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Coachs Meeting. Registration Coordinator Anne Lalla.

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1 Coachs Meeting

2 Registration Coordinator Anne Lalla

3 CEP Requirements One on-line module for each level you coach Start now…30 days to complete once you begin, may take 3-5 hours to complete a module Coach level for the level of coaching (i.e. Mite=Level 1) Being searching for coaching clinics, as they fill up fast Both must be current by December 31, 2011 Renew USA Hockey Membership AND register on MVYHAs website – this should be done NOW! Complete MN Hockey Screening Form, Team Manager will distribute to coaches IF you have never coached with MVYHA, please complete the screening spreadsheet TONIGHT! Association reimburses USA Hockey, On Line Module and Coaching Clinic fees.

4 Roster Requirements Any coach who will be on the ice or bench, must be on the roster Team Managers will receive detailed instructions at October 24 Team Manager Meeting

5 D2 Coach and Manager Meetings Posted on MVYHAs website: October 19: A&B Bantam and PeeWee and U12 A and B November 16: C Bantam and PeeWee, All Squirts, All U10 and U14 December 7: Mites, U8 and Jr. Gold

6 Treasurer Jim Wurst

7 Budget and Payment Changes No team checkbooks Register on-line with Credit Card Automatic Drafts in October, November, December and January Mites have one payment in January Teams may get Jersey Sponsors to reduce team expense

8 D2 Rep Dave Schavee

9 Instructions for Requesting Scrimmage Refs (Information is located on the D2 Website) Select the appropriate level below to complete the on-line form. Be sure to provide all required information. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from District 2. The confirmation will contain information on the fees that must be paid. Print a copy of the confirmation email and mail it along with a check made payable to "District 2 Hockey Officials Association" or "D2HOA" within 7 days to Gary Bielelfedt at the address noted below. Gary Bielefeldt 6628 Upper 20th St N Oakdale, MN 55128 Referee Request for A&B Level (excluding 10U) Scrimmage Game Referee Request for C Level, 10U A&B, Mites and 8U Scrimmage Game Referee Request for C Level, 10U A&B, Mites and 8U Scrimmage Game

10 Game Misconduct and Game Disqualification For all District 2 games (league and scrimmage) referees will be allowed to call a game disqualification on any player or coach at any time during the game. The player or coach will only be removed from the game being played when receiving this penalty. 3.3.1 In a District 2 league or playoff game, any player receiving their third penalty in one game will automatically be assessed a GAME DISQUALIFICATION and must leave the ice for the remainder of the game. Enforcing this penalty is the joint responsibility of the referee, scorekeeper, coach and the player. a. If it is determined during a game that a team allowed a player to continue to participate after receiving their 3rd penalty, the game will be immediately forfeited to the other team. b. A completed game maybe protested if it is suspected that a team allowed a player to continue to participate after receiving their 3rd penalty. The protest must be filed with the level coordinator within 24 hours for league games. The protesting party MUST provide evidence to substantiate this claim. If verified the subject game will be forfeited.

11 Misconduct Penalties 3.3.2 Game Misconduct: A player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty will receive a two game suspension for the next two regularly scheduled league or District 2 playoff games unless otherwise specified in these rules. If the penalty occurs prior to the last game in a tournament, one game will be served in the tournament and the second game will be served in the next District 2 league or playoff game. The suspension of a coach who receives a game misconduct for his team receiving 15 or more penalties will be one game. For a second offense of the 15 penalty rule in the same season, a harsher suspension may apply. 3.3.3 Any player receiving a Fighting Game Misconduct Penalty will receive an automatic three (3) game suspension. 3.3.4 Abuse of officials game misconduct penalties will carry a three (3) game suspension.

12 Uniforms All MVYHA hockey players must wear HECC- approved helmets with full facemasks, mouth guards, hockey gloves, breezers, jersey, cup, and shoulder, shin, and elbow pads. Helmet chinstraps must be securely fastened and mouth guards must be in place at all times while on the ice. Mouth guards must be attached to the helmet and must be colored (not clear) so as to make their appearance obvious to the coaches and referee. No Shirts/Skins or Light Gear Practices

13 Levels D. Interlevel Play - There shall be no interlevel play (games or scrimmages) between divisions (i.e. Peewee vs. Bantam, 14U vs. 12U) or between classifications (A and B, B and C or A and C teams), with the exception of Youth 16&Under and Junior Gold "B". In special circumstances where interlevel play between classifications is appropriate, approval of the cognizant District Director(s) must be obtained. Interlevel play is not permitted in invitational tournaments or MH playoff tournaments, with the exception that Youth 16&Under teams may participate in Junior Gold "B" invitational tournaments. Teams violating this provision may be declared ineligible to compete in any MH sanctioned invitational tournaments and the MH district, regional and state tournaments for the current season, and, in case of flagrant violations, for such further period of time as the district director shall deem appropriate. Shared practice must also be kept separate by team

14 Non-rostered players on ice Absolutely NO non-rostered players are allowed on the ice (this includes younger/older siblings), for any reason, unless that player is a STUDENT COACH with properly submitted and signed paperwork in the team book. This is a direct mandate by MN/USA Hockey and a major liability concern. Non-rostered players are not covered while on the ice/bench under the USA Hockey liability insurance. This policy must be strictly followed by MVYHA and its coaches.

15 Locker Room Rules It is mandatory that there be adult supervision in the locker room at all times. Coaches, managers, and background- screened parents are acceptable. Players may not have a private meeting in the locker room with a coach or coaches. A parent must be present or the meeting must be in a public place such as a lobby or meeting room.

16 Rule Changes No checking until Bantams Touch-up offsides for Bantams 2 Minute minor penalties

17 Secretary Mike Gallagher

18 Behavior Policy B. Behavior policy for players Behavior policy for players: I,________________________________, agree to the following expectations: I will come to practices and games on time. I will notify the coach in advance when I cannot make a game or practice. I will always come with the proper equipment for all practices and games. I will always be encouraging, not critical, of my team and coach. I will not criticize coaches or players I will not use vulgar language in the locker room, on the bench on or the ice. I will never direct vulgar language at my coach or another player. If I become disruptive and/or abusive, my coach has permission to eject me from a game or practice. I will need to call my parents and be taken home immediately and not allowed back with the team until I have apologized to the team for my inappropriate behavior. I will always show good sportsmanship in all games and represent MVYHA in an acceptable manor. If I become rude, unruly, or play in a manner not fitting a MVYHA player, my coach has permission to eject me from the ice. I realize my actions directly affect how other associations view MVYHA and I will strive to keep my team in good standing in all game and tournaments that I participate in as a MVYHA player, on the ice and off. If my actions are unbecoming and directly affect the good reputation of MVYHA, I may be suspended from the team until a board inquiry decides my fate.

19 Laminate to Clipboard The team will get together at the beginning of the season and determine what the consequences should be for violations of the teams behavior policy. All the players will sign the form, then it will be laminated and taped to the back of the clip board to remind the players at each practice what they have agreed to. We the __________________________MVYHA team agree to: (Possibilities) arrive on time have all my gear treat my team mates with respect treat my coaches with respect play my hardest but always fair respect my opponents be supportive of players, coaches and referees If I break my agreement, I will be subjected to: Missed shift Missed period Missed game Suspension from team

20 Mediation Committee 5 Board Members Email link on web site Facilitate resolution of issues

21 Grievances It is the belief of the MVYHA that most differences are minor and the best manner in which to work out a difference of opinion is for the parties involved to meet with one another. This is true whether the discussion is between parents, a coach and a player, a coach and manager, or a coach and parent. It is recommended that MVYHA members keep in mind that there is a proper time to discuss most issues and that the proper time is never right after a difficult defeat or in the company of other players and parents.

22 If you feel you have a problem that you are not comfortable with, either with a coach and/or manager or other parent, it is your right to contact the MVYHA board to discuss your situation and problem solve. This option is always available to members of the association, whether or not a situation has been discussed between the parties. This is not a grievance, but rather a way to provide open communication between to parties to help see each others points of view. A five board member Mediation Committee nominated by the President will each individually receive a copy of your emailed concern (link provided on website) and decide how to help with your situation. If the committee feels that meeting with the coach and/or manager or other parent is warranted, they will recommend this solution. If after this meeting the original party is still disgruntled, then they may wish to move on to the following Grievance process

23 If an issue between a parent and a coach cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties through private discussion, the following procedure is available and the steps shall be followed in the order set forth below: Step 1: The parent shall contact the coach to request a meeting. The meeting (i) must be in person; (ii) must include the team manager; and (iii) must take place within five (5) days of the date the coach receives the request. Note: The coach must always be the first contact except if there is physical abuse of a player --- when physical abuse is involved, the Board of Directors should be notified immediately. The authorities should be notified immediately!!!

24 Step 2: If the parent is not satisfied with the coachs response, the parent shall have three (3) days to contact the applicable Boys/Girls Coordinator and/or the President to request a follow up meeting with the Coordinator and/or President, two (2) non-conflicted board members, the coach and the team manager. The follow-up meeting must take place within five (5) days of the date the Coordinator receives the request. The Coordinator and/or President shall provide the coach and the parent with a written response within three (3) days of the meeting

25 Step 3: If the parent is not satisfied with the Coordinators response, the parent may file a written grievance with the Secretary of the MVYHA Board of Directors. The Secretary will arrange a special meeting of the parent, the coach, the team manager, the President and the Mediation Committee within ten (10) days of receiving the written grievance. The President shall provide the coach and the parent with a written response within three (3) days of the meeting and such decision shall be final unless appealed to District 2.

26 Equipment Coordinator Carrie Northrop

27 Equipment Call for goalie equipment needs, Carrie will meet player at the shed. DO NOT purchase equipment and ask for reimbursement, it wont happen. New jerseys will be kept at the end of the season. Names for Squirt/U10 and numbers will be put on jerseys within 2 weeks of team formation

28 Vice President Beth Kraetsch

29 Volunteer Policy/Tournaments Vouchers for tournament work

30 Corporate Fundraising

31 Tryout Director Jason Sprague

32 Tryout Policy Outside evaluator group Non-Parent A coaches only will be an added evaluator Non-Parent A coaches also get last 2 picks Mite 3 will be evaluated by our non-parent coaches

33 Recruitment & Retention Jay Guerin

34 Jersey Sponsor Policy

35 Common Language Will be developed

36 Mite Coordinator Mark Simser

37 Mite Program Mite 3 Mite 1 and 2

38 Girls Coordinator Mike Collins

39 American Development Model

40 Coach Selection Notification

41 Boys Coordinator Phil Neururer

42 ACE and Coach Clinics Sept. 24 th - 6:30 at SR3 Body Contact – Rob Potter, D10 CIC Sept. 25 th - 1:40 at SR4 Edgework - Peter Rupert Oct. 1 - 10:30 at SR2 MVHS drills and systems – MVHS staff

43 Dryland Training Can be done all season, Mites and up Mites – improve skating form Squirts – build strength PeeWees – add explosive jumps Bantams – strength-endurance

44 President Keith Larson

45 Association Mission The mission of the Mounds View Youth Hockey Association (MVYHA) is to develop individual hockey players within a team concept to the extent allowed by his/her physical abilities and interest Wins will happen with proper preparation Dont cheat the system

46 Association Matrix

47 Season Planning Parent/Player Meeting Calendar Behavior Agreement Goals – Team and Individual Equipment Check Help the parents Stick – get it in the right hand Practices Plan Communicate Make Players finish drills Dont Abuse the goalies 100% during drills (15-20 sec) then recover Use small area games

48 Your Goals Make it fun! Its all about confidence Its OK to yell, but keep it positive Push the top, encourage the bottom The most skilled team usually wins

49 Thank You!

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