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New Curriculum for Middle School Teresa Lester Bailey Road Middle School Cindi Sweeney J M Alexander Middle School Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

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1 New Curriculum for Middle School Teresa Lester Bailey Road Middle School Cindi Sweeney J M Alexander Middle School Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

2 Objectives Increase students interest and knowledge Use a variety of methods to Introduce Reinforce Assess

3 Curriculum Included Computer Skills and Applications 1 Computer Skills and Applications 2 Digital Literacy Word Processing Desktop Publishing Database Spreadsheet Multimedia Presentations EACH LEA/School determines modules to be taught

4 Digital Literacy Digital Literacy may be difficult for some students, Enhance with videos from Youtube Teachertube Create your own! Using Audacity or Movie Maker Advanced students could also do this

5 Internet Safety Camera Safety Friends on Facebook – do you know them? Personal information modified Predators Computer and File Safety Passwords



8 Desktop Publishing Business Card Labels for various class projects Flyer School activity Newsletter Class/grade level activities Send to local School Board representative, State Legislature, Senator, Governor How we use Perkins funding! Why CTE needs funding (88.9% graduation rate)

9 Desktop Publishing Trifold Brochure World renown person How did they change their world Cross curriculum integration Globalization Travel to a new location Capital, population, sites, language, food

10 Compare and Contrast Input, Output, and Storage Application, Systems, and Utility Software Greeting Cards US troops

11 Word Processing You dont have to know how to key to know how to format. Cindi Sweeney Puzzle pieces Complete with a partner Laminate Sections are in order Identify Cut and Paste Shared Drive


13 GP – Guided Practice Complete together Once printed, students will copy formatting notes on the hard copy Using insert function, students will create a soft copy example

14 Word Processing Personal Business Letters Compose response to complaint/complement relevant Representative/Senator School Administration Business Letter Letter From A Nut Ted Nancy, Author Memorandum Club Teacher, Administration Resumé Brag

15 Spreadsheet Personal Budget – you want to buy a bike Start with pencil and paper method Use calculator Finish with Spreadsheet Identify Spreadsheet Components Color code Change font color, style Add borders Add shading Sheet one student use Sheet two – key (self check)

16 Outline Labels in red Outline Values in green Add yellow shading to cell that most likely have attributes Add narrow vertical lines to cell that most likely have a formula or function

17 Red border around labels Blue border around values Yellow fill attributes Horizontal lines cells that have a formula or function

18 Manipulate a Spreadsheet battleship type game Using vocabulary terms, put letters in diagonal, horizontal, vertical – backward or forward order Original game board – can be any size Player one will tell the board range A1:H16 Player 2 will identify a cell location. Player 1 will give a letter or say miss. Once a word has been completed or guessed, Player 2 will have to define the term

19 Player 1 – starting board

20 Player 2 Start Board

21 Player 2 In play

22 Player 1 Yellow – correct guess Blue – miss Red – incorrect guess

23 Beginning Spreadsheets Demonstrate in 3 steps Step 1 How to insert data and move from cell to cell How to enter the formulas Step 2 How to insert a chart and manipulate the colors and settings of the chart Step 3 How to set the print area, put name in footer, save, and print

24 M&M Spreadsheet

25 Databases Sort/Query a deck of cards Sort/Query 3 x 5 index cards of student information (name, address, dob, grade, gender) Try same activity with an electronic a database What are some differences??

26 VRS.

27 Lets Get Moving! Practice Sorting (one level) Primary Name First or last name – ascending/descending Last letter of first or last name – ascending/descending Birthday Month, and resort by day Secondary (multi level) Birthday Month, then day (with in) Can add time of date

28 Primary Vs. Secondary/Multilevel Sort Last name (Primary) Prepare cards with 4 different last names. Sort by first name RESORT by last name Last name (Secondary/Multi Level) Prepare cards with 4 different last names. Sort by first name Then sort by last name What is the final order? Why is it different?

29 Searching/Query Stand up if meet certain conditions/criterion/criteria, sit down if dont meet conditions/criterion/criteria Using AND Connector Try the OR Connector Student in grade 7 AND Student in grade 7 OR Shoes that tie AND Shoes that tie OR Green shirt Green shirt WHY did you sit down? WHY are you still standing? What are the differences between SEARCH, FIND, FILTER, QUERY,?

30 Mail Merge Enter information into the database and save.

31 Start the Merge in MS Word

32 Select Mail merge and then letters. Then click on Select recipients and click on the desired database. This will set the database into the background until you tell it to merge with the letter.



35 Complete the letter and then click on finish & Merge.

36 From Finish & Merge option, direct students to choose All or Individual record. I usually demonstrate the all and tell them to print the individual to save paper. I explain that the merge will bring all the names from the database into the individual letter and they only have to key the letter once.

37 Multimedia/Presentation Graphics Computer or Technology Trends Research current technology trend Dress for Success Prepare trifold or flyer (reference) for audience Fractured Fairytales Little Red Riding Hood meets Jack and the Beanstalk Word Art Name


39 As she walked to her Grandmother s house, she met a boy climbing a bean stalk. Where are you going?


41 Protection Only use Pharming-conscious websites. PhC websites usually use HTTPS instead of HTTP If someone tries to fake a PHC site, you get a message says the certificates dont match Click here to see what an example of this message looks like Click here to see what an example of this message looks like

42 Why Foldables? Re-write information Recycle paper novel reference material Can be paper clipped into binder Maybe kept in cereal box library

43 Examples Personal Correspondence letter Page one Margins Page two Structure Page three Inside address examples Salutation examples Page four Closing examples Page five and six Optional items

44 IPOS System Examples of Input Output Storage Compare and contrast

45 Learn to Key Air Keyboard Color Code keyboard Visual clue to what you have mastered Cumulative timed writings Every team can win! Story in the Round Story Starter Key for set number of minutes, than switch computers For FUN!


47 Review Activities Toss A Term Students write a vocabulary term on a sheet of paper Crumble it up and toss Other students have to write a definition or example BINGO Students fill in vocabulary term – make their own BINGO Board Use beans as markers Teacher gives definition When checking for accuracy (winner) student must define vocabulary term


49 Quiz Bowl Need to copy Item Bank Questions and Answers on transparencies Put students in Teams of 4 Prepare cards – A, B, C, D, Dispute, Team Name Place transparency on overhead, read 1 question and answer choice Give teams time to answer Teams will display cards Award points for correct answers Explain answers if needed Use Thinkgate/Elements – only one will log on

50 Dry Erase Boards Purchase $.99 each Make your own – shower board Some home improvement stores will cut for free FAST method to check: prior knowledge development of knowledge mastery

51 Asking Students Questions Make it safe to answer Find a positive comment pop the question to a classmate call on a friend to help Use notecards/popcycle sticks to be sure you call on all students

52 Lets create a foldable! Fold hotdog Fold hamburger - down Open, refold hamburger Should have 8 rectangles Have fold to the top, tear down vertical crease, stop at horizontal crease Open, refold hot dog – fold at top Push ends together

53 Thank you for your interest! We hope you try some of these activities with your students! Any questions? Email Address:

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