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Presenting Cheerpack Point of Difference Packaging Portavin First Oenovation Day May 13, 2008.

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1 Presenting Cheerpack Point of Difference Packaging Portavin First Oenovation Day May 13, 2008

2 2 Cheerpack Point of Difference Packaging

3 3 What is a Cheerpack? –Cheerpacks are a flexible pouch for packaging liquid food and beverage products. However, they differ in important ways from a standard doypack flexible pouch. –Cheerpacks have an integral reclosable, tamper evident cap and straw. Two Styles are produced –SUP –Bottom Gusset –Shelf Impact –Block Bottom, Side Gusset –The Classic Cheerpack –Compact and Efficient Size range –Cheerpacks can be from 40ml to 1000ml

4 4 Cheerpack Features / Sustainable Advantages Features of the Cheerpack –Lower all-round carbon footprint –Lower landfill component –Reclosable –Tamper Evident Cap –Lightweight –High Strength –SHELF IMPACT

5 5 Cheerpack Wine Packaging – Sustainability Environmental Issues –Need to consider more environmentally efficient ways to move wine other than glass –Growing consumer concern about the environment. Wineries trying to reduce packaging and transport costs –Retail pressure on costs and reduction in packaging ( carbon footprint) –Carbon footprint – Good Citizens. Trends toward Sustainability –Consumers now picking and choosing from green options. –Ethical minded consumers will choose Cheerpack as its waste takes up little space and a much lower carbon footprint.

6 6 Glass - Cheerpack Glass - –Glass will never be replaced as the main container for wine ! –Glass is the traditional and best transporter for wine –Visibility Cheerpack – –For environmentally conscious consumer –For range extensions, to support glass –For certain market groups only

7 7 Life Cycle Analysis - Cheerpack vs Glass LCA conducted to show where Cheerpacks have a place for the environmentally conscious. LCA conducted by PIRA –CML2 Baseline 2000 impact methods used. Waste Generated ( including filling and damage en route) –750ml Glass bottle – 35% –750 ml Cheerpack – 2% Resource Depletion ( minerals and fossil fuels) –750 ml Glass bottle – 100% –750 ml Cheerpack – 19% Global Warming Impact- Greenhouse Gases emitted (GWP100) –750ml Glass bottle – 100% –750 ml Cheerpack – 12% Total Environmental Impact – 100% is effect score –750 ml Glass bottle – 100% –750 ml Cheerpack – 18%

8 8 Cheerpack Shelf Life Laminate structures used in Cheerpack manufacture provide excellent barriers in both Oxygen and Moisture. Shelf life analysis indicate shelf life expectation of > 12 - 24 months for Cheerpack Cheerpack Structure –12 um Polyester / 9um Foil / 15 um Nylon / 80um Polyethylene –MVTR = < 0.1 - grm/m2/24 hrs –OTR = < 0.1 - cc/m2/24 hrs @ 23 degrees C and 0% RH

9 9 Alternative Wine Packaging – Why? Further growth in casual, at home and recreational drinking forecast for the future. –Baby boomers retiring Convenience and Choice –Greater acceptance of screw cap type openings on wine –2003 only 41% acceptance – 2006 now 70% acceptance –Trend towards Simplicity –Easy lifestyle without hunting for a corkscrew, uncomplicated enjoyment in many lifestyles. Motivation of Wine Purchase decisions – Consumer – I need a value for money wine that is in easy to use convenient packaging that suits my lifestyle for a specific relaxed occasion. I want to drink the wine now

10 10 Why Cheerpacks for Wine Environmentally Friendly( Recycling: Less space in garbage and landfill. Less emissions with production and transport.) Unique, modern, futuristic and eye catching Compact, less packaging Shorter chilling period Non breakable – very portable and easy to carry, sturdy Less weight due to absence of box and lighter than glass. Great for recreational activities, such as BBQs, boating, events, camping, poolside. Tamper proof caps – User friendly caps compared to BIB taps Cooler and Fridge friendly, does not disintegrate in water

11 11 International Cooperation Global Technology Base –Product R&D conducted by Hosokawa Yoko Company in Japan and by Gualapack Company in Italy –Patented packaging systems –Machinery designed, developed and manufactured by Gualapack –A dedicated division to support the filling processes for specific products –Global group of companies with Cheerpack licenses ensure international customers receive the support they require –Oceania is supported by Metalprint Australia and Amcor Flexibles as exclusive distributor of Cheerpack in Australasia

12 12 Manufacture of Cheerpacks Manufactured Globally –6 manufacturing plants –Producing 1.3 Billion pouches per annum. Oceania –Product is manufactured by Secure (Panyu) Packaging in Guangzhou –ISO 9001 –UKAS Quality System Certified –350 million pouches per year –A new sister plant commissioned in Nanjing, China – July 2005 –Operates under Hosokawa Yoko Japan Quality System –Efficient transport via direct access to Hong Kong –Letter of intent signed for Amcor exclusivity to trade product in Australia and New Zealand

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