service director shares what the value means to them. PASSIONATE

15 Career Services As part of our job placement program the career services department works with upcoming graduates preparing their resume and online portfolio. Prior to the meeting the career service director discusses with the student how they will display the academy values in their presentation to the prospective employer.

16 Strategies for Success By creating these daily and weekly activities we are able to ensure our academy values are embraced by our team. Our students see and feel our values adding to their success!


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