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Demystifying Goals n Broadband and New Applications n Telecommunications Business n Systems Approach n Teaching and Learning Research Base Applied as Bandwidth.

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1 Demystifying Goals n Broadband and New Applications n Telecommunications Business n Systems Approach n Teaching and Learning Research Base Applied as Bandwidth Increases n Practical Approaches to Maximize Effectiveness

2 Myths and Realties n There is a single model versus synthesizing components of many educational telecommunications systems. n There is a single responsible organization managing technology versus a network of relationships introducing and sustaining programs

3 Myths and Realities n Planning is rational -logically driven versus planning driven by political pressures and possibilities n Change may be incremental or framebreaking n Quality as arising from traditional instructional standards/assessment versus measures of quality reflecting new relationships with learners

4 Important Concepts n Equity n Climate n Autonomy n Relationships n Reciprocity n Consensus n Inclusiveness

5 Media Attributes n Distinguishing Characteristics –Time –Space –Information Flows –Colors –Emotions –Cognition - Logic –Touch and Feel

6 What Do We Know About n Synchronous - Asynchronous n One to One - One to Many n Myth of Many to Many n The Words and Music - Emotional Meaning n Non-Verbal Behavior and Interpretation n Visualization n Multiple Meaning

7 What Do We Know About n Integration of writing, verbalization, visualization, lighting, aspect ratio, movement and meaning n Learner Engagement n Cultural Differences n Authenticity n Trust n Enhanced Learning with Media

8 Learners Learners n Salience of message - not the carrier n Motivation n Learner Maturity n Experiential Learning n Performing n Modeling n Respect

9 Research Findings Repeated n No Significant Difference n Two-Way Video Relatively Unimportant n Audio Makes A Difference n Visual Planning and Reinforcement Required n Collaborative Work Environments in Their Infancy (ergonomically poor, artificial and contrived)

10 Sources n ADEC Webpage n CREW - University of Michigan n American Journal of Distance Education n Wisconsin Clearinghouse n Studies from 1960s focused on media attributes

11 ADEC & the Distant Learner n Consortium of 60 state universities n Includes HSIs, HBCUs & Tribal Colleges n NSF Project: Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project n USDA Rural & Remote Education and Business Enterprises n Hybrid Networking, Applications, Learning Effectiveness

12 Myths n Promises, Promises in the last mile n Edges of the net have nothing to offer n Its mostly about technology - if we cant easily get there it isnt important n Distance learning is about bandwidth and video lectures n The Internet is about teen-agers n All knowledge resides in U.S. cities, on campus and in government buildings

13 Myths (cont.) n We are manufacturing tools to fit the hand n Distance education is not as good as learning on campus n Regulation is benign

14 ADEC Experience n The Internet best thing to happen in the technology sphere in my lifetime n Access to spectrum has been limited to rich, powerful and to the customers of the rich and powerful n Incredible amount of confusion and nonsense disseminated from those who would protect status quo and those who would speak for the public

15 ADEC Experience n Consumers (all types) getting smarter n Research agenda becoming focused on ubiquitous cyberinfrastructure n Every person in the world is potentially an internet user - learner n Auctions and Beauty Contests have been a disaster n Set standards and regulate devices - we know how to do this

16 Realities n World is full of rural scattered populations - distance learners n People are constantly on the move - need to learn from anyplace n Very interesting people, environmental laboratories, cultures, customs at the edges of the network n Much knowledge resides in global and local communities of interest

17 Realities (cont.) n The hand is contorted to fit the tools n Ergonomics are generally disregarded n Todays networks are artifacts of monopolistic era - narrowband n Its mostly about money and who makes it - dangerous business: picking winners and losers n More women than men learn by distance - do the shopping

18 Realities (cont.) n Distance Education is as good or better than campus based (no significant difference) n Distance Education is about learning - educational designs can be adjusted to fit the delivery modes - continuous access is more important than speed n Integration and interoperability key; complexity and high cost will kill innovation

19 Possibilities n No strings attached - wireless local loop, use of satellite - only game for rural/remote n Design backwards from the edges of the network n Focus on hybrid networking - standards and interoperability n Cyberinfrastructure must extend everywhere

20 Possibilities (Cont.) n It has to be global - value of the net far greater with greater reach n Collaborative virtual environments require mutual understanding, sharing, trust development - its about people, organizations and applications n Intellectual property, regulatory and spectrum issues are critical

21 Will We Change? n How we do business? n Our organizations? n Our ways of learning? n Our ways of socially networking? n Our ways of conducting education and research? n Improve our abilities for breadth (global) and depth (local)?

22 Wireless n Key to inclusion n Key to innovation n Key to connectedness - we have gone from counting PCs to measuring BW to ability to be connected 24/7 n Must build better applications and appliances

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