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Cross-Cultural Analysis of Beauty Advertising in the US and China.

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1 Cross-Cultural Analysis of Beauty Advertising in the US and China

2 Act 1-Exposition Intro sequence Magazine opening up Introduce topic of advertising as a product of globalization in China Create tension due to the attempt to make a global beauty ideal through advertising Discuss topic of advertising in our culture Techniques Standards B-roll NYC and Madison Ave

3 Act 1 Interview with advertising expert and professor at UCF Joan McCain Advertising is a reflection of society Advertisers pay attention to what is important to women because they are the main purchasers (B-roll of women shopping/purchasing) Discussion of the vast amounts of advertisements seen daily Cut to voice of McCain talking about the increase in advertising due to social media (B-Roll of facebook, twitter pinterest etc) Branding (inciting incident) Discussion of the beauty match up hypothesis and the implications this can have on women

4 Act 2-Rising Action Implications beauty advertising has on women Interview with Michelle Stecker talking about the negative effects of advertising (25% of model meet the standards of aneroexia) B-roll of extremely thin models and images of airbrushes vs non airbrushed Graphical information on content analysis of beauty advertisements Interview with womens studies professor Meredith Tweed on global beauty ideal B-roll of images of Western advertisements vs Chinese advertisements

5 Act 3-Climax Cultural Crisis of the imposition of Western advertising in China and the changing beauty ideal Interview with Professor Wei Discussion of the traditional beauty ideal in China and the shift taking place B-roll of images of the current beauty ideal seen through beauty advertisements Graphical information on the use of skin whitening advertising

6 Act 4-Falling Action Interview with Professor Wei on changing beauty ideal and the effects of Western culture B-Roll of comparisons of advertisements from US fashion magazines and Chinese fashion magazines Graph

7 Act 5-Resolution Interview with Dr. Moore This is all globalization Chinese culture is however still extremely important even in this age of change

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