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Unit 23 Beauty and Career. Discuss According to a survey, more than 60% of people think beautiful people can be always successful in their career. Do.

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1 Unit 23 Beauty and Career

2 Discuss According to a survey, more than 60% of people think beautiful people can be always successful in their career. Do you think so? If not, please try to make your view convinced.

3 Beauty does not mean good quality and ability. Success requires more ability than appearance. Whether one can be successful in his career consists in whether he can do his job better. Maybe beauties can be more competent in public relation. While others can make it after hardworking,as well. Meanwhile, those who do not look beautiful can make up by nice clothes and skilled make-up. Beauty from inside can outweigh beautiful appearance. One can give colleagues a hand when people need it will be respectable even without a beautiful appearance. if you want to be successful, pay more attention to self- improvement.

4 Will you choose your boyfriend or girlfriend based on the appearance? Why or why not? What is your ideal better half like? Book 2-Unit 8

5 Quotable Quote Beauty is skin deep. 1. Do you want to make yourself more beautiful? and how can you make yourself become more beautiful? 2. Do you know anyone who has taken plastic surgery? Do you think he/ she becomes more beautiful? 3. Why do people want to make themselves look prettier even though they know that beauty is only skin-deep? In small groups, discuss the following questions. Book 2-Unit 8 Tips Tips Tips Tips

6 A. Using cosmetics B. Using attire/dress Tips for Question 1 e.g. shampoo, cream, make-up, lip-stick, powder mascara ( e.g. fashionable dress, wearing rings, earrings, wig, hair-dyes, hair-perms, manicuring ones fingernails, shaving, wearing lenses ( )/glasses/sun glasses, etc. Book 2-unit 8

7 C. Using cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery: D. Using other means e.g. liposuction ( ), breast enhancement, facelift ( ), facial surgery, nose job /surgery ear piercing, eye-lid surgery ( ) e.g. body-building, live on a diet, exercising (running, jogging, practicing dumb-bells, swimming, aerobic exercises, etc.) Book 2-unit 8














21 A. B. C. Boosting ones confidence or self-esteem Making themselves feel more normal; complying with the social standard of being a normal person Restoring their old image of being young and looking great, (e.g., the woman who wants to cut the baby weight after nursing her baby; or someone who was deformed in an accident such as a fire) Tips for Question 3 Book 2-Unit 8

22 D. E. F. Getting tired of ones image and wishing to change When one suffers from a skin disease and has to take surgery such as the US pop star Michael Jackson (He has a degenerative skin disease which he was treated forthis is why he claims he had so much surgery.) Easier to create a good impression on other people; easier to be accepted. Book 2-Unit 8

23 It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But … it is better to be good than to be ugly. Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. / Beauty is only a matter of taste. Dont judge a book by its cover. Book 2-Unit 8 Quotations about Beauty

24 Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies for instance. A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. Book 2-Unit 8

25 1.What does Mary do? What business does Sue own? What is Elizabeths profession? Mary is the hostess of a TV program; Sue is a successful businesswoman and owns a number of health studios; Elizabeth is a writer and lecturer. Comprehension Questions Book 2-Unit 8 Listen to the text recording first and then read it carefully again and discuss the following questions.

26 2. Summarize the arguments from the both sides. Which side do you support? Why? Sues major arguments: Human beings have only one life to live; people should have the freedom to choose their lifestyle and undergo cosmetic surgery if they wish.there is no point in looking back the quaint old customs. Elizabeths major arguments: To be beautiful is the result of social pressure, not intrinsic needs of human beings; historical evidence is abundant from foot-binding in old China, removing bottom ribs in England, and neck- stretching in Burma. Book 2-Unit 8

27 3. Elizabeth says, We should judge the whole person. How do you judge the whole person? We may judge the whole person from the following perspectives: His/her personalities His/her attitude to work His/her attitude to/relationship with colleagues/ classmates/ people around him/her His/her ability to carry out work and tasks His/her attitude to success and failure His/her achievements in work and study His/her efforts Book 2-Unit 8

28 lecturer: a teacher in a British university or college He's a good lecturer as he really knows his stuff., professor associate professor, lecturer teaching assistant. Language points

29 head to head arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, face to face, heart to heart

30 Book 2-Unit 8 1. What lengths can we or should we go to, to make ourselves more beautiful? go to any lengths/great lengths to do sth: to be willing to use any methods to achieve something that you are very determined to achieve. To what extent can we or should we do/How much can we do, or should we do to make ourselves more beautiful?

31 go to (some, any, great) lengths to do sth., Bill will go to any length to keep Dick from getting a date with Mary Tr: *He will go to any length to get what he wants

32 start with : begin with In Learning English we usually start with listening and speaking end with: she ends her speech with a quotation end up with

33 compliment n. & v. pay / make (sb) a ~ on sth. She paid me a ~ on my paintings. ~ sb. on sth. The teacher ~ed the girl on her good grades. complimentary adj. a ~ remark

34 She paid me a very charming _________________ my painting. The guests __________________ her ____ her cooking. compliment on c omplimented o n

35 keep yourself fit / healthy His qualification fits him for this demanding job. His behavior doesnt fit his new position. The coat fits me well. The food here is not ~ to eat. / The man is not ~ for the position. fit adj. v. ( ) ; ; …

36 cosmetic: adj cosmetic preparations cosmetic surgery n Lipstick and hair conditioner are cosmetics..

37 Book 2-Unit 8 2. I think it s up to everyone to decide what is right for them. be up to sb: to be sbs duty or responsibility; to be for sb to decide e.g. Success or failure? Its up to you. Everyone has freedom to decide what is right for them.

38 historic / historical a ____________ novel/play/perspective a ___________ spot a ____________film/painting _____________studies a ________event/moment historical historic historical historic historical

39 Book 2-Unit 8 3. Well, there are lots of examples of societies in which people have done some horrendous things so as to make themselves more beautiful in quotes. Lots of examples show that in some societies people have done some extremely terrible things in order to make themselves fit the societys current ideas about what is beautiful. horrendous: 1.extremely shocking, terrible; 2.extremely unpleasant and unacceptable e.g. horrendous injuries horrendous traffic in quotes: in quotation marks


41 Beauty in Burma


43 In Africa, there were tribes which went in for stretching the ear lobes, or the lips, or even changing the shape of the skull itself. go in for: take strong interest in *I thought he only went in for music and tennis tr: Lots of men go in for fishing

44 African Women stretched their lips


46 ridiculous: deserving to be laughed at; absurd ; ; Who made this ridiculous rule?

47 Book 2-Unit 8 4. So I don t see there is any real point in looking back at all these quaint old customs. quaint: attractive in an unusual and old-fashioned way So I dont think it is worthwhile to recall all these unusual practices of old customs. Whats the point?/Theres no point (in) doing …: used to say that you do not think something is worth doing

48 Blank Filling Rewrite the sentences Word Study Book 2-Unit 8

49 MaryHas it always been in fashion for women to have thin waists, Elizabeth? Elizabeth No, not always. But they enjoyed a ___________ popularity for centuries in Europe. Women used to wear wooden or metal corsets to give them thin waists. Mary From a modern __________, it sounds rather amusing. What a ______ thing to do! Elizabeth Im afraid it wasnt very funny most of the time. The women had to ______ a lot of pain. Sometimes the corsets damaged their internal organs, like the liver. Book 2-Unit 8 considerable perspective quaint Fill in the blanks with the words from the text. (page 109) endure Blank Filling

50 Book 2-Unit 8 Mary But there is a ______ here between the past practice and the _______ ideas, isnt there? We still put a lot of ________ on having a thin waist, dont we? Elizabeth Thats right. Some people even have _______ ________ to remove fat from their stomachs. The surgeon inserts a tube and sucks out the fat. Its a growing ______ especially in America. Mary Oh, it sounds __________ to me. I could never have that done. link current emphasis cosmetic trend horrendous surgery

51 Rewrite the Sentences (page 109) 1. While living in the countryside, she developed a special interest in gardening. 2. Father spent a great deal of time and effort to give the old house a face-lift. 3. Since we have already settled the problem, it is meaningless to talk about it again. 4. It is the students responsibility to decide their future careers. While living in the countryside, she went in for gardening. Father went to great lengths to give the old house a face-lift. It is up to the students themselves to decide their future careers. Since we have already settled the problem, there is no point in talking about it again. Book 2-Unit 8

52 5. The manager will view the project in terms of its net profit. 6. When he was thumping melons for a ripe one, the boy accidentally step into a rattler's mouth. 7. It is foolish and unreasonable, scientists have argued, to talk of computers as if they were human brains. 8. They continued walking for a while in silence. The manager will judge the project by its net profit. When he was thumping melons for a ripe one, the boy happened to step into a rattlers mouth. It is ridiculous, scientists have argued, to talk of computers as if they were human brains. They kept on walking for a while in silence. Book 2-Unit 8

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