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Welcome to 9 th Grade English! Mrs. Carlson. A little about me: Education: Teaching Experience: My Summer: My Interests: The Song I Play over and over:

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1 Welcome to 9 th Grade English! Mrs. Carlson

2 A little about me: Education: Teaching Experience: My Summer: My Interests: The Song I Play over and over: The Song I Dance to with my kids: BA in Eng./Secondary Edu. from Houghton College in Upstate NY Masters in Edu. from Indiana Wesleyan University Taught in NY, Ohio, Indiana, and now Colorado 8 th year at Palmer, teach 9 th HONORS & Regular Girls Swim coach Family road trip to Disney World with my husband, Marcus, and kids, Micah, age 7, and Abby, age 5 Traveled to El Salvador with Compassion Int. to work with impoverished kids I LOVE CHICKENS! Interested in sustainable living, urban farming, Gardening/Landscaping, cooking ethnic foods, learning Spanish, Hiking, snowboarding, playing with my kids, swimming PAYPHONE by Maroon 5 Call Me Maybe by Heres My Number So Favorite VersionFavorite Version: USA Olympic Swim Team

3 . MICAH (7) ABBY (5)

4 What do students need to do to be successful? Be thoughtful when setting goals and stay focused on those goals throughout the school year Be prepared for class every day with appropriate materials Work collaboratively with peers and teacher to make class time as valuable as possible Work to be curious, motivated, and find the fun in learning

5 How do I earn a Grade in this class? Summative assessments- the BIG stuff (essays, portfolios, projects, exams) Formative work- the PRACTICE for the big stuff This includes, but is not limited to: maintaining a composition notebook participating in individual, partner and small group written and speaking activities participation in daily class discussions/activities If you dont turn it in or I dont see it, I cant score it! Turn in work to designated tray in room or different spot if indicated. It is best to give late work directly to me or on my desk in English office room 300.

6 Assessment All summative assessments will be graded using the Language A Assessment Rubric. All critical assessments will be handed out ahead of time. Most Formative practice will be graded using formative scales. Any essay assignments receiving a D or an F may be rewritten to meet an acceptable Lang A standard. Students receiving other grades will also have an opportunity to revise. Assignments not meeting minimum standards for quality and effort will be returned ungraded


8 What about late work? Many assignments will have an additional 10-20% score for on time completion Late work is accepted but on time points cannot be earned back Summative Assessments that are not turned in on time will result in a deduction. If they are not turned in the student may receive an incomplete in the class. Incomplete grades are equal to no credit for the class. Please speak to me immediately if you have trouble meeting deadlines because of illness, moving, family issues or other issues. I am available during my planning periods 3 and 6 and lunch in the English office. Also you may email me at Students are encouraged to turn work in on time. Priority for teacher feedback is given to those who meet deadlines.

9 Zangle / Teacher Pages o Student grades will be updated in Zangle as soon as possible. o If students or parents have questions or concerns about scores in the grade book please email or speak to the teacher. o Many assignments will have several scores in different categories: on time, scale/rubric points, percentage/completion points. o Titles in Zangle will usually be the same as calendar items on my Teacher Pages. Be sure to look for YOUR specific class info on my webpage (Honors vs. Regular). o Use My Teacher Pages to locate important files and information and keep track of assignments (Calendar page).My Teacher Pages

10 Absences / Tardies It is the students responsibility to ask for missed assignments and to turn in work the day after an absence. Work is considered late if previously assigned work is not turned in after absence. Students have the amount of time they were absent to submit new missing work. Summative assignments are due on the date assigned. If a student misses class the day an assignment is due, and he or she has prior knowledge of the assignment, work is due upon return. If a student has an excused absence on the due date, he or she should turn in work before absence (if absence is anticipated); send work to school with a parent, peer, or via email to teacher; or in the event those options are not possible, turn in the work before school or at the very beginning of class the next day. Field Trips and other excused, school-related absences: Work should be turned in early (before leaving on field trip or for game, for example) Quizzes/Tests should be completed before hand Unexcused absences/tardies can result in NO CREDIT (zeroes) for missing assignments Repeated tardies can result in lunch detention or office referral 20 class absences begins the truancy process with the office and can lead to court proceedings for truancies.

11 Composition Notebooks We will set up comp books together next week with a specific format (table of contents and numbering of pages). You will be completing a variety of daily assignments and homework in your class comp book, including vocabulary instruction. Comp books will be collected periodically for a grade. Students must have their name and period number clearly printed on the inside cover of the notebook and a table of contents at the beginning. You name should also be on the front cover. Each journal entry must appear in the table of contents and must have a heading or it will not receive a grade. Homework: Decorate the front cover with your name, a quote (or line from a song with the artist or author), and use images, colors or pictures to reflect who you are now. Decorate the back (upside down!!!) to reflect who you want to be in the future (next semester, next year, after graduation, etc). Then use packing tape to laminate (or bring to class ready to laminate).

12 No Brainer School Expectations Be active learners and participate in class activities, discussions and assignments. Be prepared! Be in class on time and ready to learn every day. You should have your comp book, organization tools and pen/pencil in class with you everyday. Supplies like writing utensils will not be provided. You will be expected to be prepared. Once the bell rings, you are here to stay. You must ask for a hall passes to visit the restroom or locker. Passes will not be issued the first or last 10 min of class. Treat each other with respect and courtesy. Profanity will not be tolerated. Pick up after yourself. Do not leave trash for others to pick up. You will not be excused from class until the room is cleaned up. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom (or we get rodents! Ewwww!) Water only in the classroom.

13 Sharing Work We value collaborative efforts and the learning that occurs with shared study. Students will have many opportunities to work together and turn in products that grow from combined strengths, BUT the work in your Response Journal, and elsewhere, must be your own. Any sharing or copying of material in the journal will have consequences. More on plagiarism later-

14 Contact Information Mrs. Jessica Carlson Need to chat? Planning periods 3 and 6 (usually in English office) Lunch and after school (usually in English office) (November – February after school at pool) English Office = room 300 Our dog Sam Our husky, Jenna

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