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Killer Kitchens and Brilliant Bathrooms | | 1300 550 656.

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1 Killer Kitchens and Brilliant Bathrooms | | 1300 550 656

2 Killer Kitchens

3 If the Carcass is Cactus?

4 Killer Kitchens Option 1: Custom built kitchen

5 Miracle Makeover $6,500

6 PPOR Investment First quote $10,700 Second quote $9,300 Third quote $7,900 Third guy wanted the work… End price $6,300

7 Killer Kitchens Option 2: Second hand kitchen

8 Second Hand This is a $9,000 kitchen new. Bought for $1,000 in the trading post!

9 $2,700 Kitchen $Details Kitchen1,000Purchased from Trading Post and came complete with oven, cooktop, rangehood, dishwasher, sink and insinkerator Electrician500Strip out kitchen and pre-wire Tiler500Sheet and tile splash back (estimate as done with other work) Plumber700Fit sink, taps, dishwasher, insinkerator Total:2,700

10 Second Hand This is for sale in the trading post for $999

11 Before

12 After - $3,000

13 Killer Kitchens Option 3: Flat Pack

14 $1,200 Flat Pack Kitchen BEFOREAFTER

15 Killer Kitchens If the Carcass is ok? Paint doors and drawers Exchange obsolete handles for new trendy handles Replace kickboard with new colour kickboard Renew laminate on bench tops & doors

16 Killer Kitchens Changing the handles can make a huge difference

17 Killer Kitchens Replace or re-paint splashback Polish stainless steel sink Renew window furnishings Install fluorescent lighting

18 Killer Kitchens BEFOREAFTER

19 Killer Kitchens Pick neutral colours - not trendy - if you want your investment to stand the test of time.

20 Brilliant Bathrooms

21 BBC: Bigger, Brighter and Cleaner You can have any colour in a bathroom as long as its WHITE

22 Brilliant Bathrooms Tenants and shower curtains dont mix

23 Brilliant Bathrooms Out of date fashion colour baths - paint WHITE and renew joint sealer between wall and bath Out of date fashion colour tiles – re-grout if necessary - then paint WHITE Add anti-mould solution to paint to prevent mould

24 Brilliant Bathrooms Tile Paint and DIY Enamel – cost $230

25 Brilliant Bathrooms Professional Enamel and Tile Paint – Cost $1,800

26 Brilliant Bathrooms Provide bright lights and ventilation Seal joins between floors and walls to prevent water damage

27 Brilliant Bathrooms Stick with standard 20 x 20 white tiles Floor tiles can be used on the walls If you need a bath and space is tight, have the shower over the bath TIP: if installing a spa bath, ensure there is sufficient water pressure to fill/operate correctly

28 Brilliant Bathrooms VJ Sheeting can work miracles

29 New Shower Installation

30 Toilets and Cisterns Toilets are inexpensive This compact model cost $119.00

31 Toilets and Cisterns There are 3 main types of pan for different applications

32 Summary Remember, you are renovating for investment – not yourself Kitchens are expensive – if the carcass is ok, try to keep it Second hand is brilliant, especially if you are flexible with the layout Bathrooms – must be white! Tile paint is great, but can wear quickly Use existing plumbing where possible


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