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Peter Pan (1953) Lady and Tramp (1955) Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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1 Peter Pan (1953) Lady and Tramp (1955) Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Disney Movie in 1950s Peter Pan (1953) Lady and Tramp (1955) Sleeping Beauty (1959)

2 Peter Pan Main Characters: Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook Story Line:
Peter Pan, a mischievous by who can fly and never grows up, found his shadow though the help of Wendy who lives in London, and then Peter Pan brought Wendy and her brothers to Never Land to start their adventure. Finally, these kids left the island due to they found they want to grow up.

3 Background: Peter Pan was a very famous story and it also presented as movie and plays many times, and the repercussion is very good, so Disney applied this story.

4 Lady and Tramp Main character: Story Line: Lady, Tramp
Lady is a pampered Cocker Spaniel who lives in the ritzy part of town. Everything is great until Jim Dear and Darling; Lady's owners have a baby. Then Aunt Sarah and her two scheming Siamese cats come to stay. Lady is thought to be vicious and is muzzled and put outside. Tramp comes to her rescue. Lady runs away with him only to be caught by the dogcatcher.

5 Background: Lady and Tramp was a classic Disney animation and unforgettable masterpiece. It had two important records in the history of Disney, one is that it was the first Disney’s wide-screen animated film, another one is that it was the first Disney animated film which was not adapted from famous story. Lady and Tramp was the movie which the roles were not human but cute animal, and the story was not the unreal and moved the story into the real world.

6 Sleeping beauty Story line: Main characters: Aurora, Phillip
Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora was born under the curse of the black evil witch cursed her 16-year-old birthday will be spinning needle dead. Fortunately, her fairy godmother for her to reverse the crisis and promised that she would not die, but sleep, so long as to be kissed Prince sincere, we can rebirth. Sure enough, when 16-year-old Princess Sleeping Beauty into a black witch curse be lifted in order to prevent the kidnapping of Princess lover - Prince Philip. Princess of the fairy godmother rescued the prince, and to grant him the magic sword of magic shield to defeat the black witch. Prince a kiss, let love Los Princess revived a happy-ever-sweet life.

7 Background: Sleeping Beauty is the mille stone in Disney history, because it was the first time Disney has spread the length of prince. Before this movie, prince just served as a foil for the happiness of princess, prince started to be a role in the love from Sleeping Beauty. Apart from this, the story of Sleeping Beauty had been a household legendary story due to the ballet of Sleeping Beauty leaded the peak of the traditional classical ballet.

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