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& Contract # M-020373 local government state. Largest Purchasing Network for Ministries Nationwide Customer Base of over 30,000 customers Over 25 years.

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1 & Contract # M-020373 local government state

2 Largest Purchasing Network for Ministries Nationwide Customer Base of over 30,000 customers Over 25 years of experience Thousands of quality products at huge savings Friendly and professional staff –In addition to our headquarters in VA, we have several locations in various states across the US. Purchasing, Construction, Renovations & more –Most comprehensive faith-based opportunity. about Tell me about M INISTRY R ESOURCE (Formerly NCPG)

3 encompassing What M INISTRY R ESOURCE Does Best… Our comprehensive product line covers ministries from staples to steeples – Just a few items we offer: StagingLightweight TablesCommercial Kitchen Equip.Sanctuary Chairs Reception FurnitureGymnasium EquipmentProjector ScreensChildren's Tables Baby CribsNursery SuppliesMusical InstrumentsJanitorial Supplies ProjectorsSchool FurnitureFoldersCandles Case goodsBleachersLiftsChildren's Furniture Protective CasesChancel FurnitureA/V CartsCarpets for Kids Communion SuppliesPro Sound EquipmentPortable PA SystemsCafeteria Tables Praise BannersMixersDefibrillatorsCustom Signs LockersSporting EquipmentSound ProofingLaminate Equipment Professional LightingWireless MicrophonesMarker boardsBookstore Supplies

4 fresh A New Brand and A New Look!

5 Other than pricing, how can MINISTRYRESOURCE help you? Better Market Infiltration Massive Reach Get Past the Gatekeeper Marketing Solutions for Faith-Based Organizations MINISTRYRESOURCE is EXCLUSIVE with Ricoh Americas and does NOT use any competing manufacturers! –Traditional programs for this market offer limited support. MINISTRYRESOURCE offers extensive marketing and some sales support! partnership Ricoh Americas & M INISTRY R ESOURCE

6 Benefits Published purchase price list must be adhered. Customer pricing designed to provide good margins. The end user purchase prices now match US Communities. All transactions are done on your paperwork. Leasing is permitted – use your own rates. Networking fees are at open market rates Installation fees may be changed. There is no warranty. Maintenance and supplies are at market rates. aggressive M INISTRY R ESOURCE /Ricoh US Contract Pricing

7 Register accounts for a comped M INISTRY R ESOURCE Membership Special financing options exclusive for ministries Select, customize, or design marketing and support materials Rewards Program and incentives Access to the largest faith-based database. LEADS! Downloadable tutorials and sales tools (including how to register for M INISTRY R ESOURCE through iSuites, how to create an account for the rep, how to register a new sale, how to order a customized marketing piece, how to request leads, and how to request for financing when all options have been exhausted) End user prices will now be posted on the dealer web site (this will promote familiarity with the dealer sites, all Lanier internal sites will point the dealers to the M INISTRY R ESOURCE sites) learn Distributor Website

8 Support Make a Cold Call Hot! For Ricoh US, MinistryResource allows each sales rep. to give a MinistryResource Membership ($200 in gifts, coupons, and samples) to those organizations that purchase, lease, or demo Ricoh US products. The membership is delivered as a gift from YOU the salesperson. Registrations MinistryResource created and maintains websites for Ricoh Americas salespeople with the latest and most recent information to make you successful in the ministry market. Register, request leads and track sales…all on- line. support

9 HOT LEADS! –MinistryResource receives hundreds of calls each week and funnels all leads through Ricoh US! 25,000 customer database and 350,000 entry lead database! –MinistryResource can provide a very detailed prospect list upon request for specified zip codes (up to 10 in a quarter). Promotional marketing pieces for dealer reps –Marketing flyer/brochure, On-line design and sales tutorials –Pamphlets, Catalogs and Custom Invitations Show Support –Day events, Lunch & Learn, Local and National Trade Shows –3x7 display pop-up banners –Representative assistance and attendance growth

10 options Customized Marketing Material Ad Promos Post Cards Seminar invites

11 M INISTRY R ESOURCE Sales Representative Rewards M INISTRY R ESOURCE Reward Points are based on the $ (US dollar) amount of all sales/leases that use the RICOH US/M INISTRY R ESOURCE National Account Program. Rewards are accumulated on an individual basis based on 2% of the cost of the goods ordered Rewards are identified during the registration of your customers FREE Membership and M INISTRY R ESOURCE tracks each sale to bring you some fun and fantastic prizes! Go to your brand web site to see what prizes you can purchase with your accumulated points! winner The REWARDS are SWEET…

12 rewards Prize Rewards for 2012 M INISTRY R ESOURCE always re-invests back into the program for incentives. Grand Prize Earn points and choose your own prize!

13 cash Duplicator Spiff Rewards Sell any digital duplicator on the M INISTRY R ESOURCE program and receive CASH for you and your sales manager and a gift certificate for your faith-based customer.

14 tools Extras: Tutorials & Sales Tools If you need instructions for registering your dealership on iSuites to use the MinistryResource/Ricoh US program, please download the tutorial on the dealer home page. Also available for your download is a MinistryResource Membership Application on the Marketing tab (which you can tell your customers you will take care of the listed $49 fee). You will also find a Duplicator Sales Tool that is useful when presenting the cost saving of a duplicator to your faith-based accounts. NEW! – Instructional Video Walk-Throughs Create an Account Register a Sale Submit Financing Request Custom Marketing Promotions Request Sales Leads

15 Thank you for joining us for this presentation. It is our hope that you will utilize all aspects of this fantastic program we have with Ricoh Americas Corp. Have a blessed day and please contact us using either of the methods below: Telephone: 804-730-9144 Email: anytime M INISTRY R ESOURCE Program Contact Info

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