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STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY Students In Free Enterprise 26 th May 2007.

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1 STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY Students In Free Enterprise 26 th May 2007

2 Front View of Strathmore University

3 About Strathmore University Located in Madaraka Estate along Ole Sangale Road Founded in 1961 as an O level college Established as a University in August 2002 Student Population – 5,100

4 About Strathmore University Studies: - Faculty of Commerce - Faculty of Information Technology - School of Accountancy - Institute of Humanities & Development Studies - Institute of Administration & Management - Strathmore Business School

5 About Strathmore SIFE Launched in March 2004 Population of Strathmore SIFE students: - 2005 – 26 students - 2005 – 45 students - 2006 – 32 students -2007 - 60 students Strathmore University Club of the Year 2005,2006

6 Strathmore SIFE Projects 2007 1.Mawingu 2.Jiendeleze 3.Faulu 4.Ngumbato Vedette TOTAL HOURS: 1433 PEOPLE IMPACTED: 2579


8 Mawingu Youth Empowerment Initiative(MYEI). Project ISSA. Initiative for Sports and Social Arts

9 Brief Introduction ISSA- Initiative for Sports and Social Arts Membership of 35 Based in Kibera (Laini Saba) Sensitize the youth on social matters such as HIV/AIDS

10 Preliminary visit They needed: 1. book keeping skills 2. computer skills 3. organizational skills for organizing their projects 4. Business running skills such as writing business plans and proposal

11 Proposed ISSA projects Information and Technology Centre; however they lacked computers Mr. and Miss. Kibera beauty Pageant. Lacked organizing skills.

12 Proposed ISSA Projects Theatre production: some have engaged in an educational play about social vices like corruption and crimes but needed to advertise their plays better Art and Craft work: some members have made traditional ornaments like anklets, bangles and traditional sisal skirts

13 Our objectives They needed: 1. book keeping skills 2. computer skills 3. organizational skills for organizing their projects 4. Business running skills such as writing business plans and proposal


15 Proposed plan We carried out our objectives in three phases First phase Taught organizational skills for the upcoming Beauty pageant which was a success Helped to refine business plan proposals which we submitted to potential partners

16 Second phase Business running skills. We taught Economies of scale Customer relationship Offering quality products for sale

17 Class in progress

18 Third phase We taught book-keeping Taught how to prepare and interpret simple income statements and maintaining a cashbook We helped ISSA prepare a proposal t PC for Africa and with this PC for Africa donated 25 computers.

19 Project Partners Maji na Ufanisi Haco industries Umande Trust Pamoja Trust PC for Africa Strathmore University

20 IMPACT The ICT centre is operational – Some of the ISSA are training MS Office packages. The Mr. and Mrs. Kibera beauty pageant had 10 participants. It was well attended by about1200 Kibera youth thus achieved its purpose of creating awareness on HIV/AIDS.


22 IMPACT… The theatre is fully operational with members making a profit of Ksh 9500 per month which they plough back into the business They have found a potential market for their art & craft work which they generate revenue of Ksh 5500 per month on using easy to find raw materials

23 Project Analysis ObjectiveActivity Achievement (impact) Eradicate computer illiteracy Taught a basic packages All ISSA members have the knowledge Eradicate unemployment Organize the ISSA projects The computer centre set up with help of PC Africa

24 Project analysis ObjectiveActivity Achievement (impact) Awareness for HIV/AIDS Organizing the Beauty Pageant The event was Attended by about 1200 Youth Marketing skills Advised on pricing and advertising Better marketing of Theatre, Art work

25 Project analysis Financial skills Teach them basic accounting skills They maintain basic financial records

26 Future plans Expand the IT centre Open new shops for the Art and Craft This years Beauty Pageant Expand theatre production Establishing a website for ISSA


28 Our Objectives….. Instill a vibrant entrepreneurship culture among SIFE members Provide practical mentorship & modeling of entrepreneurship Inform on the opportunities that lie in entrepreneurship

29 Project layout…. Practical mentorship through interacting with Successful Entrepreneurs !! Some things are better experienced than told

30 Esther Passaris-MD Adopt-A- Light The Light in An entrepreneurs hands!!!

31 Patience Nyaoga-MD Tintoria Executive Dry Cleaners & Laundry The resilience of an entrepreneur

32 Jon Wagner-MD Java Coffee house Building A Successful Enterprise

33 Dr Catherine Masitsa- Samantha Bridal &Going Out Magazines An entrepreneurs best asset…your mind!!!

34 Smart Investing 2007 conference 3 rd Mar 07 Forum for Economic & Entrepreneurship Development …Nurturing Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE

35 Bob Karina- MD Faida Securities Ltd.-The Entrepreneurs Mindset..

36 Kariuki Kariuki-CEO,Arise Africa Investments Why invest in the stock exchange

37 Patrick Maina – Advocate, CEO- Legal Research & Advisory Center Legal Aspects of Investing:

38 Polycarp Ngoje-Executive Director-Academy of Savvy Investors Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of stocks

39 Fred Mweni – MD, Tsavo Securities Ltd The process of buying and selling Shares

40 Impact of Jiendeleze Investments in the Stock Market Members have invested in the Nairobi Stock Exchange Strathmore University Library: For continuous growth of entrepreneurship, We negotiated with The Librarian to have more Business publications in addition to newspapers.

41 Financial post Students reading Financial Post

42 My Business Magazine Strathmore Students reading My business Magazine

43 Oxford University SAID Business school YBD Competition (Young Business Development)YBD 2007 competition is an international Business plan competition run by SAID Business School. Strathmore participated and 3 of them are part of the 38 Finalists from 17 Countries around the world.

44 Business plan Competitions Opportunities aren't passing Strathmore members : Chora Bizna :www.believe-begin- BID Network:

45 Audience please Join Strathmore SIFE and ….Jiendeleze Note : Http:// Dont be late!!!! Deadline is 31 st May 2007!!

46 Faulu

47 Introduction Faulu is Swahili word which means To Succeed Target group: KAMSHEG Project site: Kambi Muru in Kibera Project Members:21

48 PROJECT OVERVIEW Several business projects had been initiated which are 1.Simu ya Jamii 2.Waste Management 3.Play station Games 4.Dry Manure 5.Charcoal Selling 6.Salon and Barber Shop 7.CD writing

49 PROJECT OVERVIEW CONTD No records were being kept. The charcoal selling and the salon and barber shop businesses had been shut down Simu ya Jamii, play station and waste management were businesses generating some revenue. CD piracy was rampant.

50 Objectives Book keeping and accountability for finances Business Analysis Techniques Impart business ethics.

51 Activities Book keeping and accountability for finances Recognition of incomes and expenses Maintaining incomes and expenses records Basic budgeting

52 Activities Business Analysis and running Techniques: Entrepreneurship. Generating business ideas. Rules for successful business Sustaining business ventures. Innovation in business.

53 Activities Impart business ethics: Taught on Ethical Business practices. Total quality management.

54 PROJECT IMPACT Records are maintained for business transactions

55 Impact A new business dealing in scrap metal and plastics has been introduced where they make a profit sh3 per kg

56 Impact KAMSHEG realized that the following businesses were not sustainable and dropped them: –CD writing –Dry Manure –Salon & barber shop …business analysis in practice!

57 Impact Business Ethics: The group stopped commercial reproduction of music and Videos… Concentrated on the play station business which earn them a a minimum of Sh.3,500 per month

58 Playstation Project

59 Kamsheg A real transformation

60 Ngumbato

61 Introduction NgumbatoCoined from Swahili word Kumbatia Target Group:-Mwiri formed in 2004 with the aim of obtaining finances Project location: Ngecha, Limuru Economic Activity: Farming and Animal husbandry

62 PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION On our Initial visit, we found out that: High interest rates for loans they obtained Product uniformity Poor record keeping

63 Project objectives Based on the problems we identify, we settled on the success skills SIFE pillar. Financing options Value addition to products Business analysis techniques Teach basic record keeping

64 Activities Alternative Financing options. Linked the women to Faulu Kenya –Offers loans to individuals and groups –Offers classes on financial management.

65 Activities Value addition Partnered with Strathmore University Cafeteria to teach the women how to make yoghurt Taught the women techniques for proper handling of the milk

66 Activities Business Analysis We partnered with TechnoServe to teach the women how to pick market trends in the dairy industry. Trained the women on effective group activity as opposed to individual efforts.

67 Activities. Record Keeping. Made the women appreciate the essence of efficient record keeping in business Taught the women on basic book keeping: 1.Pesa Account –Cash Book 2.Faida Account- Income Statement.

68 Impact The women have enrolled with Faulu Kenya The women resulted to selling milk in bulk The women stopped commercial production of yoghurt because it was a shrinking market. The women maintain basic record for their milk deliveries and cash flow.

69 Projects Partners Faulu Kenya. TechnoServe Kenya. Strathmore University.

70 Sustainability We are helping the women identify new markets for their milk by August 2007 We have planned visits to successful dairy farms and milk processing in October 2007. The women will have fully learnt how to prepare individual accounts by Dec 2007

71 Thank You

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