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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 FunSilverBootsWaterBeast Old.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 FunSilverBootsWaterBeast Old

6 The central idea of the story is called what? A 100

7 Theme A 100

8 Define an explicit theme? A 200

9 It is stated outright A 200

10 What is an implicit theme? A 300

11 A theme subtly woven into the elements of the story. A 300

12 What are the two types of theme? A 400

13 Explicit and implicit A 400

14 What is the best way to find the central idea of a story? A 500

15 Analyze the parts of the story (characters, conflict, structure) A 500

16 Why does the parson refuse to tell the people where the silver mine is? B 100

17 He is trying to protect the people from destructive greed. B 100

18 The kings decision not to seek out the silver mine shows what about the king? B 200

19 He respects the sacrifice of the parson for the welfare of his people. B 200

20 In the end, what does the king decide is most important to his kingdom? B 300

21 A good and happy people. B 300

22 What is the basic theme of the Silver Mine? B 400

23 Wealth has corrupting power. B 400

24 Give the three examples of the parsons wise leadership. B 500

25 Refuses to bring destruction on the villagers, He is willing to stay poor, he is willing to help the king. B 500

26 Why does Mr. Gessler display bitterness when he notices that the narrator is wearing a pair of boots that he did not make? C 100

27 The big companies are taking away his business. C 100

28 Based on the narrators actions and attitudes, the author of Quality wants the reader to consider the Gesslers noble for what? C 200

29 Their commitment to quality C 200

30 What does the narrator do that shows his deep regard for the Gesslers. C 300

31 Almost cries C 300


33 What is the primary conflict in Quality? C 400

34 Man vs. a power greater than himself. (Gesslers vs growing industrial society) C 400

35 What is the theme of Quality? C 500

36 One achieves excellence by refusing to compromise his ideals. C 500

37 Who wrote Dr. Heideggers Experiment? D 100

38 Nathaniel Hawthorne D 100

39 Dr Heideggers Experiment teaches what? D 200

40 It is probable that a man will waste the chance to correct past mistakes. D 200

41 How does Dr. Heidegger know that he has chosen the right subjects for his experiment? D 300

42 They have made mistakes that they seem unlikely to repeat. D 300

43 What did the subjects of his experiment learn from the experiment? D 400

44 Nothing D 400

45 What is the theme of Dr. Heideggers Experiment? D 500

46 Some people do not gain wisdom as they should. D 500

47 Many of the most well known fairy tales come to us from what nation? E 100

48 France E 100

49 The Prince in Beauty and the Beast and the speaker in When You Are Old both recognize what? E 200

50 Inward beauty is more important than outward beauty. E 200

51 What does the prince mean when he gives Beauty the advice Do not trust too much to your eyes? E 300

52 Do not make judgments based on outward appearances only. E 300

53 Beauty finally realizes how much she loves the Beast what happens? E 400

54 When she thinks she has arrived too late to save his life. E 400

55 What is the theme of Beauty and the Beast? E 500

56 Surface beauty is superfluous (surface) in evaluating true worth. E 500

57 Who wrote When You Are Old? F 100

58 William Butler Yeats F 100

59 What is an extended metaphor used to form a story on two levels? F 200

60 Allegory F 200

61 What kind of irony is it when the reader is aware of a plot development and the characters are not? F 300

62 Dramatic irony F 300

63 What kind of irony is being used when an even in a story violates normal expectations? F 400

64 Situation Irony F 400

65 What is a person, place, thing, or idea that means something in addition to itself? F 500

66 A symbol F 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 Final Jeopardy Question Click on screen to continue

69 Correct Final Jeopardy Response Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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