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Building and Home Improvement EXPO. Why choose McEstate?

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1 Building and Home Improvement EXPO

2 Why choose McEstate?

3 We are dedicated to offering our customers the latest home designs. This commitment to quality and service has enabled McEstate to become one of the best home builder in Victoria.

4 We are proud to present a new style of living combining the perfect blend of modern architecture.

5 McEstate have the reputation of being outstanding quality home builders.

6 Winner of the *reward for our designs, innovation and quality craftsmanship

7 *Award from The Master Builders Association


9 Valencia~ Demanding area, Richmond 4 bedrooms house modern kit and cabinets, hardwood floor, and open balcony Good transport connection


11 Rose Garden~ Modern apartment, South Bank One bedroom, living /dining room, kitchen and bathroom Facilities including fitness room and indoor swimming pool Good transport connection


13 Benefits for the customer of choosing McEstate at Expo!

14 $397 Special Order Laminate Whole Home *Offer valid 1/1/12-31/12/12 Offer cannot be applied to prior purchases.

15 $50-$100 OFF Select Installed Heating and Cooling Systems *Offer valid 1/1/12-30/06/12. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States

16 Thank you for your time

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