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Mr. Gallmans company research project Lindsey Homans.

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2 Mr. Gallmans company research project Lindsey Homans

3 Why I choose Sallys I choose to do my company research project on Sally Beauty Supply. Sally provides more than 5,000 salon-quality beauty products including, but not limited to, cosmetics, hair products and nail supplies. This is a company with the economical advantage that no matter how bad the economy becomes in America, folks in our society will always need hair supplies and make-up.

4 How Sallys got started The first Sally store opened in 1964 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Later in 1969, Alberto-Culver purchased the Sally chain, which made up 20 stores spread over the State of Louisiana. In 1972, Mike Renzulli, a former pharmacist, became president of the Sally Beauty Supply chain.

5 The Big Move The late 1900s is when Sallys begins its main expansion, by 1994 sally moves into the Japanese market. By 1996 the company has already purchased its first German beauty supply chain. By 2002 Sallys revenues were at $1.67 billion

6 Why We Choose Sallys Sallys main competitive advantage is its top solon brands and wide variety of products. Its one of the only stores that sell cosmetology items for less. Sallys gross profit for 2010 was $344.3 million, an increase of 14.0% compared to the $302.1 million gross profit in 2009.

7 Where's Sallys? Sally Beauty Holdings is an international distributor of professional beauty supplies with revenues of more than $2.6 billion annually. Through the Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group businesses, the Company sells and distributes over 3,700 stores nationwide. These are found across the United States and in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

8 My Predictions I predict that because of Sallys huge competitive advantage, that they will never stop growing businesses and never loose sales on their products.

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