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1.Tourism at the Venezuela Andes. 2.Tourism at the Coast THE BEST OF VENEZUELA 6.Food and Drink Caracas Los Roques Isla Margarita 3.Los Llanos (the Plains)

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2 1.Tourism at the Venezuela Andes. 2.Tourism at the Coast THE BEST OF VENEZUELA 6.Food and Drink Caracas Los Roques Isla Margarita 3.Los Llanos (the Plains) 4.A dry tourism: The Northwest desert 5. Canaima Tourism La Gran Sabana The Angel Fall The Tepuyes Canaima Lagoons


4 Caracas The capital city of Venezuela With a population around 4 million, Caracas is the capital and more populated city in Venezuela. It is located close to the Coast (La Guaira Port), but at an altitude of 800 meters (2400 ft.), which gives it an unique climate. Caracas is also a cultural center (Cf.The Museum of modern art). It is known for the quality of its restaurants and its shopping centers

5 Los Roques An archipelago in the Caribbean. It has more than 50 islands. It was declared national park in 1972.

6 Los Roques What makes Los Roques such a wonderful place is the huge extension of peaceful waters, the presence of lagoons, small islands, the corals under the water, and beaches with white sand and crystalline waters with incredible colors.

7 Los Roques During the season (November to April) the lobster become the more delicious plate. An unforgettable experience to eat. To reach it you can take commercial flights from Caracas. The arrival from the air is spectacular, thanks to the variety of blues than you can see.

8 Isla Margarita A Caribbean island. I ts one of the most tourist places in Venezuela. S port, beaches, nightclubs…

9 Isla Margarita Margarita is a great to go around. There are castles, churches, forts. In Margarita you can enjoy all water sports, golf and you can even go horseback riding. Margarita by night is very attractive and elegant. You can eat in the very goods restaurants,dance and drink in the nightclubs... Margarita is well known for the quality of its beaches. There is one for every taste: with or without waves, large or small, crowded or not, cold or warm. Just select what you want, and you've got it.

10 3. LOS LLANOS (The Plains) One of the most beautiful regions in Venezuela: The big plains The vegetation and fauna are full of beauty. Two different seasons, where life changes completely: Rainy and dry season. Different animals and birds species in their environment: crocodiles, jaguars, foxes, monkeys...

11 4. A AA A DRY TOURISM: The Northwest Venezuela has also deserts and dunes. One of the most interesting trips you can make is to the Coro Dunes (Medanos de Coro). The Medanos are in the National Park especially created to preserve them. On this mini-desert the wind blows implacably, moving the dunes all around and covering up all the scarce vegetation. desert


13 La Gran Sabana La Gran Sabana is located in the South of Orinoco River, inside Venezuela's biggest national park: Canaima. It is an unique place with views that you will not see anywhere else in the world. It is a surface with more of 100.000 Km 2

14 La Gran Sabana It has a wet tropical climate, a healthy vegetation and the leafy forest. It have the original charm of a virgin nature, the mystery of the untouched

15 The Angel Fall In 1937, Jimmy Angel an adventurous and treasure hunter from his small airplane Ryan Flamingo was surprised to see the beauty of this natural wonder:...the highest waterfall in the world.

16 The Angel Fall The Angel Fall is 979 meters high, its twenty times higher than the Niagaras waterfall. This visual impact was so huge for Jimmy Angel that he forgot the gold prospector and he devoted his live to the Waterfall. He called it the Angel Fall. However, the true discoverers were the Pemon. This local indians tribe already knew it and called it the Churún Merú.

17 The Tepuyes The tepuy is a flat top mountain ending with vertical walls. The highest tepuy is Roraima, the Gran Verde Azulado. It is 2810 meters high. At the top is the Triple Point, the landmark where meet the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.

18 The Tepuyes Auyantepuy is one of the largest and better known tepuy.From this tepuy is where the Angel Falls are formed. It is considered the Olympus of Arekunas (the gods of the Pemons). Its called the Mountain of the hell or the Devils mountain. When the weather is raining you can see a lot of impressive falls (from 200 to 300 meters high).

19 Canaima lagoons The lagoon is fed by several small water falls. Something really surprising is the colour of the water and the sand. Due to the abundance of minerals, the water takes a red colour and the sand has a beautiful light pink, because of the presence of quartz. One of the most beautiful places in Venezuela is Canaima lagoon and its surroundings.

20 Canaima lagoons With an aerial view you can appreciate how the Carrao river, after bording the Auyantepuy and being fed by water coming from the Angel Falls, splits in several streams, and forming islands.

21 FOOD and DRINKS from Venezuela 6. FOOD and DRINKS from Venezuela

22 6. FOOD and DRINKS from Venezuela MEALS DRINKS SOME DESSERTS Mondongo Pizca Andina Hallacas Andinas Arepa Tostones and Tajadas Sancocho Empanadas Casabe PapelónVitaminasChicha Andina AliadosMantecadasCocadas

23 THE BEST OF VENEZUELA by Manuel Martin Rodrigo What are you waiting for? Come to Venezuela...!

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