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Innovations for Learning & Empowerment Optimizing Government High Schools as Community Learning Centers (CLCs) & Social Enterprise Clusters.

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1 Innovations for Learning & Empowerment Optimizing Government High Schools as Community Learning Centers (CLCs) & Social Enterprise Clusters

2 ITA seeks to provide certified skills and vocational training opportunities to the poor and vulnerable groups in Pakistan through clusters of social enterprise and empowerment. Over 66% of Pakistans 180 million population is under 30 years of age and almost 50% classified as poor and vulnerable. Only 11% of the population reaches grade X and 5% higher education; approximately 2% are enrolled in technical vocational programs - a huge untapped potential is waiting to be explored. Vision: Provide economic and social empowerment to disadvantaged youth through skills and livelihoods. Mission: To reduce poverty through extension of skills and economic opportunities particularly for young women as competent trained entrepreneurs across Pakistan. Embedded in Public Private Partnerships & Corporate Social Responsibility (PPP&CSR)

3 ITAs collaboration: Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Punjab Unilever Pvt. Limited (UPL) Pakistan and Department of Schools – Govt. Secondary Schools as hosts in districts Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur MOU signed with TEVTA in 2010 se Three trades: AutoCAD, Beautician and Domestic Tailoring Outreach: 660 trainees in 6 school based locations. Expanding to: 1500 fresh graduates by October 2012 in 9 districts with livelihood options through CSR (UPL) and markets. 75% of the program for girls/ women. Nationwide expansion planned


5 UNILEVER – Training, Product line, Marketing and Safety BRC – Identification, placement, product delivery and tracking ITA - Establishing labs., govt./TEVTA collab. & Monitoring Crafted 7 Key Social Behavior Change Messages for GBs TEVTA- certified trainers and certification SCHOOLS DEPT. GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB- Open Access to Facilities/ and influencing policy For Learning & Skills Enhancement

6 Government Girls Higher Secondary School Uch Sharif Government Girls Higher Secondary School Yazman Government Girls Primary School Ahmadpur East Government High School UNILEVER Rahim Yar Khan Government Girls High School Sadiqbabad Government Girls High School Khanpur

7 Identification of GBs & Agreements in Rural Areas ; Matriculate preferred Placement of GBs in Training Centres for Skills to be trained as Beauticians & Marketing Agents for UPL; Establishing mobile and stationary beauty parlours; Sales of UPL beauty/hair products ; redemption of points for purchasing beauty parlour appliances and products; Promoting 6 Key Social Messages in Communities/Homes & Future training in new skills for beauticians – incentives for performance

8 1. Registration of Children at Birth 2. Exclusive breastfeeding of infants for the first four months. No use of bottles, teats or pacifiers. 3. Ante-natal care for pregnant mothers and immunization of children 4. Wash hands before meals and after using the toilet 5. Send children, especially girls to school at the right age 6. Practice family planning – seek advice from lady health workers (LHWs) convenience of ones home 7. Plant a tree each year and grow your own vegetables

9 Has her own shop/outlet in her village The chance to earn extra income The opportunity to gain respect by becoming a beauty expert and adviser to many The opportunity to do something from her doorstep; awareness for health, hygiene & beauty A dream comes true of having her own beauty outlet – social and economic status today I am respected in my home, village and community !


11 Monitoring is performed by the ITAs team on a weekly basis through physical verification and mobile technologies ; Attendance record of trainees and trainers, quality of training, feedback of/from trainees, class room environment/ maintenance & repairs. Attendance of trainees is 90-95% Monitoring by TEVTA, BRC and UNILEVER teams as well

12 In Govt. schools, TVET programs at standstill in spite of efforts since 2001/2 for Third Stream. Govt. of Punjab initiated a TVET program in 2009/10 for 15 schools per district; established labs and procured equipment, but lying idle and locked in school stores. With ITAs access to the schools, the equipment has been re-opened; new trades coming to life for students and local community. Domestic tailoring/crafts initiated in the same schools with Govt. and ITA donated machines–an overdue need Where GB is going, potential to begin other trades

13 Knowledge & skills is not reserved for favored few, but it should reach every section of the society. ITA has ensured admissions to students who are challenged (physical, speech and hearing). ITA is an equal opportunity institution and believes that these challenges can be converted into productive assets with dignity through provision of vocational training.

14 1-Fouzia Bibi -19 2-Rabia Bibi -15 3-Shabana Nawaz -23 Challenged physically due to stunting, hearing/speech impairment and polio All graduated and now have an order for making private school uniforms!

15 Execution, Support & Recognition Livelihoods & Philanthropy Support for Domestic Tailoring Graduates ; Tailoring Orders Mobilized - Enabling Livelihoods A Low Cost High Impact Program in Rural Areas

16 From traditional to non-traditional areas linked to market demand – local, regional and international Hospitality industry Construction services Grooming, Language & ICTs Fashion and accessories Jewellery industry Pottery/ceramics – truck art products Agri./Dairy businesses Day Care Centres/Early Years Training Managing Retail/Shops for distributors

17 Resources for expansion – Human/Financial and Institutional – One purpose built facility for demonstration, research and policy, counseling, and new product/services development Linkages to micro-credit, entrepreneurship programs and social safety nets Policy influence embedding TVET in all govt. secondary schools space for students and local community/youth Establishing career counseling, life skills and enterprise programs/linkages for youth

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