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Say Goodbye to Thread Veins forever

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1 Say Goodbye to Thread Veins forever.......
Ewan Bramley Skin Care

2 Dr Brian Newman who has clinics in Harley Street, Greater Manchester and Glasgow has pioneered an alternative thermalogical technique to treat thread veins that leaves no scarring and sees outstanding results. Having trained over 300 surgeons across the globe in this ground breaking technique, Dr Newman views laser surgery is an outdated and often damaging option for people. He claims that over 70% of his clients have come to him as a result of failed laser treatment. Dr Brian Newman M.D., F.R.C.

3 Since being introduced to the Beauty Industry V- Beauty™ is already becoming the gold standard in facial thread vein removal. Replicating the highly acclaimed Veinwave™ used in medical practice, V- Beauty™ utilizes the well- established, safe and reliable technique known as thermo-coagulation, and is able to effortlessly remove unsightly thread veins and vascular blemishes from the face. The Amazing V Beauty

4 Facial Burns after laser treatment
Disadvantages and side effects with Laser treatments A laser destroys the surface layer of your skin, which in turn exposes the lower layer, or dermis. After treatment you need to stay indoor and away from the sun where possible. Any may have swelling and redness that could take three months to subside Facial Burns after laser treatment

5 So what’s it all about? Thread vein removal without the risk of laser or IPL. V beauty is the future of facial red-vein removal. The treatment is based on the action of heat-energy created by a high frequency current which produces thermal lesion and causes immediate disappearance of the vein while preserving the epidermis. V beauty treats Red Spot, Rosacea and most facial red veins including those intra-nasal veins that have been previously un-treated.

6 How VBeauty works The energy destroys the vein selectively and very safely unlike alternative procedures such as lasers and electrolysis. There is no break in the vascular system and no risk of burns, bruising, necrosis or pigmentation. This exclusive method is effective and relatively painless.


8 How we do it We introduce a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears immediately. No bandage is needed. A sterile single use ultra fine needle is coated with an invisible insulating sheath which protects the skin enabling a target treatment without the risk of any significant pain or long-term effects. V beauty treats Red Spot, Rosacea and most facial red veins including those intra-nasal veins that have been previously un-treated.

9 Rhinophyma Before After

10 Nose

11 Nose

12 Cheeks

13 Testimonials “I had taken advice on the thread veins on my nose. Laser treatment seemed drawn out and did not guarantee results. I contacted Dr Newman’s Clinic and was impressed with Karen Jones’ knowledge and friendly attitude. “The consultation with Dr Newman was direct. I used cream for six weeks to prepare for the treatment. The treatment lasted about 15 minutes and the results were outstanding. “Every vein treated by Dr Newman has disappeared completely. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. It’s simple, virtually painless and Dr Newman guarantees the results.”

14 Evening Special Offer V Beauty Treatment starts from £50 1 session around the nose area £135 3 session £99 1 session full nose £235 3 sessions £140 1 session cheek area £350 3 sessions

15 The v Beauty treatment comes with a 100% guaranteed
Guaranteed results The v Beauty treatment comes with a 100% guaranteed

16 Special offer BOOK A VBEAUTY Treatment TONIGHT AND CLAIM YOU FREE SKIN PEEL worth £79



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