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North Carolina: ALL Schools Meetings, June 2008. Good Morning…. James E. (Jim) Little.

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1 North Carolina: ALL Schools Meetings, June 2008

2 Good Morning…. James E. (Jim) Little

3 ALL Schools Meetings, North Carolina Monday, June 23, 2008: NC State University Thursday, June 26, 2008: Forsyth Tech CC WELCOME, one and all… Thank you (s) to… NCSU: Debra Waller FTCC: Martha Todd, Kevin Lineberry & Ricky Hodges DVA: Jodi Balder NCACVA: TJ & Heather

4 Agenda… NC SAA: Who and What, with Updates The Application: What and How The Approval: huh?? Specific Topic for NC: Your Time: questions and dialog with you…

5 Opener….

6 Embarrassed, I am… Who: a) NC b) SAA, not DVA What: Approve programs of education Enforce State requirements/regulations

7 o Kathy Nicholson, Program Assistant o Albert Stanley o Bill Doey o Joe Wescott, Program Specialists o John Pritchett, part-time PS o Jim Little, Executive Director

8 Program Specialists Assignments o All: Public, Community Colleges, Private schools o Albert: Trade, Business, Hospitals & Massage o Bill: Bible & Nursing o Joe: On-Military-Bases, Truck, Beauty & Barber o Jim: Flight, High Schools, L&C, all NEW

9 Annual Activities: How big is big…; what do we do all year! o 245 separate schools (with Facility Codes) plus 30 Branch locations to visit o 265 Supervisory visits (approx 85 per P / S / year) o 180 Applications for renewal o 210 Catalogs o 0-10 responses to Compliance Surveys*** o 5-15 application for NEW Schools / Programs

10 CATALOG Activities: Good news & a lot of work to do…! o NC SAA has three (3) catalogs on the shelves, to do…*** o 29 schools must submit applications, NLT July 31… o 58 additional, NLT August 31 o 87 schools before the beginning of Fall 2008

11 Break…. So you hate your job….

12 APPLICATION Activities: Congratulations!!! Happy NSY… 87 of you owe NC SAA an Application by the end of August 2008 (**Forsyth Tech CC, 1 atta-person!) o 20 due MAY o 9 due in 30 June o 58 due 31 Aug

13 HOW do you know if you are one of the 87 ? o Email from your Program Specialist… has or will o Look at the last date on calendar in Approval o Look at item #2 in Visit Report: due date is there

14 WHAT is required ? What do I do? o Submit Application w/ signature o List ALL programs (marked-up copy of Approval…) o Submit two (2) Catalogs w/ certification o NON-Accredited: pages with policies o 30 minutes……

15 WHAT else ? Other things to consider… o Policies & procedures: addenda or supplements o Branch application, if approved/appropriate/needed o NEW or Other Program: outline and course descriptions and policies / procedures (con. ed. type..) o Calendars: odd or not published o DVA Form 22-8794, Certifying Official changes o NON-Accredited: Administrator / Instructor Info Forms

16 The Approval…

17 o WHAT is it? o What does it do? o What does it look like? o How do I read it? o What do I do with it? o What is an Addendum to the Approval?

18 o WHAT is it? o Document that conveys State / DVA approval for educational programs o What does it do? It provides or lists… o General information about your school o Programs and hours that are approved (or EXCLUDED…) o Calendars and Tuition and Fees o Unique programs or policies (Remedial / Branches, others…) o **Requirements specific to your institution

19 o What does it look like? o PDF on slide closing…

20 o How do I read it? o General Information o Programs and Hours o Unique and Excluded… o Requirements Specific to this Approval….

21 o What do I do with it? Hummm… o Read it and review contents o File it WITH VA/SAA records (a place you will remember!!!) o Use it for record-keeping, certification, compliance… o DO NOT… o Chunk it away; destroy it, throw it into trash!!

22 o What is an ADDENDUM? (to the Approval) o A unique NC SAA Form that contains o the General Information section from the Approval AND o a specific change to the Approval

23 o Addendum: What does it do? o Corrects or Changes some portion of an Approval (…that is final) o Examples: o Change of a Calendar date, after published o Change of policy in Requirements section o Delete a program or change the hours approved for a program

24 o Addendum: How does it work? How do I use it? o Addenda are generally conveyed as email attachments, with instructions o An Addendum changes the Approval; supersedes the original information in the Approval o Print a copy of the Addendum o Add it to the Approval o Comply with the Addendum change, not the Approval

25 Break… Show the PDF of an Approval

26 Items of Special Interest…

27 o Prior Credit o NO Signatures o High School Transcripts o Conditional Admission o Admission and Record-Keeping o The 1995, now what do I do…

28 Prior Credit o Must be evaluated and recorded (by law…) o Prior to enrollment OR within 2-terms o Must be program specific o (what does that mean?) o Non-Accredited STILL report it to DVA…

29 NO Signatures (to DVA…) o DVA Central Office directive:..signatures are no longer required on applications (1990 / 5490)and 1995s… o No further guidance… o So… What do you do? o Help students where you can: ask and tell about on-line application o Complete / have student complete, a 1995 o Retain 1995 in the students record (with or without signature…)

30 High School Transcripts: Are High School transcripts required? o Depends on your school and on your Approval… o When HS transcripts document part of the admission process, YES! o Schools that teach degree / IHL programs generally require HS transcripts for new (freshmen) admissions (State standard for Public & Comty. Colleges…) o Private and Proprietary schools are generally required to meet State standards o NCD / Diploma / Certificate programs generally require proof of high school completion OR ability to benefit…

31 Conditional Admission: Am I approved? o Depends on your Catalog and on your Approval… o May be approved under the following… o School has written policy (that is clear and contains definitive termination) o School officially request approval, with clarification o Private and Proprietary schools generally required additional written policies / procedures o Check (READ) your approval; call your Program Specialist

32 Admission and Record-Keeping: o..for students who have met admission requirements approved by NC SAA… o Application NOT required (…help your students…) o 1995 o High School Transcripts… prior discussion o Letter (something) to document acceptance o Transcripts, other o Prior Credit report, with program shortened

33 The 1995: Forgotten and mis-understood.. o Must have a copy for schools record, w/ or w/o signature o Requires Prior Credit review o How do you do that review; how do you document it…

34 Your time, your questions….

35 Thank youll for coming……. NC State Approving Agency

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