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Ideology AS Media Studies.

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1 Ideology AS Media Studies

2 **Key term** IDEOLOGY – attitudes, beliefs and values.
A set of beliefs that people use to make sense of their experiences and views of the world. The most obvious belief systems centre upon religious, political and economic concepts. The construction, selection and shaping of ideas that go into a media text can be seen to reflect the belief system of the producer of the text.

3 Ideology refers to… Sets of ideas which give some account of the social world, usually a partial and selective one. The relationship of these ideas or values to the ways in which it is distributed socially. The way in which such values and meanings are usually posed as natural and obvious, in other words working with or against sets of power.

4 What is the dominant ideology we have in society about female beauty?

5 Ideology and Gender Our perceptions of female beauty are dominated by young, white, flawless and slim women

6 What is the dominant ideology in our society about family?
Family life is often depicted as a happy and desirable state, with married couples bringing up children Going to work and using your earnings to support your family is ‘right’ whereas being unemployed and unable to support a family is ‘wrong’.

7 Big Brother The media can be seen to shape our attitudes in order to accept what is best for the elite in power. The idea of ‘Big Brother’ has always had negative connotations in our society. Orwell – 1984. Now - Public acceptance of surveillance – something that could be considered against their interests. Influenced by the media. Police Camera Action The ideological ideas behind ‘big brother’ have changed – it is now associated with the most watched and talked about reality TV shows.

8 Women The ideological function of many media texts is to identify for women how they should perform within a patriarchy. Girl’s magazines Ideologically it is clear that happiness for a girl is to be found in the arms of a male partner. The output of television also suggests the importance of their domestic and child bearing roles. Women who are able to juggle a career as well are celebrated.

9 Activity Look at two different representations of the same news story.
Complete your worksheet – media messages and values. Report back.

10 Media messages and values
Whose interests does the text serve? Who is present in the text? Who is absent from the text – whose opinion is not taken into account? Who or what can the texts be said to represent? What does the text tell us about who made it? What judgements do you make about the accuracy of the texts? What judgements might other people or groups make about them? What messages and values are offered about the social/political world in which we live? What conclusions can we draw from it, what issues does it raise? Do the messages and values in the text affect how you make decisions about the issue?

11 Key questions... What are the major values, ideologies and assumptions underpinning the text or naturalised within it? What criteria have been used for selecting the content presented?

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